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Wikipedia: Manual of Style



Business Company Infobox Templates

Location/Address Template

  • Address Example: 109 W. Main St., Smithville, Ohio 44677
    • Note 1: If there is a suite, apartment, or unit number, this should follow | street=W. Main St. | unit=No. 3 |
    • Note 2: If no address is known, use | number=0000 |
    • Note 3: | primary=true | indicates the last known address even if the business is defunct
    • Note 4: If no street address is given and only a description, the description should be given | street=N. W. Side Public Square |

Newspaper Templates

Surname Templates

Business Hierarchy

Business Infobox Company Template

Decade & Fate

In the Company business template category enter when the business was established and defunct. Businesses that were closed due to fire or other disaster enter under Businesses listed by fate. See examples below:

What caused the business to close

Clubs & Non-Profits

Company Founders, Entrepreneurs & Occupations

In the Company business infobox template - The Founder(s) (i.e. Owner(s)) full name is set as a tag; whereas, under the Key people only the Surname is tagged.

Wiki Projects

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