Wooster Republican, Business Abstracts 1895

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Wooster Republican Jan. 2, 1895

All members of the Building and Loan Association are requested to at once hand their books to WT Peckinpaugh so that the books can be audited.

Wooster Republican Jan. 9, 1895

Stockholders at WC National Bank elected the following directors: JSR Overholt, Mrs. WO Oberholt, WD Tyler, SER Frick, Jacob Frick elected president, JSR Overholt- PV, CS Frost- cashier and WD Peckinpaugh- asst. cashier.

Stockholders of the Wooster National Bank elected directors at the annual meeting: M Welker, David Thomas, John Williamson, LP Ohligar, John R Zimmerman, SH Harley, CV Hard. Elected: pre.- M Welker, VP- John Williamson, cashier- CV Hard, asst. cashier- LR Kramer, teller- CE Ohligar.
CW Kauke, assignee of David Nice, has filed his inventory appraisement of property deeded to him by the assigner. Stock in the store appraised at 15326. Residence E North Street- 3000, ¼ interest in D Nice block- 4000. Just how asignee Clark disposes of the stock is not known as yet. The eastern creditors are supposed to be very liberal with Mr. Nice as it is expected that compromise may be expected and certainly will be regarded by Mr. Nice neighbors as much the better outcome of the entire matter.

The Badger Bargin Store on W Liberty Street has been closed for lack of trade about the first that the readers will know of its existence.

Wooster Republican Jan. 16, 1895

Samuel Taylor esq. has purchased from CW Kauke, assignee of David Nice, the entire stock of goods of Nice double store. It is said that Mr. Taylor intends to dispose of the stock. Acting under orders from the probate court Saturday, CW Kauke, assignee of David Nice, opened the store and began to dispose of stock.

Wooster Republican Jan. 23, 1895

At the annual election this week of the Wooster Building and Loan Association, elected directors WO Beebe, LS Cooley, PC Given, HA Hart, Harry McClarran, Jessie McClellan and Samuel Metzler elected the old officers: sect.- WT Peckinpaugh, treas,- Samuel H Boyd and attorney- Frank Taggart.

The Boston Piano Band met last night and elected officers: Jacob Graber- president. Weather permitting, the band will give a concert this evening.
The price of milk at the Wooster Creamery has been reduced to 85 cents per hundred pounds.

All the molders who have been in the employ of the Universal Plow Co. will have to seek employment elsewhere or get another work. The competition has become so close with the manufactures of plows, Supt. Kuhn has found it necessary to cheapen the cost of the plow so to be able as to compete with other companies. To accomplish this, it was necessary to combine with another manufacturor and make a contract for the casting of plow points with Toledo foundry. The plows will now only be finished and mounted in Wooster.
Samuel Taylor is selling out the D. Nice stock of hats, shoes and clothing , having a rush. He is going to close out the entire stock.

Wooster Republican Jan. 30, 1895

The tramp tailor who robbed Fogelson and McCormick, it has been learned , was in the city Tuesday and was fed and sheltered at the home of third ward tailor. Nothing as yet has been heard of the scamp’s whereabouts.
20% discount on leather goods at WH Wiler.
George A Fisher, granet monuments and tombstones, office and works on E South Street, opposite Frick’s warehouse.
New firm, new stock! The Durstine Sliding Blind and Lumber Co., corner of Bever and Larwill Streets.
Overcoats at Geiselman Clothing Co..
Wooster Book Bindery, Jacob Fischer, Frick memorial block, W Liberty Street.
Beebe store for dry goods, 2 doors E of the square, 4 E Liberty Street.

Harry’s Photography Gallery, opposite the Archer House, E Liberty Street.
Water drilling, Smith and Keller steam drilling machine. See Wooster Pump Co., 55 S Market Street.
Laubach and Boyd drugstore, SE side of the square.

Wooster Republican Feb. 13, 1895

Clarks Lumber yard on W Henry Street between the old German Church and the B and O freight yard.

Wooster Republican Feb. 20, 1895

The old Johnson Grocery on the corner of S Market and South Streets has again changed hands so it is reported Firestone Co. who ran it for a short time having sold out to William Wilmot Snyder.
Frank Hume and Co. have a sale of draft horses at Eberhardt 10 Cent Barn on N Buckeye Street. Yesterday was well attended and the bidding on 20 horses was lively.

Wooster Republican Feb. 27, 1895

The Howard Room at the corner of E Liberty and N Buckeye Street has been leased to a company which will open a hardware store on April 1st.

Wooster Republican March 6, 1895

WE Rice, book and stationary store, will move next month to an excellent location on E Liberty, across from the Republican office where Mrs. Robertson shoe parlors are now.
ED Fisher, harness maker, 34 S Market Street, is preparing to build a good size frame addition to his shop to accommodate his increasing trade.

Wooster Republican March 13, 1895

200 rolls of flour floor covering for sale at Griffin store, Frick block, W Liberty Street.
WO Beebe store of dry goods, 2 doors E of the square, 4 E Liberty Street.

Wooster Republican March 20, 1895

Will Stevens recently moved back to Wooster from Cinncinnati. He rented the old Sprague corner of Liberty and Walnut Streets and opened up a harness and color shop.
Alarm of fire from box 3 central station between 11 and 12 o’clock today was caused by a blaze in the second story of building occupied by grocery store, WH Maurer. Flames were gotten under control by using the chemical extinguishers. Loss amounted to about 15.00. Caused by defective flue.
The McCormick Binder Agency will be located in rear room of Academy of Music which is being fitted up for that purpose.
The JH Bush stock of boots and shoes sold by John W Bryan to RM McGillen company of Youngstown.

Just as the courthouse colck was striking 11 last night, MS Goodman, S Market Street grocier who resides over his place of business and also over the little jewelry room of Henry Long, at 80 and 82 S Market Street heard someone working the door of Hnery Long shop. Mr. Goodman sleeps right over the shop and glanced out of the window and concluded that Mr. Long was going into the room. A moment or two afterwards, he heard the crash of breaking glass and at once made up his mind that burgalers were at work. Mr. Goodman rose and got his double barrel shot gun. He slipped out the back door and guilded to the gutter in front of the store without being seen or hard by the burgalers. He raised his gun and ordered the fellows to throw up their hands but they did not obey. One turned and ran east on Henry Street and the other started up S Market Street. Mr. Goodman ordered the man fleeing up S Market Street to hault. The fellow did not obey. Mr. Goodman said he then fired a shot to frighten the man but it did not work. He then let go with a second shot intending to shoot him in the legs. Officers Latimer and Leiner heard the shots and were soon at the scene and from the discription MS Goodman made of the men, they were O’Conner and Redigan and Casey Harrington of the fifth ward.

William Wike will move his restaurant into the Black building on W Liberty Street.
The front room on the second floor of Zimmerman block which has been so many years occupied by Benjamin Eason, will be fitted up for a club room. Mr. Eason takes room just in the rear of his former apt.
The new hardware firm of Rich and Blough is at work fitting up the Howard room on the corner of Liberty and Buckeye Streets and expect to be ready for business by April 1st.

Wooster Republican March 27, 1895

George Broxham has purchased Edward Shibley interest in the livery stable. Mr. Shibley, on Saturday, leased the Central Hotel from John Johnston and open house early in April.

CD Smith, partnership of John S Elliott of the coal business, 19 N Walnut Street and corner of Spink and E Liberty Streets.
George A Jackson of Warren has rented the corner room in Downing block. April 1st he is to open a funishing goods store. He has 14 years experience in business and comes to Wooster well recommended.
ED Fisher, harness and trunk store, S Market Street.

Wooster Republican April 17, 1895

The D. Nice double room store is thrown into one large room by tearing down the good old shelving.
George Kingsley has broken ground for nine room cottage on Beall Ave. Samuel Ames has the contract.

Two attorneys of our city, AJ Thomas and AD Metz, are making extra repairs and improvements on their already fine residence on N Market Street.
Keister Brothers, groceries and provisions, 30 W Liberty Street.
Landis and Schmuck, undertakers of factory and warehouse on W Liberty Street.
New hardware store of Rich and Blough.
William Shibley jewelry, 23 E Liberty Street.
Jacob S Caskey White front grocery store, W Liberty Street.

New store, new stock and new prices opening Saturday, April 20th at Racket Store, Downing block, NE side of the square.
Star Laundry, 36 E Liberty Street. Chan Will Ki, propritor.
Myers Insurance Co., WC Myers and Co., est. 1870.
GW Blandford grocery, 1 door E of the Archer House.
Brandstetter and Dietrick, first class work in blacksmith and horse clothing. Call at S Buckeye Street.
CA Immler, carriage works on South Street.
Wm Muschenich, boots and shoes, SW side of the square, old Robison corner.
JL Saal, meat market, 47 and 49 S Market Street.
Geiselman Clothing Co,, E Liberty Street.
Ellsperman Notion Store.
Charles Egger, meat market, W Liberty Street.
Harry’s Photography Gallery, E Liberty Street, opposite the Archer House.
George Faber ice cream.
Julian Jeffries, tailor, 31 E Liberty Street.
ED Fisher, harness and trunk store, S Market Street.
Universal Plow is the lighest draft plow in the world, Wooster.
Dr. SW Platt will be at Wm Shibley jewelry store Friday and Saturday 19th and 20th for eye examinations.
Laubach and Boyd Drugstore, SE side of the square.
DL Freedlander, one price clothing store, W Libety Street, 2 doors E of Zimmerman Drugstore.
Zimmerman Drugstore.

Wooster Republican April 24, 1895

Wooster Book Bindery, Jacob Fischer owner, located in the Frick block, W Liberty Street.
Clark Lumber Yard, office and yard at W Henry Street, near the B and O freight yard.
The Racket Store in the Downing block was open today . Propritor- George A Jackson. He has fitted up an attractive establishment deserving of patronage.
The drinking fountain in front of D Nice block, has become such an institution that there is talk of a neighboring subscription to provide ice to keep the water cool which Mr. Nice put in to keep it cool during hot weather.
John Johnston has sold the Meier Grocery stock to John Figert, who was one of the employees. Mr. Figert took possession today. Mr. Johnston will conduct the bakery with the grocery and expects to secure the service of a 1st class baker to do his baking.

Wooster Republican May 1, 1895

New harness shop. Harness collars and whips at Wm A Stevens, corner of Liberty and Walnut Streets.

Wooster Republican May 8, 1895

The Rochester bankrupt clothing shore has been removed to the old Oberholser, Beebe and Co. building on the square.
The Junival Band, organized this week, will be known as the Young Citizens. They have been aided by a number of merchants. William Woods- cornet and business manager, Ed Mann- bariton, Theodore Muscehenich- tenor and VP, Ed Conrad- tenor and treasurer, Ed Reider- bass and secretary, Carroll Bradshaw- cornet, Ray Bradshaw- 1 alto, Rob Mann- 2 alto, Tom Mairs- cornet, Rob Welch- snare drum, Frank Jacobs- base drum. They will assemble for first practice on Friday evening.

Wooster, with fine homes, beautiful buildings and good streets, does not have a public park, which for a long time has been a matter of regret. The question of providing a suitable place of out door gatherings within the city limits has been one of favorable discussion for a number of years, but no action has ever been taken to establish that gathering place. The city has for years owned a beautiful little natural park just north of the high school and those in favor to the establishment of a park are now at work securing signatures imploring to a position which the city council is asked to take the steps necessary to erect a pavillion and other things for the public good.

Wooster Republican May 15, 1895

The Wooster Pump Co., this week put down a drilled well on the high school grounds. A fine well of water was found at depth of 141 feet. This water rose to within 20 feet of the surface.

Water and plenty of it is being found by the drillers on Clear Creek for the Water Works trustees. The rock was reached at 35 feet and four hours had hard pumping through a three inch pipe that was kept full failed to lower the supply. They are now putting in a larger pipe for stronger tests.

Wooster Republican May 22, 1895

The Water Works trustees desire to have a well drilled for the purpose of determining whether their system of blowing out by steam is superior to that of drilling. This is to commence next week. Also civil engineer, JE Eberhardt is at work surveying for the association of the most practical route for the pipe line to W Liberty Street.

Don’t risk your watch with incompetant repair, men. Go to WH Bradshaw, SW side of the square. He has employed Mr. CC Miller, an expert watchmaker.
Chatelain old jewelry store location, keeps a fine line of violins, banjos, harps, watches, clocks and jewelry. With him is Mr. CC Miller, SW side of the public square.

Wm. Wike, finding the business unprofitable, has closed his W Liberty Street restaurant.
The Wooster Bedding Works has purchased a 30 horse power engine which will be put in operation at once.
Dr. Todd and Dr. Yocum, 150 W Liberty Street.
Dr. GA King, eye doctor at the Yoder House.
Dr. John J Kinney.
New harness shop with harness colors and whips, Wm R Stevens, corner of Liberty and Walnut Streets.
HB Camp, proprietor wants to locate his works here. Wooster B and O celebration will come June 5th. He wants ground for a site 40000 in cash and right of way from Millbrook from extension of his railroad into town. A committee is in conference. Meeting held in the mayor’s office last night for dual purpose perfecting the arrangements for the excursion to Millersburg and hear proposed from HB Camp for locating his clay works in Wooster. The meeting was called to order at 8:15pm by CV Hard. Among the persons present were Jacob Frick, WO Beebe, HR Mesmore, LR Critchfield, Harry McClarran, JF Barrett, LH Myers, JS Adair, JF Marchand, Frank W Miller, WC Yost, George Kline, Martin Funk, Frank Kramer, Mayer Jeffries, WE Rice, Frank McClure, JC McClarran, JB Taylor, JT Keister, FB Geitgey, Lake Jones, JH Zimmerman, WD Tyler and many others.
Capt. JB Taylor said that the businessmen of the city want to take some steps to celebrate in Wooster. Chairmen Hard said that those present were well aware that Mr. HB Camp had built a railroad to the Eddy Clay Field and had a plan to partially construct there and was now desirious of making arrangements whereby he could extend his railroad to Wooster and locate his plant in that city.

The Water Works trustees today made a contract with Smith and Keller, the Wooster Pump Co., to drill a well up Clear Creek. The well will be drilled about 75 feet north of the one put down by Dayton Water Supply Co.. The trustees desire to have a well drilled for the….

Wooster Republican May 29, 1895

Miss Emily Lewis, trained nurse, corner of Bowman Street and College Avenue.

Smith and Keller have had to abandon the well they drilled up Clear Creek for the city water trustees. Perferated pipe was used and went down 31 feet. Quicksand was struck which ran into well in such quanities to make it necessary to sink another well. Pipe without perforations was used. The quicksand was struck just above the rock. The finding of the sands so close to the well put down by the Dayton Water Supply Co. where gravel was found at the same depth, was a great surprise and annoyance. The supply of water in the well was fully as large as the same quantity in the first well.
Wooster Township Trustees acted promptly on the matter of caring for the bones dug up in an old grave yard at the corner of Grant and West Larwill Streets. Among the bodies found were those of animals. They were thrown aside and the others gathered up and intered in Wooster Cemetery.

Wooster Republican June 5, 1895

Wooster most memorable Memorial Day due to a beautiful monument to the unpromoted dead. A Memorial Day gift of a statue was given by James and William H Mullins which was placed in the cemetery. It was made at Salem in the factory of Wm H Mullins, son of James Mullins Esq. Go back and zerox off the roll list of honored soldiers who died in Wooster in it’s cemeteries and Oak Hill cemetery.
The Water Works trustees have had the power house at Reddicks Dam taken down and put it for use at the pumping station on the banks of the Apple Creek.
Commission house of Wm McKinney on S Market Street.

The Rochester Clothing Co., which did business here for several weeks going from here to Chardon, have had some trouble there.

Wooster Republican June 19, 1895

Counting room of the Wooster Republican Printing Co., 12 E Liberty Street.
Mrs. George Lee, finding business unprofitable, has closed the millinary store in rooms over Wilson Drugstore, W Liberty Street.
Charles T Kronk of Marion, the expert horse shower, has taken possession of old Krieger Shop on N Bever Street.
In justice to Mrs. George W Lee, the statement in yesterday’s daily paper concerning her business, the cause for closing up the business which she found a pleasant and profitable one, it was by the wish of her family that she close for the benefit of her health.
Superintendant of Water Works, James Glass, expects to start pumping into the mains from Apple Creek tonight.

Burned Oak Factory! JL Conners received an order of 150 oars from Upson Watton Co. of Cleveland. Mr. Conners expects the insurance adjustor next Tuesday when his loss will be adjusted. He is anxious to rebuild on the site of his burned factory and will do so within a few weeks. He will likely have a little financial aid according to impression by our businessmen as soon as right time arrives when a meeting to act will be called.
One Wooster merchant not waiting for the meeting to be called to consider what way most effectively to aid Mr. Conners to rebuild his Wooster Oak Works has been circulating a subscription paper with good success that he does not know Mr. Conners personally makes it the earnestness of his efforts.

Wooster Republican June 26, 1895

WH Hinton will build a new residence on W South Street on site of the old Hinton Shop.
The George and Mougey Band will play at Chippewa Lake July 4th. Horest Barrett, manager, has about completed arrangements.
In view of the rebuilding of the Boat Oak Works, it will prove an interest to those who have been favorably impressed by this industry and are taking active interest in rebuilding the works. Mr. Conners received a letter this morning from Baltimore in which the writer inquired as to when the works would be in operation as he would in the meantime buy only enough supplied elsewhere to cover his trade. The wirters trade is over 10000 annually and would take the entire output of the boat oak works Board of Trade aid to rebuild the Wooster Boat Oak Works. Fire destroyed his factory and works and Mr. Conners figures prevented him from rebuilding. He would remain in Wooster if given a little assistance. He felt 500 would be enough and that 150 had already been subscribed in a quiet way and the Wooster Improvement Co. agreed 60 worth of timber to rebuild. A committee of three was appointed to try and raise the money.

Wooster Republican July 3, 1895

Ross W Funck.
WF Kean.
Johnson and Taylor.
McClure and Smyser.
Ed Newkirk.
Dr. JH Todd and LA Yocum.
Dr. CA Lerch and CC Stauffer, office and rooms 41 and 43, S Market Street.
Dr. JL King, occulist at the Yoder house.
Dr. John J Kinney, former partner of Lehr and Kinney, has opened a office at 43 W Liberty Street, 6 doors W of Sprague corner.
Dr. John A Gann.
Dr. HA Hart.
Dr. Stoll and Ryall.
Clarks Lumber Yard, office and lumber yard on W Henry Street near the B and O freight yard.
John McClellan, owner of the building occupied by Geiselman Clothing Co. has given a new tin roof to the establishment.
Odenkirk Music Store, E Liberty Street.
WH Bradshaw jewelry store, SW side of the square, Quimby stone block, old Chatelain Jewelry Store.
WH Wiler shoe store.
CC Miller with WH Bradshaw, SW side jewelry store.
JL Conner of the Wooster Oak Works left this afternoon to look for machinery to rebuild the works in west Wooster.
The west room in the remolded Eastern House will be fitted up as a barber shop to be conducted by old time barber Joseph A Schuch.
John Meier, owner of the Hotel Wayne, has purchased a ½ interest of Kech Restaurant and moved the fixtures and stock into north room of the hotel.
The PD Hall block, occupied by LD Craighead, has a handsome new dress of paint on the store front of black and gold.
Andrew Massaro grocery store and residence at the corner of Palmeer Street and Railwagon, this morning reported to Marshall Ellsperman that he heard a pistol shot and a second afterwards heard the bullet crack through the western boarding. He got up quickly and on examination, found a flat 32 calibur bullet in the floor.
Harding and Co. Hardware, 1 door W of the courthouse.
FW Platt, eye specialist, will be at L Shibley jewelry store Friday and Saturday, June 15 and 16.
DL Freedlander has sweeping prices, 2 doors E of Zimmerman Drug Store, W Liberty Street.
Will Beresford, tailor and drapper, Frick block opposite Archer House.
Wm Muschenich, boots and shoes, SW side of the square.
Wooster Book Bindery of Jacob Fischer, Frick block, W Liberty Street.
The Racket Store of Jackson, for five weeks, Downing block, NE side of the square.
Geiselman Clothing Co., E Liberty Street.
Harry’s Photography Gallery, opposite the Archer House.
WO Beebe dry goods, 2 doors E of the square, 4 E Liberty Street.
Horse collars and whips, Wm A Stevens, corner of Liberty and Walnut Streets.
Sichley, great clothing sale for next 60 days. 6000 for cash only. WHH Sichley, middle rooms of Frick memorial block.
McClure and Hinton, SW corner public square for stoves.
Water drilling, Smith and Keller Wooster Pump Co., 55 S Market Street.
Laubach and Boyd Drug Store, SE side of the square.

