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Explanation of this Page

The items below may prove helpful for Wiki editors.

  • ''italics''
  • '''bold'''
  • '''''bold and italics'''''
  • Line break: <br>
  • ==Standard Header==
  • ===Next Level Header===
  • [[Internal Link]]
  • [[Internal Link|Internal Link, alternative text]]
  • [ text of external link]
  • {{Strikethrough|Strikethrough text; beneficial for transcription of records.}}
  • * Bulleted list item here
  • # Numbered list item here
  • : Indentation
  • :: Double indentation
  • Add page to category: [[CATEGORY:Sample]]
  • Link to category: [[:CATEGORY:Sample]]
  • Redirect the original page to a different page: #REDIRECT [[Different Page]]

Tabular Columns

Tabular columns may be used using this coding.

|- Valign="top"

Sorting Data

At times, page names need to be sorted in a different manner than they are typed.

{{DEFAULTSORT: Gerstenslager Company, The}}

Rather than Wiki sorting the name of the company under The Gerstenslager Company, this code will tell Wiki to sort the name under Gerstenslager


To create a sortable table:

{| class="wikitable sortable"
! Heading 1||Heading 2||Heading 3||Heading 4
||Data 1||Data 2||Data 3||Data 4
||Data 5||Data 6||Data 7||Data 8
||Data 9||Data 10||Data 11||Data 12

To create a nonsortable table:

{| class="wikitable"
! Heading 1||Heading 2||Heading 3||Heading 4
||Data 1||Data 2||Data 3||Data 4
||Data 5||Data 6||Data 7||Data 8
||Data 9||Data 10||Data 11||Data 12

To create a table with a color background that appears on the right margin, page text floats around table. NOTE: Table code must appear above text.

{| class="wikitable" style="color:white; background-color:#0000FF; float:right; margin-left: 10px;" 
! colspan="2" style="color:white; background-color:#0000FF;" | Current Contact Information
|Data 1
|Data 2
|Contact Person
|Data 3
|Data 4

Inserting Images

  1. Open the page that the images will go on in edit mode.
  2. Drag and drop the files into the "Drop files here" box.
  3. Upload the images.
  4. Insert images as file or in a gallery.

To insert images as thumbnails:

[[File:Image1.jpg|200px||thumbnail||right|This caption is for Image1]]
  • When inserting the image as a thumbnail the 200px can be changed. The larger the number, the larger the image.
  • Wiki editors can indicate whether the thumbnail should be place on the left, center or right.

To insert images in a row, or "gallery" format:

File:Image_name.jpg|This caption is for Image.
File:Image2_name.jpg|This caption is for Image2.

Portal Update

See: WCPL:Portal admin

Pages Should Use the Following Templates

Specific Templates

Address Example: {{Address | number=109 | street=W. Main St. | city=Smithville | state=Ohio | zip=44677 | categorize=true | primary=true | township=Green }}
Note 1: If there is a suite, apartment, or unit number, this should follow | street=W. Main St. | unit=No. 3 |
Note 2: If no address is known, use | number=0000 |
Note 3: | primary=true | indicates the last known address even if the business is defunct
Note 4: If no street address is given and only a description, the description should be given | street=N. W. Side Public Square |
Note 5: When adding the address in the Infobox, no punctuation should be used. See below.
Address Example in Business Infobox Location:
| locations = [[W Main St|109 W Main St]], [[Smithville, Ohio]]
Name Example: Firstname {{Surname|Enter Lastname here}}
*  1901 - Wooster High School annual <ref>Wooster High School annual. 1901. Wooster, Ohio</ref> 
Category:1901. Wooster High School annual ads
Category:Wooster High School annual ads


<ref> Source </ref>

This code should be placed in a section called references: