Blacks in Wayne County, Ohio

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Anti-Slavery Newspaper Articles[edit | edit source]

Black Churches[edit | edit source]

Second Baptist Church (Wooster, Ohio)

Census Records[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Oral History Interview of Laura Jackson[edit | edit source]

Newspaper Articles[edit | edit source]

Newspapers often include both positive and negative stories related to "Blacks". When viewing these newspaper clippings, please consider the possible mindset of the residents at the time the newspaper article was published. The views published in the newspapers do not reflect the views of the Wayne County Public Library.

Noted Black-Americans in Wayne County, Ohio[edit | edit source]

Berry Family[edit | edit source]

  • James Berry
  • John Berry

Newspaper Articles Related to Berry Family[edit | edit source]

Follis, Smith, Woods Family[edit | edit source]

Newspaper Articles Related to Follis Family[edit | edit source]

Johnson Family[edit | edit source]

Newspaper Articles Related to Johnson Family[edit | edit source]

Morrison Family[edit | edit source]

  • Richard L. Morrison

Saunders Family[edit | edit source]

  • John Saunders

Underground Railroad[edit | edit source]

Many residents in Wayne County, Ohio were active with the Underground Railroad.