Wooster Republican, Business Abstracts 1894

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Wooster Republican Jan. 3, 1894

Mr. Spotts is in the city and this afternoon was engaged in being appraiser for the Wooster store under his assignment. He stated his business embarrasement was due to several business depression and light holiday trade. John F Barrett, John Wilhelm and Perry Miller have been appointed appraisers and are at work appraising the goods in DL Spotts store.
In this issue we had information from the dailes that occurred during the week. At this time the Wooster Republican was publishing a weekly paper as well as a daily paper.
Laubach and Boyd Drugstore, SE side o the square.
Wanted to rent new quarters for the Republican office for a term of years. Central and well lighted street. Floor preferred. Apply to our address this office.
Mens and boys overcoats at Ulsters Geiselman clothing store.
Cleveland Drygoods Store is going out of business. We hope to banner works in the dry goods business in Wooster. Never had a chance to buy holiday goods for so low the prices as we are going to sell them, SC Stern, manager.
Wooster given grain market compiled by Frick and Tyler, dealers in all kinds of farm products.
Dress goods for sale at WO Beebe, second door from the square, E Liberty Street.
Report of the condition of WC National Bank: close business Dec. 19, 1893- assets 285835.41 and same in liabilities. CS Frost- cashier, Jacob Frick- president.

CA Reider attorney, E side of the square over Shibley Jewerly Store.
WC Yost, office over Grieger Drug Store, NE side of the square, opposite county buildings.
Ross W Funck, 1 door W of courthouse, over Harding and Co. Hardware Store.
WF Kean, office over McClarran Grocery Store in the Iron block, W Liberty Street.
McClure and Smyser, office #6ME upstairs.
EW Newkirk, office over Quimby Shoe Store, Emporium block.
John C McClarran, office over McClellan Book Store, E Liberty Street.
Dr. CA Lerch.
Dr. WT Barnes, office and residence corner of Buckeye and E Larwill Streets.
Dr. John A Gann, office 111 N Market Street, 2 doors N of the Episcopal Church.
Dr. HA Hart, office and residence on N Market Street opposite the new Lutheran Church.
The Republican printing Co., office 12 E Liberty Street.
Overholt and Co. today shipped over the Ft. Wayne Railroad, a car containing 1687 bushels of oats.
The ED Whitmore property on S Walnut Street, was sold at sheriff’s sale to Dr. WG Whitmore of Crestline for 717.

An organization that will surely be a benefit to Wooster and to be known as an improvement company, has about been completed and bulk of the stock subscribed. Just such enterprising developed in neighboring cities and caused them to forge ahead of Wooster. The matter is not quite ready for publication.

Wooster Republican Jan 10, 1894

Some marked improvements are being made to the enterior of Quimby block.
Lace curtains are offered by Quimby and Kline to buyers.
Charles Koch and George Bell purchased the old CF Conrad restaurant.
The directors of the Wooster Shole Brick and Clay Co. did not transact any business last night but adjourned until Wednesday evening.
The members of the Wayne County Mutual Fire Insurance Co. on Monday, elected Honorable LP Ohliger, Dr. HL Wiles and PC Given directors at a meeting to be held next Monday. The directors will elect officers.

The result of the election of directors for the Wayne Building and Loan Association hled last night cannot be announced today owning to an error in the counting causing a recount which will be made tonight.
A party of thirsty individuals about midnight, tried to gain an entrancee to the CF Conrad saloon. They were ordered away by Fred Minton. In not complying with orders, as fast as he thought, he fired a shot into the air which then the crowd took to their heels.

Charles Neil, who learned the milling trade at the Snow Flake Mills, is here on business.
The old Rogers house on E Liberty Street was the seen of a blaze Sunday morning. The flames were discovered shortly before 7am and alarm sent in from box 24 at the Ft Wayne Depot. The fire department turned out quickly and succeeded in extinguishing the flames after some hard work. The fire was started by a defective flue.
The Universal Plow Works began operation on Tuesday in nearly all departments.
The stock for the Improvement Co. which we spoke a few days ago was about all taken. The association will be known as the Wooster Improvement Co..
Stockholders of the WC National Bank met on Tuesday and elected following directors: JSR Overholt, WD Tyler, ME Overholt, SER Frick, Jacob Frick. Officers elected were: pres.- Jacob Frick, VP- JSR Overholt, cashier- CS Frost, asst cashier- WT Peckinpaugh.
Wooster National Bank stockholders met on Tuesday and elected the following: Hon. Martin Welker, John Williaman, CV Hard, JR Zimmerman, LP Ohliger, Fred Hawley of Leroy. The elected were: pres.- Martin Welker, VP- John Williamson, cashier- CV Hard, asst. cashier- LR Kramer.
Election of Wooster Building and Loan Association held Monday night resulted in the election of directors: WO Beebe, HA Hart, Harry McClarran, Samuel Metzler, PC Given, RJ Sweeney, Jessie McClellan- sect., Weston T Peckinpaugh, treasure- Samuel H Boyd, attorney- Frank Taggart.

Wooster Republican Jan. 17, 1894

New three story brick block! The business required a bigger building for some time. The quarters occupied by McClure and Hinton, SW corner of the square, have been too cramped and became a serious question as to what course to persue to accommodate the firm’s large, increased business. The location of the firm having been synonymous, it was finally determined that the best thing to do was remove the building which was agreeable with Mr. Quimby, the owner of the building. The storeroom and workshop of McClure and Hinton will be torn down and a new and splendid three story building erected in its place. The work required to complete the building will be about two months. A new foundation is not necessary. While the building is being in the course of construction, the firm will occupy temporary quarters adjoining but will return to the old stand when completed with large, new stock. The old one being sold on account of lack of room in the temporary quarters to be occupied.

The stockholders of the Wooster Shale Brick and Clay Co. met last evening and elected the following directors: Samuel Ames, John C Stevens Jr., CM Lovett, and JR Naftzger.

Zach Porter ex-superintendent of Wooster Water Works and chief of the Fire Dept., is in the city calling on old friends. Mr. Porter now has charge of the water works in Readcastle.
Ever since WO Beebe began business in his present stand, the trade has been good and continues to grow.
Two fires in a night! Saturday Daily. The old landmark known as the old Robison Mill is no more. Fire at midnight entirely consumed the structure which stood 65 years as a monument to the enterprise of David Robison Sr., one of the pioneer families of the county. A few minutes before 12 o’clock, persons residing near the mill discovered that the old building was on fire. JW Phillip, one of the owners of the property south of where the building stood, was aroused and with the aid of his family managed to get the stock out of the barn. The police officers by that time, had seen the blaze and turned in the alarm at box 24 on the square. The mill was allowed to burn as it was seen that all efforts to save any portion of the building would be fatal. All that remained to mark the spot where the building stood was the foundation with a few of the heavy charred timbers. Mr. Phillips of the firm of Smith and Phillips was interrogated as to the theory of the fire and the city could assign no other cause than incidenal. They declared that neither Mr. Smith or Mr. Phillips had any enemies of whom they knew. RJ Smith, senior member of the firm, was of the opinion the flames originated from combustion in the dust room. Mr. Smith estimated the loss at 8500. The mill for years, had been run solely as a custom mill. It had been owned and managed by the following firms; 1st by the builder David Robison than by James Alexander, David Pollock and AW Boyd, Smith and Phillips for the past 14 years.