Wooster Republican July 10, 1895

Park to be improved. City council met in a special session to act upon it. Meeting to transact business in regard to improving the park at High School and provide funds for necessary improvement of the same money to erect a 40x80 permanent building in the park. The sale of privileges in the park will pay interest on the money spent. Mr. Yost gave a brief history of how the city came into possession of the land showing it had been purchased from James McKenna 36 years ago for 900 and had laid all that time undeveloped with no expence but fencing and that was years ago. VP Ames said he thought the finance committee was out to provide a way to get the money necessary. Mr. Odenkirk was of the opinion that council could pay the money alright as many of the bills had been. The following resolution was offered by Mr. Ames of Council City Wooster that the fiance committee be and authorized to borrow the sum for the improvement of the city park and that the mayor shall leave two notes on the city for 500 each. Each note is to be due in 1 year. Mr. Odenkirk moved that the balance space dollars be filled out to read 1000. It was second by Sanborn and carried.

Rev. IN Kieffer of the Sherman Brigade reunion committee, thanked council for the action that had been taken. Plans for the pavillion drawn by Julian Jeffries have been adopted and hoped to begin work on improvements this week.

Wooster Republican July 12, 1895

The railroad is rejoicing in all respects. A splendid success. Jubilee over the B and O completion. The weather was perfect for the biggest crowd and eleberate decorations. The railroad now runs through Wooster to Millersburg on the south and to Lodi on the north and goes on telling about it. Zerox off later.

The clothing firm of George and Mougey was dissolved this morning. James G George purchased the interest of AW Mougey in establishment. Mr. Mougey expects to go on the road as a salesman.
George and Mougey, Frick memorial block, W Liberty Street.
ED Fisher, harness and trunks, S Market Street.
Greatest sale of clothing in Wooster. Firm of George and Mougey. WA Mougey is retiring from the firm.

Wooster Republican July 17, 1895

Horns News Depot.
Adair and Adair attorney.
Mayor Jeffries and the park committee, on Saturday evening, opened the bids for the erection of the pavillion in city park. Three bids were received. All of the bids were rejected and decided the work would be done by the day. Work was started today under direction of councilman HB Odenkirk. Harry H Miller will have charge of carpentry work.

Funeral of George W Schuch took place this afternoon from the residence corner of E South and S Bever Streets.

Wooster Republican July 21, 1895

Harry H Miller has a force of men at work on the pavillion in the city park. The structure practically completed , will be used for the first time tonight when the George and Mougey Band will give a concert. The city Opera House Orchestra is to give a dance. Mr. Miller deserves credit for the business in which he has pushed the work.
The old landmark, the Hinton Shop, on west South Street is being torn down to be replaced by a residence.

Wooster Republican July 24, 1895

The new pavillion in the city park will be dedicated Monday evening, July 29th with a concert by George and Mougey Band. Dance by City Hall opera house orchestra.
Business is keeping up well with the Standard Coach and Pad Co. and has never been so good this season of the year.
JJ Bechtel of N Grant Street, today purchased JT Baird interest in the livery business of JT Baird and Co.. The firm will be conducted under name of Baird and Bechtel. Senior partner is Fred Baird.

Wooster Republican Aug. 7, 1895

Shall Wooster be united to Cleveland by a electric road is a problem in a fair way to be solved in a short time. The Wadsworth Electric Railroad Co. was chartered a few weeks ago to run from Wooster to Cleveland by Wadsworth and from Wadsworth to Akron. The road first considered from Wooster to Wadsworth, went by Smithville, Marshallville and Easton. But we learn that the company considered that the road has some difficulty as to grade which was barrier of somewhat difficulty and another route is being considered nearly the Madisonberg, Creston, Sterling and Rittman to Wads worth and thence to Cleveland. The stock at minimium 2 percent grade could be obtained and the difference is nearly the same. Company also desires to build a switch to Ohio Agricultural Experimental Station and farm if proper encouragement is given and will build a cross line in Wooster.

Plank and Gray have a new mill. It is the only one of its kind here abouts. Plenty of orders ahead. Plank and Gray Snowflake Mill, after a thorough overhaul and rebuild, in truth can just as well be said that it is a new mill which will be put into operation on Thursday.
Success to the end ! Wooster Lodge IOOF has grand golden jubilee. There were fine speeches by past grand master Spooner of New York. Rev. JH Barron tells about meeting in the park. The banquet was a winner in nearly every way.

