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List of Notable Women[edit | edit source]

Abolitionist[edit | edit source]

  • Charity (Lawrence) Bell Stout: Conductor of the Underground Railroad in Wayne County, Ohio

Activists[edit | edit source]

Attorneys[edit | edit source]

  • Schaffter, Marie S.: 1st woman member of the Wayne County Bar Association (1931); 1st woman sole practioner in Wooster and Wayne County (1931); first woman member of the Wosoter law firm, Weiser & Schaffter (1938); 1st woman candidate for Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney (1948); 1st woman Wayne County Law Library Association Trustee (1952)
  • Scott, Agnes: 1st woman in Ohio permitted to practice law

Authors/Writers[edit | edit source]

  • Claffin, Tenney C (Tennessee)
  • Fuller, Francis: Wooster poet
  • Fuller, Meta: Wooster poet
  • Taylor, Eleanor: Wooster Daily Record columnist
  • Woodhull, Victoria Claffin: 1st woman to start a weekly newspaper

Business Owners[edit | edit source]

  • Durstine, Hazel: Operated Durstine’s Beauty Shop in Wooster (Public Square)

College of Wooster[edit | edit source]

  • Boole, Ella Alexander: 1878 graduate; President of WCTU, New York

Community[edit | edit source]

  • Arick, Ola May: Traveled with the Red Cross during WWI; authority on Ohio history; initiated services to the disabled in the Wayne County, Ohio area (became part of the welfare dept); served as director of the Wayne County, Ohio Welfare Dept
  • Douglass, Narcissa: In charge of Woman’s Relief movement in Wayne County, OH 1860-1865; early member of Wooster Thursday’s club; chairperson of the Women’s movement during the Wayne County, Ohio Centennial Celebration in 1896
  • Knight, Maude B.: President of the Women’s Association; member of College Circle and DAR; member of the English Tea Club
  • Parmenter, Lovina: 1st single women in Northeast Ohio to become a foster parent to a homeless child (1968)
  • Stibbs, Emeline Beebe Sprague: President of the Soldiers Aid Society of Wayne County, Ohio from December 1862-1865

Educators[edit | edit source]

  • Ellenwood, Virginia: 1st woman Assistant Librarian of the Wayne County Law Library Association (1940)
  • Kean, Lura B.: Principal of Wooster High School; Kean Elementary name in her honor
  • Layton, Nellie: Principal of Wooster High School
  • Muhse, Effa Funk: First woman granted the degree of doctor of philosophy from the University of Indiana
  • Seavers, Charlotte (Baughman): 1908 graduate of College of Wooster (at age 18); became principal of Doylestown High School around 1911 (age 21); 50 year volunteer with American Red Cross; wrote the Doylestown High School Alma Mater; authored and directed the production of Doylestown 125th Anniversary Celebration (1952)

Entertainment[edit | edit source]

  • Peters, Kay Domhoff: Actress; appeared on “Little House on the Prairie” (Jan 1977), “Days of Our Lives”, many dinner theaters
  • Roth, Laura Reed: Murdered by husband in 1887

Government[edit | edit source]

  • Parker, Ethel: Historian, County Officer (Treasurer)
  • Williams, Ruth: Wayne County Recorder; “Lady of the Month” (May 1958)
  • Woodhull, Victoria Claffin: 1st female candidate for President of U.S. (1872); activist for women's rights and labor reforms

Historians[edit | edit source]

  • Buss, Edna: Local Historian
  • Parker, Ethel: Historian, County Officer (Treasurer)
  • Thompson, Lydia: Wooster, Ohio Historian, specializing in blacks of Wooster, Ohio

Military[edit | edit source]

  • Buss, Mary Mildred: Lt. Col. Army Nurse
  • Neufer, Judith Ann: 1st female military aviatrix (January 1973)
  • Sterling, Doris: enlisted 1942 in Walter Reed Hospital; 4 months Eglin Field, FL; rank of 1st lieutenant [1]
  • Tostlebe, Pearl: Graduate of the Army School of Nursing (1921)

Missionaries[edit | edit source]

  • Phillips, Maude: Appointed to the Board of Foreign Missionaries; served as Evangelical Missionary from 1919-1959

Musicians[edit | edit source]

  • Dodez, Paula: Musician (violinist); 1st woman concert master of a German chamber music orchestra in Mannheim, Germany; performed in the cathedral of St. Chapelle in Paris, France

News Media[edit | edit source]

  • Camp, Christine: Member of the Presidential News Corp (1950s)
  • Gaffee, Barbara Richardson: News reporter, producer and hostess

Nurses[edit | edit source]

  • Abramson, Carolyn
  • Buss, Mary Mildred: Lt. Col. Army Nurse
  • Mrs. J.D. Robison (Assisted her husband physician in the Civil War. She and her two children were captured by the Confederates and later released.)
  • Tostlebe, Pearl: Graduate of the Army School of Nursing (1921)
  • See also American Red Cross

Physicians[edit | edit source]

  • Angell, Anne Fouch: Surgeon
  • Burgess, Elizabeth Catherine: 1st woman veterinary of Wooster
  • Crandall, Susie Gertrude: Physician (24 Jan 1916)
  • Fouch, Dr. Jeanne Ann: Physician
  • Golden, Madge: Homeopathic physician
  • Johnson, Kate McClure: Physician (16 Jul 1900)
  • McKnight, Virginia Harley: Allopath physician (license NY 1896; license OH 1897)
  • Silber, Martha E. Benson: Homeopathic physician (30 Jul 1896)
  • Startzman, Viola: Medical field, clinic named for her
  • Walters, Ethel Wilson Hobbs: Homeopathic physician (22 Apr 1899)

Pilots[edit | edit source]

  • Stype, JoAnn: 1st Wooster lady pilot to fly in the International Angel Derby (Apr 1977); flight instructor
  • Yoder, Anna B. Blattenburg: Physician (9 Aug 1906)

Scientists[edit | edit source]

  • Detmers, Frederica: researcher at Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station, Department of Botany in Wooster (beginning in 1919)
  • Frank, Norma Augusta: researcher at Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station, Department of Animal Science, Division of Veterinary Science (1952-1972)
  • Patton, Dr. Mary Brown: researcher at Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station, Department of Home Economics (1926-1960); writer of scientific papers in the fields of calcium, phosphorus and nitrogen metabolism of young women; writer on the nutritive value of foods and growth and nutrition of school children

Telephone Operators[edit | edit source]

Telephone operators is one of the first occupations women had the opportunity to work other than working as a teacher. Other names included Switchboard Operators and Hello Girls.

Newspaper Articles[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Wooster Daily Record, 23 Jun 1945, page 3, columns 5-6