Wooster Republican Jan. 24, 1894

Monument of great value to the city! The Wooster Improvement Co. elects officers and prepares for plans for securing of factories. From Tuesday’s Daily. For some weeks gentlemen interested in Wooster have been engaged in organizing a company, the purpose of which to purchase 100 acres of Harry Myers farm just west of the city limits to lay it out in city lots for the location of manufacturing and to be used to induce manufactures and industries to locate in Wooster. The stock has all been taken. The following were elected directors: Andrew Branstetter, WO Beebe, CW Kauke, James G George, CC Adams treasure, Harry McClarran, attorney- Judge Hiram B Swartz. The directors met immediately after the meeting and elected officers as follows: pres.- Judge HB Swartz, VP- Andrew Branstetter, sec.- CC Adams. TD Wilhem has been appointed trustee and the deed to the land will be made to him. Since the project was placed on hold, proceedings have been given on the land and fine deposit of shale has been discovered upon the property which the company has about purchased. The directors of the Wooster Shale Brick and Clay Co. have had their attention called to these deposits and will very likely locate their plant on the land of the company. It has already been decided that the factory new manufacturing the Durstine inside window blinds, will be located on a plot of the land. The Baltimore and Ohio officials have made agreement to run a side track to lands which will be a big inducement to manufacture concerns and very great convience. The projectors and stockholders are enthusiastic. To Capt. RE Eddy belongs the credit for originating the project and securing enough stockholders to form the company.

Ross W Funck is assignee of BJ Hartman and Co., and was to put a bond of 1500.
An order has been issued to create a Post Office at Armstorng Station on the B and O Nerr Golden corners. Frank J Young has been appointed postmaster.
Wooster Brush Works of Foss and Schwartz, the other day shipped a car load of brushes by the B and O in response to orders.
Owning to the fact that the creditors cannot agree, the prospects of employees of Hartman and Co. getting to work is not encouraging.
Oberholzer, Crosue and Co., old location of Oberholser, Beebe and Co..
WO Beebe has moved to 4 E Liberty Street for dry goods.
Removal sale! The building now occupied will be torn down as soon as spring opens up. We will be replaced with a fine three story brick structure. Everything goes for cash. McClure and Hinton at SW side of the square.

Wooster Republican Jan. 31, 1894

HB Odenkirk is at Canton on business for the piano works.
The Wooster Brewing Co. today began harvesting four inch ice.
B Barrett, Sons and Co. today shipped a 40 horse power motor to James Uhl of Millersburg.
JS Adair will move his office to rooms over Blackburn Drugstore recently vacated by Dr WE Megrew.
Ross W Funck, assignee of Hartman and Co. this afternoon put eight of the employees to work to manufacture the stock and fill the orders on hand. Mr. Funck is trying to secure the consent of all the creditors to continue the factory permanent in operation.

John F Merchand was recommended to the president for postmaster of Wooster a week ago by Congressman Richards.
Fence on , roof shingles or pickets- Wooster Bending Works, Columbus Ave. near the B and O Depot Wooster.
Sale Monday Jan. 29 and continue the entire week. We will sell at low prices dry goods. Beebe, the 2nd door from the square, 4 E Liberty Street.
Laubach and Boyds Drugstore, SE side of the public square.
New move. Having decided to quit the shoe business to leave town, we have an immense stock of goods to dispose of. Selling shoes cheap. GB Seigenthaler and Son.
Extended for 15 days. Going out of business, Cleveland Drygoods Store, W Liberty Street.
David Nice clothier on E Liberty Street.
McClure and Hinton, SW side of the square are moving back so new three story brick building can be erected.
Harry McClarran sale of lamps and grocery, W Liberty Street.

Wooster Republican Feb. 7, 1894

George Faber this afternoon, began filling his ice house with six inch ice from the Bloomington Reserviour.
Nolle Brothers, who recently purchased the old Brauneck corner, have decided not to build at present but have remolded the building putting in a new front.
Judge Hiran B Swartz retired from office and will immediately resume the practice of law. He has rented the office vacated by his successor John C McClarran.

Wooster Republican Feb. 14, 1894

A few of the employees of the Boston Piano Co. were laid off for two weeks, Saturday.
The Wooster Bending Works has shipped a car load of wagon rings to Orrville Machining Co..

Wooster Republican Feb. 21, 1894

Dr R McFarland capsule, sold by Laubach and Boyds Drugstore is a partial cure for consumption.
Jessie McClellan and G Sanborn have established Wooster Real Estate Agency in the rooms occupied by the University in the Teeple building on the NE corner of the square. They will be handling real estate in town and county and care of property rented through their agency.
Richard McFarland, dentist on Downing block, NE side of the square.
Notice: All persons who owe us, please call and settle as we will soon be closing out to leave Wooster, GB Seigenthaler.

Harry Brumpter, who pleaded not guilty to keeping his saloon open last Sunday, pleaded his plea to guilty and finded 10 and costs.
SP Snyder, today shipped a car load of 19 extra fine horses.
AJ Thomas and John McSweeney, attorney for Wm Kuhn, the contractor and builder filed suit in court common pleas against Jacob Frick for damages alleged wrongful attachment of lands owned by Kuhn in Jay County, Indiana. The Republican reporter called on Mr. Frick for information and cause of the action. Mr. Frick stated that the claim he was trying to collect was a just one and said further that Mr. Kuhn sometime ago had brought a suit in Wayne County court of common pleas for sum alleged due him for constructing Landis and Schmuck Furniture building that he was not indebted to Mr. Kuhn in any way whatsoever and that he had no dealings with Mr. Kuhn since Jan. 8, 1892 and exhibited Mr. Kuhn receipt full of all demands of which the following is a copy: 38782.27 Wooster, Jan. 6, 1892. Received from Jacob Frick 8785.27 in dollars in full for building Landis and Schmuck building on W Liberty Street being 1385.27 dollars more than the contractor price in full of all damands to date.- Wm Kuhn.

Wooster Republican Feb. 28, 1894

Dr. George W Ryall has purchased the JB Taylor property on S Buckeye Street.
Cincinnati fire sale of clothing is going to be offered for a few days in rooms of the Downing block by DL Spotts.
EK Geiselman now carries on the clothing business alone, Harve having withdrawn from the firm.

Wooster Republican March 7, 1894

George B Seigenthaler and son expect to leave Wooster on April 1st for new home in Strpingfield.
The recent purchase of the Duden on N Buckeye Street was by Mr. And Mrs. John Nolle for JM Kalmbach.
Scobey and Gow have opened a saloon in the Straub room, Germania Hall, S Market Street.
The Boston Piano Co. band was out last night and serenaded Will Long and bride at home in fifth ward.
Harry D Miller of Wooster, the only professional baseball player, has signed a contract to pitch for Providence team in the Eastern League. Mr. Miller is in fine condition and thinks he will play the game of his life this summer.

The Windsor Club will occupy the third floor of the Quimby and Kline Store.
The Standard Coach and Pad Co. yesterday, shipped a carload of pads out over the Ft. Wayne Railroad.

Wm Nolle has purchased the Duden smaller property on N Buckeye Street, consideration 800.
The Oberholser, Crouse and Co. store has been closed while a thorough inventory is in progress. It is hoped that arrangements made be perfected for the continuance of the business. Frank Naftzger of Naftzger Ice Co. was asked this morning as to the supply of ice on hand for next summer comsumption. He can say to the public that ice will be cheap ever to the customer 2000 tons put up and while we have had better ice and more of it in other years, we think we have enough to supply the wants of our customers unless the summer should be unseasonably warm.

Wooster wakening up local business activity:
The deed for 100 acres of Henry Myers farm purchased by the Wooster Improvement Co., is now upon the Wayne County records, Theodore Wilhelm their trustee. The Shale Brick Co., having located to Wooster, bought land of plot of this same farm which has abundance of water and such shale should supply drill pentrated 47 feet through deposit without touching bottom. Two other important industries have chosen to arrange to locate soon. The Pickling Process Factory project the farmers to meet Saturday. Every farmer in the vicinity of Wooster is invited to attend the meeting to be held in GAR Hall, next Saturday, March 10th. Representatives of great pickling firm of Heinz and Bros. of Pittsburgh will be in this city and propositions will be made to every farmer and citizen of Wooster. A furniture factory talked of: The Republican has already mentioned the enterprise thus referred to in an exchange that Wooster chances are excellent. The Pausel Brothers are looking over the area for sizeable location for a furniture factory.
Bankruptcy sale! The entire stock of Oberholser, Crouse and Co, must be closed out within 30 days, NE corner of the public square.

