William H. Johnson

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William H. Johnson
Born 1827
Died 1901
Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
Ethnicity black-american
Occupation barber
Employer self-employed
Spouse(s) Elizabeth (Brady) Johnson
Children James Johnson, Mary C. (Johnson) Bowman, Catherine (Johnson) Brown, Isaac Johnson, Charles Johnson

Biographical Sketches

William H. Johnson, was among the first, possibly the first, black-american business owner in Wooster, Ohio. He operated a barber shop in the city of Wooster from about 1859-1889. He was the first black man to run for a political office in Wayne County: in the April election of 1876 the local Republican party put Johnson on the ticket for Assessor in the city's First Ward. He was defeated by Democrat Joshua Wilson by a vote of 213 to 111. In 1889 his name was talked-about for submission by the Republicans for an appointment as Postmaster at Wooster, but to our knowledge his name was never submitted for consideration.


  • Husband: William H. Johnson
  • Wife: Elizabeth (Brady) Johnson
  • Children:
    • Isaac Johnson b.1854
    • Catherine (Johnson) Brown b.1855
    • Agnes Johnson
    • James Johnson b.1857 - d.1907-APR-19 in Massillon, Ohio
    • Elizabeth (Johnson) McIntyre
    • Mary C. (Johnson) Bowman b.1861-OCT-23 in Wooster, Ohio - d. 1923-OCT-27 in Chicago, Illinois
    • Martha Johnson
    • Charles Johnson
    • Eva Johnson
    • Araminta (Johnson) Hardy b.1874

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  • Wooster

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  • Barber

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