Historical address of golden anniversary of Wooster Lodge IOOF for 50 years ago today by authority of special deputy grand master Thomas Spooner of Cincinnati organized lodge and tells about it. Zerox off later. Met in a little hall 16x20 feet down on the square where Laubach and Boyd Drug Store now stands. The hall was a rude structure. First elected: Noble Grand Brother Brauneck, Brother Johnson V Guaand, Brother Eberman sect.,and Brother Ward treasurer. These being no permanent secretary at the time this constituted the elected officers. First name proposed from candidates was JM Matz age 27, a carpenter in Wooster. At the meeting there were 11 applicants. Five applicants as follows: John Wilhelm, age 35, a carriage maker and father of Joseph and Theodore Wilhelm, now member of the lodge; Philip Hein, father well known resident of Wooster; James Erwin; Wm Hanna; Perry Johnson; WA Day; Samuel Christime; John MM Nailor; N Pritchard; Henry Winters; JW Schuckers; AP Allen. The first to die was Brother Schuckers who adopted meeting night as every Friday night in Wooster.

Plank and Gray Mill now running.
Although the 2 events have been held in city park since the completion of the pavillion, the condition of the ground is such that the park committee and mayor Jeffries has to take steps to prevent the hitching or driving of horses through the park. Hitching rails will be put outside the park.
Bell Brothers, at their barns on W South Street.

Wooster Republican Aug. 14, 1895

Roll of honor roster of resident soldiers in Wayne County in connection of the Union War. This from city of Wooster.
Cincinnati bankrupt clothing stock is to have a sale for a week in the Quimby Store, E Liberty Street and the square.
Most excellent is the report of the Wooster Building and Loan Association and Co.. It was printed upon today’s third page of the Daily Republican and will not give further notice thereafter.
Durstine Sliding Blind Factory increased its trade and stock and right along now has 4000 ahead.

The following from Coschostan Age will be hardly noticed by the press and public of Wooster. Mr. DL Freedlander was in town 1st of the week making arrangements for the opening of a new clothing store in this place the latter part of present month. He will occupy the west room in the new Nicholas block when completed. He will take temporary quarters in room on the Park Hotel block until the new room will be ready for occupancy. He proposes to put in a large stock of goods of best quality and latest styles strictly one price business. He has been engaged in Wooster in the same business for the past 10 years having a large store there. He intends to continue as well as the new store in this place.
McClure and Co., 21 N Buckeye Street for stoves.
McClure and Hinton, house furnishings, SW side of the square.

Business places which decorated for the reunion of the civil war soldiers met in Wooster. They were B Barrett and sons, Plank and Gray, John Schwevel, John Figert, John Schuch, GW Blandford, Martin Funck, Wm Beresford, Stevens, Bevert and Co., Minglewood Coal Co., City Hall, Rich and Blough, Baird and Bechtel, and many more.

Wooster Republican Aug. 21, 1895

Camp DeCourcey is no more. Sherman Brigade gone the most successful reunion. John Sherman speaks and brigade greats him grandly today. Campfire speeches with immense crowds.
FW Shillings, who has conducted the National House for some months, intends to leave Wooster and has sold the good s and furniture to Charles Zaring, who has taken possession.
Wanted: quick 10000 bushels of potatoes at W Clark and Son, Logan block, S Market Street.

Wooster Republican Aug. 28, 1895

Local capitalists back electric railroad company. The Republican has known for some time that a movement has been under foot for incorporation of electric railroad to start from this city and have its termination to Cleveland. The road is to be known as the Wooster, Medina and Cleveland Street Railroad Co.. Incorporation is for the construction and operation of a electric railroad company between Wooster and Cleveland through the counties of Wayne, Median, Summit and Cuyahoga. The article also provides for a telephone line along the route and for a spur to Chippewa Lake in Medina County and also provied that the company can own and operate urban and suburban railroad in and about the town and villages along the routes. Among the incorporators are LP Ohligar, AL Cunningham, JR Zimmernan, CV Hard, AD Metz, CW Kauke, WJ Mullins, AM Parrish, Charles Barratt, Fred Harding of Wooster, Charles A Stibbins and Ward Wheeler of Creston, JR Howley of Leroy, OM McDowell, Charles McDowell, OP Lerch of Medina. The intention of the incorporators is to build a line which will start in Wooster and run to Madisonberg, Creston, Seville, Chippewa Lake and Medina. The route into Cleveland has not been fully determined. One way under consideration is by Berea and the other following Wooster pike into city.

A repair shop for shoes has been opened at 29 N Bever Street, DP Moses.
The incorporation papers for the Wooster, Medina and Cleveland Electric Store Railroad was received yesterday.
The Wooster Oak Works were again put in operation yesterday and in a few days will be running stronger than before the fire. Eight hands will be employed for the present. During the forced shut down, orders have accumulated rapidly and enough are on hand to keep the concern going strong for several months.
The Pleasant Home camp meeting on Sunday drew out a crowd estimated at 8-10000 people. The feature was the number of people who went on bikes and estimated at one time there were 800 bicycles on the ground.