Wooster Republican March 14, 1894

Wooster will have a creamery. Henry Correll, secretary and treasure of Orrville Creamery Co. this afternoon closed the contract leasing a room in the Quimby building, Diamond Alley for a term of five years. Correll stated to the reporter of the Republican, that the creamery would be operational April 1st and have a capacity of three tons of milk per day. It will be increased as fast as the county will demand it. He has already contracted for milk from 250 cows and continues to make contracts.
Wooster Picking Factory is assured. Farmers met in GAR Hall Saturday afternoon with representatives of the great picking firm of HJ Heinz Co. of Pittsburgh for establishment of a salting factory in Wooster. Proposition was accepted favorably. As a result of efforts of the Board of Trade, HF Dunham of Pittsburgh was with AJ Russell of HJ Heinz to proposition 200 acres for raising pickles and a building furnished with sufficient ground of 150x200 feet with railroad facility and would contract to establish a salting factory costing 1400-1600 dollars. The article goes on to list farmers who signed the contract. Over 100 of the 200 acres was taken and at the adjournment of the meeting, it was announced that the agreement would be left at Harry McClarran grocery store where those who wanted could sign.
John F Marchand is now postmaster of Wooster.
Carload of Illinois horses to be sold at private sale at Easter house stables Saturday, March 17, WP Snyder.
Mrs. MA Miller has purchased the old Shibley property, W Liberty Street, 2000.
The water was shut off from the Frick fountain this afternoon and investigation showed that the water pipe was completely stopped up below the base of the monument. It is the opinion of Supt. Keyser of Water Works, that the monument will have to be taken down before the defect can be permanently remedied or the stuff removed.

A pair of gypsies are camping south of the city.
Henry Rockey of N Market Street is building his new stable to replace the one recently burned.
Daniel Stuller will build a 40x50 ft. addition to the rear of the stable of Mrs. MA Miller property on N Walnut street and fit the building up in fine style for his livery stable.
Come and see our spring styles of boys clothing, DL Freedlander at the Buffalo Clothing House, 2 doors E of Zimmerman, W Liberty Street.

Wooster Republican March 21, 1894

The immense Oberholser, Crouse and Co. stock dry goods, purchased by Quimby and Kline, will be sold at or below prices.
Among our advertisers are George and Mougey. They came out with a regular ad of features.

JH Bush, whose shoe store on NE side of the square, has been steadly improving. Also joins the Republican regular customers.
Seigenthaler and Son make final arrangement as they are planning to get away to Springifeld by the end of March.
David Nice takes a quarter of a page to bring his goods to the public.
The people of Wooster are certainly taking advantage of Quimby and Kline selling the immense stock of Oberholser, Crouse and Co. of dry goods. The store was crowded today with busy buyers.
Wm Shibley jewelry store.
Harding and Co. hardware, W Liberty Street.
Gus Hunsicker, baker of 71 E Liberty Street, today joins the Republican as an advertiser.
The WC National Bank will put in a lot of safety deposit boxes for the accomodation of patrons.
While McClure and Hinton building is being overhauled, their tin and stove store will be located in rooms in Quimby store block occupied by David Nice.
The acerage for the Pickle factory is all taken and as suspected, many are now making application when it is too late.
Supt. of water works, Edmund Keyser, was engaged this morning in cleaning out the water mains. Mr. Keyser is determined to do away this spring with the annual complaint of fishy water by digging under the monument and putting in a manhole. The committee was instructed to confer with water trustees. Mr. Foss reported the work of putting in fountain and watering trough on S Maret Street was under way. A resolution by Fisher that the pavement in front of Mrs. Thomas Reed house on the west side of N Market Street and one of Mrs. Eunice Gray on the east side of S Buckeye Street be repaired within 30 days. Mr. Fisher moved that the Kingsley telephone ordiance be placed on final passage. At request of Mr. Foss, this was read in full. Bentz said expense of advertising ordiance should be paid by according to whose franchise was granted. Mr. Kinglsey stated that the company would do this and promised that instrument should be of the finest one put up. On final passage of resolution ordiance, all members present voted yes.
WE Rice has given his store a new coat of paint.
George and Mougey spring sale.
Quimby and Kline today have purchased from Dunham Buchley and Co. the Oberholser, Crouse and Co. stock of dry goods. Mr. Quimby and Kline were not ready to say what disposition would be made of this stock.
Frank Milligan, an employee of Plank and Gray leaves next week for the pacific coast.
At a council meeting Monday evening, Bentz, Fisher, Derr, Jones, Foss, Sullivan, Long, Hart and Keister were present. Mr. Long of the water committee, made a full report of the matter of the condition of water at the Frick fountian. He stated that the water works trustees assumed to have full control over the same.
Mayor Jeffries stated that he had a talk with Mr. Alcock but said the matter could be remedied.
George and Mougey spring suits. Wooster leading clothiers in the Frick Memorial block, W Liberty Street.
HH Stein, in the Osborne Studio. First class work.

Wooster Republican March 28, 1894

DY Landis has purchased the vacant lot south of the Jacob Schmuck residence on N Bever Street and will build a commendable house this summer.
The case called for trial to the jury of court of common pleas this morning, was that of DC Curry Co. vs. David Nice and HN Clemens. The suit is one to recover money for erection of grand stands for baseball purposes several years ago in the Monday Daily Republican paper.

Critchfield and Critchfield Jr., attorneys have moved their law offices to rooms over the Adams Express office.
The telephone system to be established here is that controlled by the International Telephone Co. of Cleveland.
SC and Z Clark shines with brighness of a new gilding upon their millinary sign.

The store front of John Saal meat market on the square has been recently painted.
The veteran dry goods merchant salesman AF Buchheit has accepted a position with Quimby and Kline dry goods store.
WC National Bank has its safety deposit box vault so arranged that boxes can be rented to the patrons for safe storage and care of valuables of all kinds; papers or jewelry importance of those going away from home for a time may not wish to be near of Coxeys army.

Many Maccabees of Great Order show a good showing from Thursday daily. Entertainment given to the ladies in City Opera House last night, among the many pieces of Wooster Knights and ladies of Maccabees. The audience was called to order by presiding officer Sir Knight IN Kinney. The Mandolin club gave a rendation that received an encore. Rev. JN Keefer involed divine blessing. Sir Knight WF Kean gave address and referred to organization of Wooster tent of Knights of Maccabees six years ago and that of Wooster Hive of ladies of Maccabees during the past year and welcomed the audience that they might learn of the order. He spoke of the presence of Mayor NS Boynton, the founder of the order, its wonderful growth and greatest work accomplished in 13 years of its existence. Miss Anna E Hunt, talented violinist, was accompanied on piano by Prof. Bryon Oliver, gave a selction. Sir Knight Edward S Young of Norwalk, Grand Recorder keeper of Ohio Knights of the Maccabees, was introduced and he gave a speech. Wooster Tent 38 of Maccabees was organized January 1888 with 27 charter members and now has 52 with the following officers: Post commander- Wm B Baumgardner, Commander- Sinclair Clapper, Record keeper- IN Kinney, Fiance keeper- JT Baird, Chaplain- JC Rouch, Sargant- Charles Denek, Physician- Dr. AH Hunt, Sentinel- WA Moore, Packet- LY McClure and gave history of organization. (Zerox off sometime).
The city expenses and debts for fiscial year ending over 80000, spent nearly 300000 debt but of debt 10400 is for special improvements leaving 191000 due the entire city of expenses 25097.33 was for special improvements paid by special taxes. City share of interest over 10000 lists the whole schedule.

