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Picture Downtown Fredericksburg, Ohio
Map of Fredericksburg, Ohio


The village was laid out by Jacob Frederick on November 27, 1824. The plat and certificate are recorded on November 30, 1824, Page 450, Volume 3, Wayne County Recrder's Office in Wooster, Ohio. It was named after its founder, who served as an Associate Judge of Wayne county as early as 1826.[1]

Fredericksburg Firsts

  • 1811 - First settler in Salt Creek Township was William Searight
  • 1811 - First cabin built was by William Searight in Salt Creek
  • 1812 - Henry Barns was the first family to join the Searight's
  • 1813 - William Searight built the first sawmill
  • 1816 - C. P. Tennent was the first tuition paid teacher.
  • 1816-17 - Jacob Frederick built the first grist mill south of the Heilman home in 1950.
  • 1817 - The Presbyterian church was the first community house of worship. It was a log cabin in the area of the West Cemetery.
  • 1825-1832 - Jacob Frederick had the first distillery.
  • 1825-1832 - During the construction of the Ohio Canal there were eight distilleries within two miles of the village.
  • 1828 - John C. Taylor was the first public school teacher.
  • 1900 - James Grosjean was the first undertaker.
  • circa 1900 - Mr. Overacker was the first newspaper editor on record.
  • circa 1906 - John McCormick had the first used automobile [Winton Motor Carriage Company Winton].
  • 1910 - Jeanette Stucker was the first woman drive of automobiles in Fredericksburg.
  • 1912 - Ruth Hunter Alderman was driving.
  • 1920 - First homemade radio Harold Geitgey lived halfway between Fredericksburg and Guerne on the Wooster road made a radio while he was a Boy Scout.
  • 1921-22 - First radios owned by Samuel Redett and Philip Laubscher both head-phone radios were purchased at the same time.
  • October 1948 - Cloyce Butzer bought the first television set.
  • Samuel Miller built the first hotel.
  • Samuel Miller had the first telephone toll station.
  • First minister to be in the church was Rev. Archibald Hanna; Although, Rev. William Matthews preached in homes prior to Rev. Hanna's ministry inside of a church.
  • First house erected was built by James Russell, Blacksmith located on corner of Mill & E. Water St., also known as Stone corner
  • First Blacksmith was Andy Knox, located where Town House stands? on N. Mill St.
  • First store in frame building owned by Jacob Frederick and Cornelious Dorling located on S.E. Corner of Mill & E. Clay St. now known as Square. Building burned and replaced in 1909 with Smith building (brick)
  • First couple John Harrison and Miss Miller married in Fredericksburg, Ohio by Rev. Hanna.
  • First new car was Robert Scott who lived west of town. Harry Stucker had the first automobile in town. It was an International chain drive, solid tire truck and passenger car.
  • First electric refrigerator owned by Kent Redett was a wooden [Kelvinator Kelvinator].
  • First beauty shop ran by Mrs. George Sanderson.

Growth of a Town

  • Laid out in the late November 1824
  • Village incorporated on 23 1867 23
  • 1873 population 658
  • 1880 population 550
  • 1890 population 600
  • 1900 population 511
  • 1930 population 483
  • 1940 population 484
  • 1950 population 518


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Historical Buildings


1856 Baker's Map

1873 Caldwell's Atlas of Wayne County, ohio




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Notable Persons

  • Louisa Alcott - niece of Rev. A. N. Alcott, pastor of the Congregational Church in 1874-1878; visited Fredericksburg during uncle's ministry
  • Samuel Crawford - native of Fredericksburg; married Marie Irvin, youngest daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Irvin; served as an army surgeon in the Union Army in the Civil War and became a distinguished physician in the West
  • Sarah Irvin - daughter of Rev. Samuel Irvin. D.D.; born in Fredericksburg; married Mr. Mr. Wishart and was the mother of Dr. Charles F. Wishart, President Emeritus of Wooster College
  • James Martin - son of Dr. James Martin; born in Fredericksburg; became distinguished jurist at Toledo, Ohio
  • Orra Martin - daughter of Dr. James Martin; born in Fredericksburg; became missionary in Brazil
  • Rev. John McNaugher - pastor of the United Presbyterian Church for one year in the 1870s; President of the Theological Seminary of Pittsburgh
  • Lorena Peppard - native of Fredericksburg; later a resident of Wooster; artist and author; the hills and dales of the Fredericksburg countryside was a favorite subject for her pictures
  • Isaac Singer - invented the sewing machine in 1856 in Pennsylvania; resident in 1845
  • Mira Sheeley - taught school in Fredericksburg in the 1880s; Presbyterian Missionary to the Sandwich Islands
  • Grace Smith - daughter of Boyd Smith, stock buyer; born in Fredericksburg; one of the nation's outstanding restaurant operators in Toledo, Ohio; graduate and trustee of Wooster College

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  1. Douglass, Ben. History of Wayne County, Ohio. Indianapolis: Robert Douglass Publisher, 1878. pg. 764.

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