Wooster Republican Sept. 4, 1895

Wooster Electric Line to Cleveland organized! Stock subscribed and directors chosen! The incorporators of the Wooster, Medina and Cleveland Street Railroad Co. met in the city yesterday afternoon, Tuesday. Friday Wooster Daily. They met for the purpose of organizing and electing directors. The meeting was held in the business offices of Wooster National Bank. CV Hard elected chairman and Frank H Hawley secretary. The following directors were elected: Crosby Thompson of Cleveland, and one other director will be chosen from Cleveland, HM McDowell, J Andress of Medina, Frank H Hawley of Leroy, Warden Wheeler of Creston, CV Hard, WJ Mullins, AL Dinzi Cunningham, LP Ohliger, CW Kauke in Wooster. The greater part of the afternoon was taken up in discussing and arranging plans. The two lines proposed are as follows: One line from South Brooklyn along Wooster Pike through Palmer, Albon, Strongsville, Brunswick, Chippewa Lake, Seville, Creston and Madisonberg to Wooster. The other route that merits a great deal of favor was to depot west of Chippewa Lake pass through Leroy and Canaan and then by tap the rich farming counties of that sector. The route will be selected at the next meeting, although the selection is in the field and structured to secure options on rights of way over both routes.

Wooster Republican Sept. 11, 1895

The Durstine Sliding Blind Co. the past month, received orders for blinds in such quantities as to increase the working force.
The McGrew Manufacturing Co. of Lima, having gone into receivership, Mr. HC and GK Monroe have transferred their factory to Wooster and in cooperation with the Durstine Sliding Blind Co., will continue to manufacture sliding blinds and rolling partitions. This arrangement brings to our city a number of families from Lima who will be located permanently. Mr. Maxwell, skilled finisher, will have charge of the varnishing department. Mr. E Hont will continue as supertendant of the manufacturing of sliding blinds. E Blackenborn will have charge of the lumber department. Orders for over 1200 windows have been received over the past month.
Tribute of the bar to the late BF Eason. Members of the Wayne County Bar met Monday afternoon and report of committee to make a memorial on the death of Benjamin F Eason, the late city clerk of Wooster. He died Aug. 21, 1895.

Sheriff WW Garver this morning, took possession of the grocery store of Frank McClure on execution of 920 in favor of Zimmerman and Co., John Nolle, LD Craighead, Frank Matz appointed appraiser and this afternoon began appraising the stock. He attributes closing to poor collections and failure off of trade. The friends of Mr. McClure will be sorry to hear of his embarresment.

Our new planning mill, Mr. George H Clark, contemplates his new ad today. It will be ready for business in Sep. or Oct. with a large lumber yard to draw upon.
Sach Fisher, of Apple Creek, today purchased the Wm Fisher restaurant, W Liberty Street.
The upper Naftzger Ice Pond was drained this morning for purpose of cleaning out the carp. About 200 carp weighing 1-5 pounds were taken out. The black bass and catfish were put back in.
A Branstetter store.
WO Beebe, 4 E Liberty Street.

Wooster Republican Sept. 18, 1895

Mrs. Wm Robertson, owner of the Shoe Parlor E side of the square, at 1:40 this afternoon made an assignment to Judge HB Swartz for benefit of her creditors. The deed of assignment covers stock of boots and shoes, liabilities 3000, assests 4000. A lack of trace was assigned as cause.
The employees of the Boston Piano Co. ,today began working eight hours per day.

Wooster Republican Oct. 2, 1895

Hats for sale by UF Miller, Downing block, NE side.
DL Freedlander, 8 W Liberty Street.
Marshall Ellsperman, this morning, made information against John Meier of keeping his S Market saloon open Sunday morning.
WS Fisher is putting up the remolded Eastern House in good shape.
Farmers! You can buy good white ash pickets cheap at Wooster Oak Factory.

Wooster Republican Oct. 9, 1895

100 years old! Wayne County will celebrate centennial. The first step towards celebrating the 100 anniversary of organization of Wayne County as proclaimed by Gen. Arthur St. Clair, govenor of the Northwest Territory Aug. 15, 1796, was taken last night in spirit of interest shown, clearly proves that the people are alive to the possibilities of such an event. Harry McClarran was present and article talked about the plans they might do for the celebration. Committee appointed as follows: Rev. IN Kieffer, CV Hard, JG Sandborn, Harry McClarran, CW McClure, JP VanNest, and Mayor Jefries.
Gray and Son have taken possession of old Black corner for a coal and feed office at Walnut and W Liberty Streets.
The remolded Eastern House was thrown open to the public last evening by Wm. Fisher. Anthony Leies, owner of the building, has thoroughly changed and added substantial additions, E Liberty Street. Mr. Fisher has fitted the 22 rooms in the house in a most neat manner. The fronting on Quimby Street is particularly nice. Mr. Fisher and mother had many years of experience in hotel business.

Cloaks for sale at Quimby and Kline.
Farmers interested that JT Shields has a Milawakee Corn Husker and Shreader that does work wonderfully well and is 1st one brought to this county.
Cloaks at Griffith Dry Goods Store at Oct. 12th sale, west of the courthouse, opposite Zimmerman Drug Store, W Liberty Street.

Wooster Republican Oct. 16, 1895

Elliott and Smith.
Clark Lumber Yard, W Henry Street.

Wooster Republican Oct. 23, 1895

John Meier, who keeps a saloon in the north room of Hotel Wayne, was arrested yesterday by Marshall Ellsperman for keeping his place open on Sunday morning.