Wooster Republican April 4, 1894

John Schwoeble on Monday, purchased the Frederick Schuch restaurant on E Liberty Street.
Samuel Betson and Jacob Palmer, who have contract for excavating and filling for the Wooster Shale Brick Clay Co., will start work tomorrow morning.
Another believer in the benefit of printers ink apply at firm of Fogelson and McCormick, tailors who had something to say to the readers of the Republican. LS Cooley has purchased a lot on N Market Street owned by Dr. HA Hunt and will build a fine residence on it this summer. The plans and specifications for the HJ Heinz Co. salting factory are now in the hands of city clerk Adams, where contractors can see them. JS Elliott has large house well underway in his E Liberty Street coal yard.

The director of the Wooster Shale Brick and Clay Co., on Friday, let to Samuel Betson and Jacob Palmer the contract for excavating about 3000 yards of earth cutting new channels and fill the old one of the stream that runs through the lands of the company. Contractor expected to begin work on Tuesday and with favorable weather, should finish the work in 10 days. The directors are still awaiting the plans and specifications for the building and Klens.

From house to house, moving day change of residence already made or about to be made by different families of Wooster: Dr. GW Ryall- Taylor property on S Buckeye Street, WHH Miller- 110 W Larwill Street, Mrs. Mary McFarlane- to rooms in the Lee block of S Market Street, JG Sanborn- to McBride homestead on N Market Street, George Palmer- corner of S Bever and E Henry Street, SH Dawson to 24 E Bowman Street, Hon. RL Critchfield- Fred J Miullins house on N Market Street, Judge HB Swartz to new residence on N Bever Street, John Geiselman to 106 S Walnut Street, Geiselman Bros. to Frost building on S Walnut Street, LS Cooley to Episcopal parsonage on E North Street, IN Kinney to Bissell place on N Market Street.
Brysons for wallpaper and window shades, 5 and 10 cent notion store.

Wooster Republican April 11, 1894

The Universal Plow Works shut down Saturday night owning to the inability to get coke by reason of the strike in Pennsylvania. The strike has about been settled. The shutdown will last only a few days.

The residence on E Liberty Street of AJ Seigenthaler whose family occupied it for many years, was purchased Saturday by John Maurer at Sheriff sale and will be remolded in business rooms for Wm Maurer. The work is to be done next fall.

See Wooster Pump Company on N market Street.
Business is picking up nicely for the Boston Piano Company with orders coming in better than for some time. The Boston Piano Works Band, on Monday night, seranaded Edward Snavely and HB Odenkirk.
A force of working men are at work and engaged in fitting up the room in the Quimby building, Diamond alley for the creamery to be started by the Orrville Creamery Co.. Its engine is already in position. It is expected that everything will be in position by the middle of next week.

The water is once more flowing from the Frick fountain to the delight of the thirsty having been turned on last evening. The trouble was not in the sewer outlet as supposed but in the pipe in the base of the mounment. A chunk of concrete was someway lodged in the pipe. Thursday Wooster Daily.

Ground was broken yesterday for the plant of the Wooster Shale Brick and Tile Co. west of Wooster.
DY Landis has the lumber on the grounds for the residence he will erect on N Bever Street. Work will begin next week.
John Johnston has been at work excavating under the Central Hotel building for the purpose of fitting up basement bar room. The improvement is the first step towards remolding the hotel which Mr. Johnston expects to begin early next fall. He has his plans and specifications in readness and ally watching to close up some other business before beginning operations.

Saturday, Wooster Daily Record- this is the best business day in Wooster of Seigenthaler and Son Shoe Store.
John M Ginter of Pleasant Home, has opened a bicycle hospital in one of Spragues rooms, W Liberty Street.

Wooster Republican April 18, 1894

City business- another year started in good shape. Old council lets go. The new one remains, Keister- pres, Zaring- VP, BF Eason- city clerk. Report of fire chief Gerlach lengthy one of which gives inventory of property in his custody. Also 20 fires during the year total loss 2927, loss to insurance co. 1167.78. The report also showed the number of alarms and dates of such. He said that the fire department was in good condition.

Ladies wanting carpets call on AJ Seigenthaler, 87 E Liberty Street.
George B Seigenthaler and Edward Seigenthaler this morning, started for their future home in Springfield.
The engine and boiler in old Wooster Whip Factory were sold to Martin Schultz of Dalton and were taken to that place today, Thursday. Wooster Daily Record.
Reduction in prices in groceries, JS Rightly, 77 E Liberty Street.

Wooster Republican April 25, 1894

Tuesday Daily Record. Wooster Creamery in Quimby block, Diamond Alley, next to McClure and Hinton, announced to farmers that it is ready for their business.
The employees of the Standard Coach and Pad Co. began working nine hours yesterday.

Wooster Republican May 2, 1894

McClure and Hinton are moving to temporary quarters, Quimby block on the square.
Jacob Fischer is now sole owner of the Wooster Book Bindery having purchased it of his brother Joseph Fischer.
Work on the new building to be erected on Diamond Alley by EM Quimby will be started in a few days.
Death of Frederick Schuch. He was born in Germany on May 8, 1824 and was 69 years of age. He came to the US in 1845 and resided in Wooster a few months before moving to Londonville for 15 years. He again took up his residence in Wooster where he lived for 30 years. He kept a grocery and restaurant business.

David Nice 1.00 store to be moved from the Quimby stone block to the corner room of the Downing block, NE side of the square in room recently vacated by DL Spotts so that McClure and Hinton can use the Quimby room for their business. A new block is being built for them.
Work is in full progress upon the buildings of the Wooster branch of HJ Heinz and is going right along.
CA Imler, dealer in carriages and buggies at Baker old stand, E South Street.
George A Fisher, manufacture of granet and monuments and tombstones has an office and works on E South Street opposite the Frick warehouse.
Boston Piano makes pianos on S Buckeye and E South Street. Pianos are sold by Odenkirk and McClarran on E Liberty Street opposite the city hall building.

Wooster Republican May 9, 1894

WA Routson Jr. will in a few days open a large fine stock of boots and shoes in rooms formerly occupied by GB Seigenthaler and son. He will be assisted by Frederick Auman, an old shoe salesman for 7 years in Seigenthaler store.
Alcock and Donald Monument and Granet Works are working on a mammouth vault to be placed on Judge Martin Welker plot at the cemetery.
McClure and Co. on N Buckeye Strreet joins the Republican advertising starting off with good work.
Samues Ames have a force of men at work on the building of the Wooster Brick and Clay Co. on west Wooster.

Wooster Republican May 16, 1894

New mill to be built. The eight acres of land comprising the site of Smith and Phillips old mill just south of the city, has been purchased by Joseph L Phillips of Anderson in consideration 1200. Mr. Phillips, who is an old Wooster boy and very successful in grocery business in Indiana, when asked this morning what disposition he would make of the property he proposed to purchase it with, he intends to utilize that magnificent water power and that he would build a new mill with that object in view. Just how soon I cannot say but intentions are to build a new mill next fall.

Buffalo Clothing House is having a great sacrifice sale for the next 30 days, DL Freedlander, W Liberty Street, 2 doors E of Zimmerman Drugstore.
Laubach and Boyd Drugstore, SE side of the public square.
Suits at Giselman Clothing Co..
WO Beebe for rugs, 4 E Liberty Street, 2 doors from the square.
Grain mill of Frick and Tyler Warehouse on E South Street.

Wooster Republican May 23, 1894

Frank Firestone and Co. has purchased the S Market Street grocery store of John Johnston.
The Cutter room on E Liberty Street has been rented to McMaynard, a jeweler of Fredericksburg.
The site selected for the HJ Heinz pickling factory is on lot just east of John Steven slaughter house. This will make the building very easy to reach.
The Kintner brothers just moved here from Greenville Dodge County where they were in the photography business for many years. They have opened their Wooster gallery in Hanna House on N Market Street, above the Webster Club House having taken a three year lease. They put in a new skylight and entirely new gallery with the latest improvements.

