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Areas included: Apple Creek, Apple Creek Station, Carr's Tavern, Edinburgh, Jensey's Tavern, Honeytown, King's Tavern, Maysville, Old Town, Smith Settlement

Burbank-Academy Page 3 of Wayne County Democrat,published in Wooster, Ohio on Wednesday, February 12th, 1879.jpeg

Areas included: Armstrong, Bridgeport, and West Canaan

Page 1 of Creston Journal,published in Creston, Ohio on Thursday, June 6th, 1907 (2).jpeg

Areas included: Canaan, Canaan Center, Creston, Golden Corners, Hermanville, Jackson, Matthew's Tavern, Pike Station, Sinkhole, West Canaan, and Windsor

Schultz's Carriage, Buggy, and Wagon Works-Dalton, Ohio.jpg

Areas included: Baughman P. O., Dalton, Dover, Fairview Dalton, Dover, Kidron, Kidron Station, McQuaid, McQuaid Village, Middletown, Moscow, Sharon, Snively, Sonnenberg Station, Silver Hill, and West Lebanon

Grain Farm Chippewa Twp.jpg

Areas included: Bristol, Chippewa, Chippeway, Doylestown, Easton, Hametown, Rogues' Hollow, and Slankerville

Fredericksburg Wooleen Factory WayneCoDemocrat Thurs18570723p3.png

Areas included: Calamoutier, Fredericksburg, Kauke Station, Koch, McCance, Moorefield, Morgan Settlement, Searightsburgh, and Searightsville

Kidron-Electric Page 4 of Dalton Gazette,published in Dalton, Ohio on Wednesday, October 23rd, 1985.jpeg

Areas included: Kidron, Kidron Station Note: Some areas of Kidron could appear in the Apple Creek or Dalton location depending on address.

Ault & Co OC1903-10-30-p7.png

Areas included: Bristol and Marshallville

20000 squid Nautilus viewbay.jpg

Areas included: Mount Eaton, Jericho, and Paintville

CS Snyder & Sons Inc CC1961Sept7p13.PNG

Areas included: Burton City, East Union, Orrville, and Riceland

Rittman Brick Tile.jpg

Areas included: Amwell, Arkona, Center Swamp, Douglas, Ellio, French Town, Johnson's Corners, Lancetown, Milton Station, New Prospect, Rittman, Russell Station, Shinersburg, Swagler Settlement, Swamp Settlement, Trent, New Trenton and Trenton Settlement

Shreve Dry Cleaning Company,Shreve News19301224p4.png

Areas included: Canansville, Centerville, Clinton, Craigton, Custaloga, Horace, Millbrook, Newkirk, Perriopolis, Prairie Station, Shreve, Special, Stewart's Tavern, Stringtown, Washington Station, and Willswood

Smithville-Inn-Thursday, May 6th, 1926.jpg

Areas included: Chautauqua, Five Points, Georgetown, Paradise, Smithfield, Smithville, Stuckey's CornersSummit, and Weilersville

Page 1 of Creston Journal,published in Creston, Ohio on Thursday, April 16th, 1908 (4).jpeg

Areas included: Amwell, Johnsons Corners, Russell Station, and Sterling


Areas included: Addel's Corner, Albion, Armstrong, Aukerman, Aukerman's Station, Centennial Hall, Cherry Corners, Clark's Grove, Congress, Galleyport, Garden Isle, Lattasburg, Lattasburgh, Noodle Docey, Pleasant Grove, Pleasant Home, Salem, Waynesburgh, and West Salem


Areas included: Austin, Beaver Hat, Blachleyville, Bloomington, Blue Knob, Branstetter, Brownsville, Buffalo, Burnetts Corners, Cedar Valley, Cedar Valley Station, Cedarville, Devil Town, Eight Square, Funk, Golden Corners, Guerne, Hamlet, Heath's Corners, Hillcrest, Honeytown, Jefferson, Jollytown, Layman's Toll Gate, Madison, Madison Hill, Madisonburg, Mechanicsburg, Milltown, Moreland, New Pittsburgh, Overton, Plain, Reedsburg, Springville, Stibbs Mill, Tylertown, West Union, West Wooster, and Westwood