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American Hotel 1873 Caldwell p87.jpg
Downtown areas of cities and villages throughout Wayne County, Ohio have long been active hubs. Many present day activities are centered around food and fun. Such restaurants as Der Dutch Essenhaus in Shreve, the Dutch Kitchen Restaurant in Dalton, the Parlor Restaurant and The Matsos Family Restaurant in Wooster and the Smithville Inn Restaurant in Smithville are just a few that have enjoyed longevity in their respective village or city.

The oldest hotel that we are able to ascertain is the American House in Wooster. This hotel operated in the 1830s. The Wheaton Hotel (1951), previously known as the Hotel Carl, the Arcade Hotel (1911), and the Central Hotel was built in 1875 (There's No Place Like Home p. 74). It is located in Shreve and was quite the hotel during its prime. The building still stands today though it is in poor condition.