Jacob Frick is putting a new floor in the store room vacated by the Seigenthaler shoe business and soon to be occupied by WA Routson Jr. as same business.
A funeral of Angus McDonald took place this afternoon and was largely attended. It was in charge of Masonic faternity. Friday’s Daily Record.
The old landmark, the covered bridge over Applecreek which has stood the ravages of storm and travel for over 40 years, will be no more after tonight. It is expected that the taking down of the structure will be completed so the latter work of putting up the scaffeling for the iron bridge will start tomorrow. It is believed that the new bridge can be finished so far as to permit travel in 10 days. Meanwhile, the only way to cross the creek will be going down Spruce Street up under the Ft Wayne tracks.

Wooster Republican May 30, 1894

Get a roof that will last at McClure and Co., 21 N Buckeye Street. Roofing and spouting.
CA Imler has carriages and buggies at Banker’s old stand, E South Street.
George A Fisher monument and tombstones, E South Street opposite Frick’s warehouse.

Wooster Republican June 6, 1894

CA Reider, E side of the square, over Shibley Jewerly Store.
WC Yost, office over Krieger Drug Store, NE side of the square, Fox Building.
Ross W Funck, office over Harding and Co. Hardware Store.
WF Kean, office over McClarran Grocery Store, W Liberty Street.
Isaac Johnson and James B Taylor, office rooms 1 and 2, D Nice block, E Liberty Street.
AD McClure and Martin L Smyser, office #6 ME upstairs.
EW Newkirk, office upstairs of Quimby Shoe Store, Emporium block.
Dr. CA Lerch.
Dr. WT Barnes, residence corner of Buckeye and Larwill Streets.
John A Gann, 111 N Market Street, 2 doors N of the Episcopal Church.
Dr. HA Hart, N Market Street, opposite the new Lutheran Church.
Dr. Stoll and Dr. Ryall, office N Market Street, N of the county building.
Dr. Richard Elson, dentist office on Downing block, NE side of the square.
JS Keifer has disposed of his photography business in Mt. Vernon and returned to Wooster.
EP Osborne has again returned from Cleveland and taken the ground floor gallery.
Frick and Tyler Grain dealers, warehouse on South Street.
Watch and clock repair, WC Maynard, 44 E Liberty Street.
Craighead and Co..
D. Nice, E Liberty Street.
The new building to be erected for the stove and tinware business of McClure and Hinton on the square and Diamond alley by EM Quimby is to be modern in all respects. Commence work by Northwest Terra Cotta of Chicago. Benjamin Giefenthaler will do the brick work, William King masonry. Miller and Smith doing woodwork. John Winters doing plastering. JM Reed doing roofing. James Coe will furnish the stone. JWW Fry will furnish the brick. DC Curry and Co. will furnish the flooring.

Laubach and Boyd Drugstore, SE side of the square.

Unsafe buildings! Many of them must be put in better shape. City board is busy inspecting structures in all sections of the city. City board of examiners of unsafe buildings and structures, at a meeting held in the mayor’s office, organized by electing fire chief Gerlach the secretary, Mayor Jeffries being ex-official president since the organization of the members. Fire chief Gerlach, LP Bolus, A Cunningham and Mayor Jeffries have visited many parts of the city. The improvements and changes of order must be made within 2 days of receipt of notice: JS Caskey to repair back building in rear of grocery store, W Liberty and to make safe or take down the same being in dangerous condition. John Williman is to straighten out old warehouse shed and put on new roof or same to be torn down. Miss Eddie Downing is to put on new roof or tear down building east of Herald office and West of Downing Warehouse. Ohio Farmers Insurance Co. is to put new roof on a barn at the rear of Teeples Gallery on NE side of the square. Mrs. Frederick Yiengling is to put a new roof on a barn in the rear of Renis Fruit Store. Miss Hein is to put a new roof on the shed on the back of the stable in the rear of the residence, E Liberty Street. Dr. RJ Cunningham is to put on a new roof on the barn in the rear of the Dental Office. Mrs George Brauneck is to tear down a house on the E South Street which is the building used as a carpet shop and is very unsafe. Mrs. MK Hard is to put on a new roof on the barn back of residence in rear of the Methodist Church.
Mrs. George Liggett is to repair the barn in the rear of the residence, N Market Street. Mrs. Addie Shaffer is to put new roof on the barn residence on S Market Street. BJ Hartman is to tear down the brick building on Lucca Street, third ward. JH Kauke is ordered to put a new roof on the building on the back of the blacksmith shop on N Bever Street or to be torn down. Miss Madge Baker is to put a new roof on the barn rear of property on E North Street.

Laubach and Boyds Drugstore, SE side of the square.
Clothing Buffalo One, clothing house, DL Freedlander, W Liberty Street.
Wallpaper sale at Bryson.
Spring sale at Geiselman Clothing Co..
WO Beebe, 2nd door from the square, 4 E Liberty for clothing.
CA Imler, carriage and buggies, Beistles old stand, Bankers old stand, E South Street.
Suits for 10 at D. Nice.
George A Fisher monuments and tombstones, office and works on E South Street oppostie Frick Warehouse.

Wooster Republican June 13, 1894

McClure and Co., roofing and spouting, 21 N Buckeye Street.
Work on constructing the switch from the main line from Wooster and Lodi Railroad to plant of Wooster Shale Brick and Tile Co. will begin Thursday morning by the section men. The grade is light. The estimated costs of 4200 feet of track and roadbed is 4000.

Wooster Republican June 20, 1894

Nolle Brothers have closed up the store which they have been conducting in the Schmuck building on E Liberty Street and have moved the stock to the old stand.

Wooster Republican June 27, 1894

Wm Shibley jeweler in Wooster.
The Universal Plow Co. will resume operations on July 6th.
The clothing merchants have signed an agreement to close July 4th.
Quimby and Kline have moved to their own storeroom whatever they have left of stock of Oberholser, Crouse and Co. stock.

Wooster Republican July 4, 1894

Joseph Schuch has purchased the Zeigler Candy Kitchen and taken possession July 3rd. Mr. Zeigler expects to follow affairs until fall when he will go on the road as a salesman.
Frick and Tyler have 50000 pounds of wool at a warehouse which paid an average of 15 cents per pound.
The plant of Wooster Shale, Brick and Clay Co. west Wooster, was put in operation last Wednesday.
HF Dunham and John Campbell of the HJ Heinz Co. of Pittsburgh, are in the city and expect to begin today to fit up the interior of the salting works in Wooster. It will be delayed some day as the building is not completed.

New store opened up by WA Routson Jr. in Iron block, boots and shoes.
The bids for the construction of the Buckeye and Spink Street sewers will be opened on Friday of this week.
After some months study in Cleveland, EP Osborne will open his gallery on SE side of the square ground photography gallery.
It is expected that work will be resumed on B and O switch to the plant of Wooster Shale, Brick and Clay Co. in a few days.

Wooster Republican July 11, 1894

The old Shibley room on Liberty Street owned by Mrs. MA Miller, has been rented to EA Badger who will open a notion store.

The Kintner Bros. will open a photography gallery in the Hanna House, N Market Street. Some weeks ago they quietly loaded their effects into wagons and went to the house of their father in Caanan township. Mrs. Hanna said she did not know that they were going to leave until they began carrying their effects out the back way into their wagons. It is not known why they left, but it is supposed that they found the business unprofitable. The Kintner Bros.. The plant of the Wooster Shale, Brick and Clay Co. was not put into operation as was expected owning to unforeseen delays. It is hoped they will be ready tomorrow.
The Geitgey Bros. have purchased Johnston east end grocery store.

