Clapper (surname)

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Clapper (surname)
Notable members Eve, Hiram, Catherine, Benjamin F., Cora Marie Clapper

Land deed

  • Land deed where Eve Clapper and other are selling to Hiram Clapper vol. 67 p. 420-422

Vital records




  • Guardianship of Anne Frase vol. 8 p. 199 and Probate File #F68


  • Marriage record of Benjamin F. Clapper to Jeannette R. Pollock on 8 Oct 1885
  • Marriage record of William Walter Ervin and Cora Marie Clapper on 26 Nov 1913
  • Marriage application of Hiram Clapper vol. 1 p. 35
  • Marriage record of Joseph C. Erwin and Maggie Gindelsperger vol. 7 p. 439