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  • Shreve, Ohio
  • 1853
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    • 150 W. McCoonkey St., Shreve, 44676, Ohio

The town was named after Thomas Shreve, and was originally called Clinton Station.[1] It was laid out on 28 December 1852 and originally had 20 acres of land. Ten acres belonged to Thomas McConkey and the other ten acres belonged to David Foltz.[2]

With a population of 234 people, Shreve was incorporated as a village on December 26, 1859. Its southern border is adjacent to Holmes County, Ohio.


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Clinton Township

Quick Facts

  • 1852 - December 28, Village of Shreve was laid on on twenty acres with ten being owned by David Foltz and ten by Thomas McConkey.
  • 1859 - December 26, Shreve was incorporated with a population of 234.
  • 1860 - March 10, First election was held at the hotel of W. H. McMonigal resulting in election of V. D. Manson as mayor.
  • 1884 - July 17, First military unit was Plympton Guards at Lakeville.

Shreve Firsts

  • 1860 - March 10, First election was held at the hotel of W. H. McMonigal
  • First doctors W. S. Battles and W. J. Bertolette with a teenager, Dr. J. H. Todd, who grew up studying medicine under their direction. Dr. Todd lived to be 100 years old.

Growth of a Town

  • 1899 - May 1, Rural free mail delivery began with F. Roy Shultz and Al Everly.

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