Wooster Republican July 18, 1894

The plant of the Wooster Shale, Brick and Tile Co. in west Wooster was put into operation shortly before 10 o’clock this morning. The machinery started very smoothly and by noon had made 3000 bricks Quite a number of citizens and stock holders were interested. Spectators watched the working of the machinery with pleasure. Brick for an extra kiln will first be made. About 20 men are now employed about the works . Monday’s Daily Record.
Businessmens day will take up this year by the WRC excursion to Sandusky. All the business houses signed the WRC petition to close on Thursday, July 25th and attendance should be large. They will leave the B and O depot Wooster at 6:30am and arrive inSandusky, Ohio Sandusky by 6pm standard time. Fare for round trip 1.25.
Dr. Richard Elson dentist, purchased the Baker property on Tuesday through McClure and Sandborn, E North Street for 900.
Owning to the continued dry weather, the supply of water of Wooster Shale, Brick and Clay Co. is short and for that reason the works will not be started Monday.
The pump for the well inside the works has been placed in position in hopes it would provide sufficient quantity for the boilers.

Wooster Republican July 25, 1894

The HJ Heinz Co. will begin making pickles salting works on Wednesday. The crops come in rapidly and those who secure acreage are congratulating themselves for prospects of a good crop.

The B and O switch to the plant of the Brick Co. is finished and coal is now being delivered in cars at the works.
Shamp and Bechtel have put up two National telephones for the mayor’s office to the residence of Marshall Ellesperman. This is the make of phones which they expect to use in their proposed exchanged. The instruments work very satisfactory although old and cheap wire is used.

Fincianical statement of Wooster Building and Loan Association fiscal year ending June 30, 1894 had 80449.87 in assests and the same in liabilities, WT.
Peckinpaugh- sect. We the undersigned auditing committee of the said Wooster Building and Loan Association Co. do hereby certify that the forgoing is a true statement of the financial statement of the company: Hugh A Hart, WO Beebe, Jessie McClellan and RJ Sweeney.

Wooster Republican August 1, 1894

Announcement in the paper another clay works of HB Camp enterprise in the Eddy field. Yesterday’s Republican reported the firing of the first kiln of the Wooster Shale, Brick and Clay Co. and a few days ago of the extensive improvement of the handsome plant of the tile works at Fredericksburg was noted. Today we chronicle the construction commencement of a much larger enterprise. In Clinton and Plain townships upon lands of the Eddy estate long to be known as one of the best quality for various important uses. About a year ago, Republican reported the purchase from Capt. RE Eddy of this city of 267 acres by Horace B Camp of Akron. He has since bought other land and now has 427 acres. The location is on southern edge of Plain township, section 33 in line of Clinton township and about 3 ½ miles west of Millbrook and 9 miles SW of Wooster on old Columbus road. Extensive clay deposites known as the Eddy Clay Fields. In 1838, Abner Eddy built his house of brick from the clay and it has stood the test of nearly 60 years.

Overhead crossing. This is how the B and O will pass over the Pittsburgh, Ft Wayne, Chicago Railroad. Tuesday’s Daily stated the private car of David Lee, engineer maintenance of the B and O Railroad west of Pittsburgh and chief engineer Wm T Manning with a core of 5 engineers, came in over the B and O Wednesday night. Mr. Lee spent the day in Wooster leaving for Pittsburgh last night. Manning and his group of men spent yesterday and today making the necessary surveys for crossing the Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne and Chicago Railroad and for locating the depot. They will leave tonight for Pittsburgh office where the work of making the necessary maps and plans will be constructed. Mr. Lee stated that the main object of the visit was to determine just in what way the B and O could cross the Ft. Wayne and Chicago Railroad tracks. It is likely that the crossing would be an over head bridge that both roads seemed to be in favor of this plan and advoid the expense and danger of a grade crossing by doing away with the permanent employment of watchmen and that of putting in interlocking switches.

The east end grocery, 110 E Liberty Street, formerly conducted by John Johnston has passed into the hands of FB Geitgey.
Shamp and Bechtel expect to begin work on telephone exchange next week. Poles are being fitted up with cross armes this week.
The Wooster Building and Loan Association financial fiscal report for the year ending June 30, 1894 shows a substantial increase for the year, receipts 63163.17. Loans of association securities 38575 and on book passes 4580 whole while 1959.83 was paid in dividends.
AR Zarlingo and son fruit stand.

Wooster Republican Aug. 8, 1894

As announced in the Republican a short time ago, the east end grocery store, 110 E Liberty Street, known owner John Johnston, has passed into the hands of FD Geitgey and brother who continue the grocery. The business is conducted by FD Geitgey, who will be assisted by the old clerks at the store, Mrs. John Brown, John Figert and John Gurweller. The junior member of the firm CH Geitgey, will devote most of his time to what is known as the Franklin township butter and egg route.
Fire chief Gerlach and Will McClarran at 4:30 this morning, started on their wheels for Toledo. A telegram from them at noon announced their arrival at Norwal at 10:30.
The Wooster Gas Works, upon the completion of the reorganization now in progress, proposes to push the gas stoves for heating and cooking and to encourage the use of gas in every way.
The Landers Brothers are having a great deal of trouble with cave ins on the Buckeye Street sewer above Larwill Street.

Wooster Republican Aug. 15, 1894

Bush McClellan has broken ground for a 3500 residence on the NW corner of College Ave. and E Bowman Street.
John C France is having the front of the Academy of Music painted. Charles Smith has the contract.
Gray and Son, finding their old office at the Snow Flake Mills too small, are fitting up an office in an old warehouse across the way.

Wooster Republican Aug. 22, 1894

The vacant room in the Frick memorial block, W Liberty Street, now being rented by the Brubaker Bros., who conduct dry goods stores at Ashland and Mansfield expect to be ready for business Sept. 1st.
JH Maurer will Sept 1st, move his tin and stove store to NE corner of Buckeye and Liberty Streets to the old Nolle Bros. stand and announced reduced rates to clear the stock before moving.
The paving with cobblestones of the alley running along side the Republican office has been completed in good shape. Capt. McClure is also putting down a new brick sidewalk alongside his block.
McClellan and Sanborn report the sale of west 80 feet of Immel, corner W Liberty Street at Grant Street to Samuel Leib for 1550. Mr. Leib will build two residences on the lot at once and occupy one of them for himself. The same agency has also sold the Banker property on N Spink Street to David G Collins for 824 cash.

Wooster Republican Aug. 24, 1894

Robert J Smith has secured the ice privelege of Lake Talbot and will start building a 50x84 ice house in Highland Park. The ice will all come from springs.

Wooster Republican Aug. 29, 1894

The new telegraph exchange will be located in the Clark building over Laubach and Boyds.
Wacker Bros., the coal merchant and transfer wagon contractors, today joined the Republican regular advertisers.
Shamp and Bechtel have a force of men working on the lines for the telephone exchange and expect to have the work completed in a few days.
A colored camp meeting at Odells Lake will take place next Saturday. JM Fogelson of Shelby expects to make a balloon acension.
Smith and Keller of the Wooster Pump Co. have first class purchased a drilling machine from Stair Well Drilling Co. which was built to order and the wagon holding the derick and engine. They will begin this week drilling several wells on the experimental station.
Work was started this morning on a long distance metallic telegraph line. The poles are re-erected in the alley between North and Liberty Streets and expected work will be completed in the city by Wednesday night. The line has already been run west to the county a mile beyond Reedsburg.
First in Wayne County, her burial in progress as the pioneer picnic proceeds as those who are left of the Pioneers of Wayne County meet tomorrow at their annual picnic at Highland Park. There will be carried to her burial at Burbank, Congress township. The first white child born in the present county, at 8 o’clock yesterday morning at the home of her daughter, the wife of Rev. JG Baldwin, the well known evelangical minister in Ashland Count, passed away after a brief illness and well advanced in her 86 years. Mrs. Miller Brieton, born April 8, 1809, was first among the settlers in Wooster and Wayne County. Kurt VanMeter, the letter currier, has word from Rev. Baldwinn of grandmother’s death and notifying that the funeral will be at 1 o’clock on Saturday in Burbank so that Wooster relatives can attend. Douglas History book writes of her on pages 284.285.