Wooster Republican Oct. 30, 1895

Sure start for the Wayne County centennial at last Friday’s meeting and success in all reports. 10000 requested for suitable celebration and discussed it.
Andrew Branstetter, having drain, tile, coal, sand and gravel, at the west Wooster office factory and yard is next to the B and O Railroad at Branstetter Station.
Elliott and Smith are building a corn crib back of their E Liberty Street office.
WA Clark has closed his S Market Street commission store.
JH Wilhelm purchased the Geitgey Bros. stock of groceries and put in a new stock in grocery on E Liberty Street.

Wooster Republican Nov. 6, 1895

Sale of horses by G Beaverd and GW Snyder at Eastern House Stables.
Don’t forget to call on Ellsperman Notion Store, S Market Street and see a large stock of china and glassware and notions.

Wooster Republican Nov. 13, 1895

Arnold A Ingram died Sunday morning at his residence, 111 E North Street. He read law in the office of John McSweeney and graduated from Cincinnati law school. He was admitted to practice 14 years ago and was republican in politices. He was elected city solicitor in 1885.
Mrs. Wm. Robertson stock of boots and shoes was sold last evening to McGill in Pittsburgh and was packed today for shipment.

Wooster Republican Nov. 20, 1895

Alcock and Donald began work for the foundation of bronze monument to be given Wm H Mullins foundation to be 14 ft. square and built of red kilbuck sandstone.
Four columns of stone will be used and take four to six weeks to complete.

Wooster Republican Nov. 27, 1895

JJ Geitgey, today broke ground for a new building on the lot of his residence on S Market Street. The structure is to be two stories high 20x35 and be used as a furniture wareroom. Robert | Cameron has the contract.
WB Bryson will again occupy the old Oberholser, Beebe and Co. during the holidays.
Frank H DeWitt, N Bever Street, florist, this week selling flowers.
Prof. WT Bennett is making a through examination of water used in wells from city reservoirs which he has promised to furnish to the Republican. The report will contain some surprises. The Prof. finds that the water flowing from the fountain on the square is totally unfit for use.

Wooster Republican Dec. 4, 1895

Samuel Taylor has purchased from JW Brown, assignee of JR Wachtel of Shreve, the entire stock of goods closed out by David Nice.

Wooster Republican Dec. 11, 1895

Christmas goods for sale by WB Bryson at old Bissell room on the corner , NE side of the square #1ME.
Joseph Wilhelm has rented the white front room in the old Black building, W Liberty Street and will open a notion store in a few days.

Wooster Republican Dec. 18, 1895

To January 1st, I offer my entire stock at special cut prices, A Shibley, public square, SE side.

Wooster Republican Dec. 25, 1895

Ross W Funck, over Harding and Co., hardware store.
WF Kean, over McClarran Grocery.
Isaac Johnson and James B Taylor, in rooms 1 and 2, Nice block.
AS McClure and Martin L Smyser, office #6ME, upstairs.
James Snyder, attorney with James McClure.
EW Newkirk, office over Quimby Shoe Store, Emporium block, E Liberty Street.
Dr. CA Lerch, office over A Wilson drug store, W Liberty Street.
Dr. JH Todd and LA Yocum, 150 W Liberty Street.
Dr. GL King, office at Yoder House parlors once each month.
Dr. John J Kinney, former partner of Dr. Lehr and Kinney, has opened an office at 43 W Liberty Street, 6 doors West of Sprauge corner.
Dr. John A Gann, 111 N Market Street, 2 doors N of the Episcopal Church.
Dr. HA Hart, office and residence, N Market Street, opposite the new Lutheran Church.
SR Stoll and Ryall, N of the courthouse.
Dr. JD Stahl, dentist, 34 E Liberty Street, opposite Archer House.
Dr. SW Platt, eye specialist, will again be at L Shibley jewelry store.
Wooster Book Bindery, blank books, stationary, J Fischer, in Frick block, W Liberty Street.
Will Beresford, tailor and drapper, brich building, opposite the Archer House, E Liberty Street.
Clarks Planning Mill and Lumber, GH Clark, W Henry Street, near the B and O freight depot.
Wooster Republican Printing Co., 12 E Liberty Street.
Jewerly store, A Shibley, 10 public square, SE side.
Harding and Co. Hardware, W Liberty Street.
Jacob Mougey is now owner of the Hotel Wayne, the property having purchased yesterday from John Meier. Price 5000.
Sinclair Clapper has bought the furniture part of DY Landis stock of Perrysville and sell at bargins at former Landis rooms opposite the city hall.
Boots and shoes at WH Wiler, W Liberty Street.
Laubach and Boyds drug store.
The Racket Store, NE side of the square, Downing block.
McClure and Hinton cooking stoves, SW corner of the square.
Clapper Printing House.
WHH Sichley clothing, W Liberty Street, for over coats on sale.
Wooster Pump Co. of Smith and Keller, 55 S Market Street.
Geiselman Clothing Co., for clothing, E Liberty Street.
Umbrellas for sale at WO Beebe, 4 E Liberty Street, 2 doors E of the corner.
Wm Muschenich, boots and shoe, SW corner of the square, old D Robison corner.
Condition of WC National Bank, close of business Dec. 13, 1895 is 332514.58 in assets and same in liabilities, Jacob Frick- president, JSR Overholt- VP, WD Tyler- director.
Clothing for sale, DL Freedlander, one price clothing store, 8 W Liberty Street.