Wooster Republican Sept. 5, 1894

While McClure and Hinton take possession of their new building, they will carry a new stock of queens ware and glassware. They have purchased the immense stock of Craighead and Co. as a starter as this firm is going out of that trade.
Will Horn, who has been with WH Wiler for years, has taken possession of the Central News Depot having concluded the purchase from George W Brandford on Monday.
George R Laubach, Dr. HA Hart and George Young began invoicing the Roller and Wilson stock this morning.
WE Rice, the book store man on the square, is another recruit to the Republican’s regular advertisers.
Frank Cowic has purchased the Klint fruit store on W Liberty Street and will conduct it in connection with his bakery.
Luther Payne, practical horse shewer, corner of North and Bever Streets.
Wooster Book Bindery, Joseph Fischer in Fricks block, W Liberty Street.

Wooster Republican Sept. 12, 1894

Highland Park Ciders Mill present in operation every day but Saturday. Feed grounded on Saturday. JH Kline propritor of Quimby Mills.

Wooster Republican Sept. 19, 1894

CG Manne has leased the store on Schauman block, S Market Street and has also purchased the business of JC Myers, W Liberty Street and will conduct the bakery business independently of the store. Bread will be on sale at both places.
The track layers on the B and O extension to Millersburg worked on Sunday and this morning stopped work having completed the work to the point where the trustle over the Pt, Ft Wayne and Chicago Railroad track begins. No more track will be laid for 6-8 weeks as it will take that long to complete the trustle. The steam pile driver will be put into operation this week.
Charles D Lydick and Fred S McKinney, under the name of Lydick and McKinney opened a commissioned house at 62 S Market Street and handle all kinds of poultry.
The old Immel Tannery which has been a landmark on W Liberty for over half a century, will soon be a thing of the past. Adam Leid, who purchased the property some weeks ago, has about torn down the buildings which stood on the pavement and has been turned around on the lot and is being remolded into a new residence.

Wooster Republican Oct. 3, 1894

The Nation House on W Liberty Street has changed hands. Charles Sharp has sold to Kennedy who is already in possession.
Dr. JH Brown has secured four rooms in the Quimby block, SW corner of the square and in a few days begins work with four new dental chairs.
Of the seven rooms leased by Dr. CB Mower and to have been occupied by Mower and Brown, four will be used by Dr. Mower as a dentist office and remaining three rooms will be for rent.
Griffins new dry goods store, Frick block is open Friday and Saturday this week.
The building and lot #87 south on W Liberty Street which was sold a short time since, is to be occupied as a grocery store by WH Maurer. The building was set back about 12 feet as a new foundation was put under it and addition is being built to the front of it which makes it a very good store.

Smith and Keller have just bought a new steam well drilling machine. See the Wooster Pump Co.

Wooster Republican Oct. 10, 1894

The farmers telephone company from West Lebenon to Massillion is now trying to absorb the local telephone company operating between Wilmon and Beach City and talks of extending to Mt. Eaton and perhaps other parts of Wayne County.
New dry goods establishment in the west room of the Frick memorial block is a valuable addition to the mercantile interests of the city. The room is filled with magnificent new stock of dry goods. The proprietor is Harry R Griffin, who comes to Wooster from St. Louis.

Wooster Republican Oct. 17, 1894

Work on the B and O trustle is delayed by the slow receipt of piling. It has been found necessary to discharge a number of men.
George H Clark has decided to change location of new lumber yard from the foot of W Liberty Street to the Quimby property on West Henry Street between the B and O freight yard and the old German Church. A side truck will be run into the yard where every facility for loading and unloading will be had at no expense. This location is decidedly the best one in Wooster.
Gray and Son are erecting a large warehouse on E Liberty Street for storing bailed hay.

Fire alarm at box 25 on the square was set off at 8pm which was caused by a blaze in the back celler of Harry McClarran grocery store. The flames were extinguished by fire chief Gerlach and the clerks in the store. A flying match is the likely explanation to the cause.
JH Bush, the shoe man on the square, Saturday celebrated the anniversary of starting his store.

Wooster Republican Oct. 31, 1894

Constable HR Blackburn this afternoon, closed the fruit store of Zarlingo on execution in favor of Zimmerman and Co..
The old building which has been a landmark on point of the junction of South Buckeye Street and Madison Ave. has been removed. John Bowers now owns the property and has had the structure placed at the rear of the house and made quite an improvement to the place.

Wooster Republican Nov. 7, 1894

The railroad was laid yesterday on the north end of the B and O trustle.
The alarm of fire at 3:45 this morning at box 3 caused by a blaze at the banana rooms of John Rich fruit store on E Liberty Street in the McSweeney building. It was discovered by Samuel Schuckers who had apt over the store. The fire department soon had the flames under control using only the chemical extinguishers. The cause of the fire was an explosion of a lamp used in riping bananas. Loss is about 25.00. The work on B and O trustle is moving along rapidly and expected that it will be completed by the middle of the week. The iron bridge over the Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne and Chicago Railroad will be put in and the bridge ready by Tuesday.
Overcoats for sale at George and Mougey store in Frick block, W Liberty Street.

Wooster Republican Nov. 14, 1894

Will Beresford is building a neat barn at the rear of his E Liberty Street block.
McClure and Co., this morning sent six men to Shreve for a week.
Landers Brothers began work this morning on the College Avenue sewer.
The Fox building on NE side of the square has been sold to Mrs. George Krieger Sr. for 4000 and will be occupied by Krieger Drugstore.
George Blandford has secured a lease of the room on E Liberty Street, the room vacated by WH Maurer. It is 2 doors E of the Archer House. He will open a grocery store as he is an experienced grocery man.

The water works trustees on Friday evening, ordered that the pumping of water from Apple Creek into the city mains be discontinued. As a result of the pumping and the rains of the last few days, the supply at both the Reddick Dam and Bloomington Reservour have been largely increased making pumping unnecessary. Conrad Law, who had charge of the work, was engaged this morning in getting the steam street roller, which was used for running pumps, back to the city. Owning to the mud, he had considerable trouble in getting the heavy apparatus back.

Wooster Republican Nov. 21, 1894

David Nice has disposed of his stock in branch store in Downing block to parties from Dayton. The goods will be shipped to another city.
George W Blandford, in a few days, will make changes a few doors E of the Archer House filling up with a fine stock of groceries.
Water in the Reddick Dam is very low. To increase the supply, the water works trustees again are pumping from Apple Creek through the mains. Conrad Long and Inward Glass were in charge of the work.
Leydick and McKinney, commissioned merchants, are now located in the south room of the Logan and Myers building, S Market Street.
Shamp and Bechtel installed three telephones in North Lawrence for the Minglewood Coal Co.

Wooster Republican Nov. 28, 1894

Long needed volumes for 1894-95, being a personal directory of Wayne County as well as Wooster, was delivered today to subscribers by AD Lee, complier editor and publisher and Clappers Printing House doing the work.
Louis McClellan has taken possesion of his handsome new home on College Avenue.

Wooster Republican Dec. 5, 1894

WB Bryson has leased the old Oberholser, Beebe and Co. rooms for the holiday trade. This week he bought the entire stock and offers them at low prices to the public.

Wooster Republican Dec. 12, 1894

Robert L Adair, assignee of JH Bush, has Wm Muschenich, WH Wiler and Frederick Aumaan as appraisers to the Bush stock of boots and shoes.
The old Wilhelm Blacksmith Shop is being fitted up again and will be occupied by Smith and Brown.
Wooster Ice and Coal, RJ Smith manager, mentioned to the Republican some time ago they opened their offices on west side of N Buckeye Street a few doors above E Liberty Street and keep ample yard for their coal and ice business.
Gray and Son have opened a coal office on W Liberty Street.
The Bush Shoe Store will be open in a few days.
Frick and Tyler this week sold 60000 pounds of wool in advance to Philadelphia parties.
JH Bush boot and shoe dealer, E of public square, this morning signed a deed of assignment to RL Adair. Thursday Daily Record. This assignment covered the stock of boots and shoes and fixtures. bush reserving there from a homestead and other rights to which he is entitled under the law. Assets are estimated at 5000 and libalities about the same. He has been in business about a year.

Wooster Republican Dec. 19, 1894

John Kauke, age 77, will be engineer for locomotive for line to Millersburg, getting ready to celebrate a visit to the opening of the new railroad. Friday’s Daily Record. The laying of track on the B and O extension is being delayed owning to the failure of the contractors to get rails from mills. This iron is all down to the Ca and C track near Holmesville. From this point to Millersburg different rails are to be used and the track made to the compromised guage 1 1/2 inches wider than the main line. The work of surfacing and balesting is going on steadly each day requiring 250-275 cars of gravel put on the road bed. Thursday afternoon at 3pm, 225 cars had been loaded and a heavy brace on the steam shovel broke and necessitated a shut down until B Barrett and sons could repair the damage. Millersburg Farmer.
The weather has somewhat interfered with the B and O track completion to Millersburg. The ties have all been distributed and part of them laid between the Infirmary and this place but no iron has been laid from that point south. The gravel trains are busy at work graveling the road south of the infirmary which is the proper thing to do with winter so near at hand. Saturday’s Daily Record.

The citizens responded to the call of the Board of Trade for a meeting at the mayors office last evening and practically filled the room. Lines of trade to manufacturing were present. CV Hard, present of the Board of Trade, called the metting to order in absence of the secretary, JG Sandborn was appointed to that position. Col. Hard stated the purpose of the meeting was consideration of proposed celebration of completion of the Cleveland, Wooster and Muskingum Valley Railroad to Millersburg. The citizens of that place have been given to understand that when the time arrived, Wooster would go down there in force and with them united in jollification. Some action by this meeting was therefore necessary. Hon. LR Critchfield, after a few remarks, introduced the following resolution: Whereas we are informed that the citizens of Holmes County contemplate the celebration of the completion of the Cleveland, Wooster and Muskingum Valley Railroad to Millersburg in the near future and citizens of Wayne County are invited to participate in that celebration. Resolved that it is the sense of this meeting that the citizens of Wayne County should cordially accept invitation and resolved that we cordially concure in the project of said celebration as being important to the present and future of both said counties and to the encouragement of said railroad and its extension as a important line of railroad between Cleveland and Cincinnati. It is resolved that a committee of 5 be appointed by the chair to obtain information as to the mode of said celebration and select other members as may be necessary to enable our citizens to attend such celebration and report at the next meeting or at the call of the chairman. Discussion followed. TC Reynolds suggested that no unnecessary expense of trouble be imposed upon the citizens of Millersburg in accepting this invitation but simply go down and have a grand, good social time and enter change of congratulations. Isaac Luke and F Jones were in favor of accepting. Dr. JE Barrett supported the resolution. Col. Hard called on JH Kauke above all others, gave Wooster this room to say a few words. He remarked that Saturday he would be 77 years old and was therefore ready for a celebration and urged the businessmen of Wooster to turn out in mass. The resolution of Mr. Critchfield was unanimously adopted. Committee appointed Hon. LR Critchfield, Col. CV Hard, Harry McClarran, TC Reynolds, Dr. WW Firestone and on request the names of JB Taylor and CW Kauke were added. Capt. Kauek was asked to be excused.
Mayor Jeffries put in exclamation that JH Kauke, engine #77, haul the excursionists to metropolis of Holmes County and the meeting was adjourned.

Another industry question quickly settled in Wooster favor. At the meeting last evening of the Board of Trade, members and citizens who ought to be members, Chairman Hard formally stated a gentleman of Alexandria, one JL Conner who manufactures boat oars, captain handles etc, was in the city for canvassing a future manufacturing site. He has found timber here suitable for his line of work. He has no large donations but the Wooster Improvement Corporation has offered to give two acres of land in west Wooster and citizens would be asked to subscribe 600 expenses of removal of work to Wooster and putting the plant into operation here the money not to be paid until the factory was on the ground ready for business. This proposition has been accepted through the Board of Trade and the money needed will be made up quickly. Conner is already averaging for white ash timber from Wayne County farmers. From 10-12 hands averaging 12 per week.

The Boston Piano Co. is enjoying a fine holiday trade and began working nights to fill the orders. Supt. Chamberlain this morning said that if the orders keep coming in, they will not be able to fill them all.
Henry Mowiser will open a meat market in the old black room, corner of Walnut and W Liberty Streets.
A Shibley, 10 public square, jewelry store, silver and gold watches.
Harding and Co. hardware store, 1 door W of the courthouse.
Laubach and Boyd drugstore, SE side of the square.
Mrs. William Robertson for boots and shoes.
Will Horns news depot, opposite the post office.
CA Reider, attorney office over Shibley Jewerly store.
Ross W Funck, over Harding and Co. hardware store.
WF Kean, office over McClarran Grocery store, W Libety Street.
Johnson and Taylor, rooms 1 and 2, D Nice block.
McClure and Smyser, office 6ME upstairs.
EW Newkirk, office over Quimby Shoe store, E Liberty Street in Emporium block.
Dr. CA Lerch.
Dr. John A Gann, 111 N Market Street, 2 doors N of the Episcopal Church.
Dr. HA Hart, office and residence N Market Street, opposite the new Lutheran Church.
Dr. Stoll and Dr. Ryall, N Market Street, N of the county buildings.
Dr. Richard Elson, dentist office Downing block, NE side of the square.
Clark Lumber, office on W Henry Street between the Old German Church and the B and O freight yard.
By Feb. 1, 1895, a strong horse for hauling lumber, age between 5-7 years, weight 1500-1700 pounds stand without hitching will be for sale. Clarks Lumber yard.
Dr. SW Plant, office over William Shibley jewelry store- Friday and Saturday to examine eyes.
Christmas goods at 5 and 10 cent store of Bryson in the old Bissell room, corner NE side of the square.
McClure and Hinton, china, glassware and queensware at SW corner of the square.
The Harry Photography Gallery, opposite the Archer House, E Liberty Street.
WH Wiler shoe store, W Liberty Street.
Books and stationary at Zimmerman and Co., W Liaberty Street.
Lumber firm new stock. Durstine Sliding Blind and Lumber Co., corner of Bever and Larwill Streets.
George A Fisher, for granet monuments and tombstones, E South Street, opposite Frick and warehouse.
Wooster Book Bindery, Jos Fischer in Frick block, W Liberty Street.
JL Cooner. After Jan. 1, 1895, my new moat car factory in Wooster will be permanently located there. I will want white ash timber for particulars. Call upon Andrew Branstetter.
D Nice for holiday goods. E Liberty Street.
Mrs. William Robertson, for boots and shoes.
Harry McClarran grocery store, W Liberty Street.
Pianos and organs for sale at Odenkirk and McClarran dealers in high trade pianos and organs. Musical merchandise at 45 E Liberty Street, opposite the city hall.
William Shibley, 22 E Liberty Street, jewelry store for watches, clocks and jewelry.
WA Routson Jr., in Frick block, W Liberty Street for boots and shoes.
Overcoats for sale at Geiselman Clothing Co..
WO Beebe, for dress goods, 2nd door from the square, 4 E Liberty Street.
Buffalo One is your price clothing house, DL Freedlander, W Liberty Street, 2 doors E of Zimmerman Drugstore, W Liberty Street.
Henry Mowiser will open a meat market in the old Black corner, corner of Walnut and W Liberty Streets.
Smith and Brown have fitted up the old Wilhelm Blacksmith Shop on E Liberty Street and are now ready for business.

Wooster Republican Dec. 26, 1894

Snow storm in window of Ellsperman notion store attracts the attention of S Market Street people.