Congress Township Historical Landmarks

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The following lists the recognized historical landmarks by the Wayne County Historical Society of Ohio through its Wayne County Historical Landmark program.

  1. Deer Lick Farm-National Historic Landmark (1986)-County Historical Landmark (1976)-located 2 miles east of West Salem at 7482 W. Britton Rd. A 22-room house in High Gothic Victorian style and a sizable barn built by James F. Britton in 1874. James went to California during gold rush days and later to Chile where he was a mining and civil engineer superintending excavations of guano, which was sold for fertilizer. All buildings restored by Karl Schuele.
  2. Wyckoff House-County Historical Landmark (1976)-the 2-story brick house built in 1835 by the Simon Ewing family. Simon Ewing was the 1st white child born in Congress Twp. Solid stone foundation. Basement used in underground railway system.
  3. Howey House-County Historical Landmark (1976)-located at SE corner of Co.Rd. 48 and Congress Twp. Rd. 22 the native sandstone house was built about 1840 by John Howey on original land grant to the Howey family by the U.S. govt. Features 2 stone fireplaces at each end of house. Wide plank flooring. Tongue-in-groove paneling in upstairs rooms.
  4. West Salem Masonic Temple-County Historical Landmark (1980)-built in 1873 and located on N. Main St. in West Salem. Designed by William K. Shilling, a native son who later became famous for his public building designs.
  5. West Salem High School Building-County Historical Landmark (1977)-located on E Buckeye St. a brick and stone school built in 1874 that saw its first class of graduates in 1877. Originally called an academy and contained both grade and high school students. Served as a High School through 1951; since that time, used as a grade school.
  6. Pleasant Home Octagon House-County Historical Landmark (1976)-located on Pleasant Home Rd. at intersection of St.Rt. 604 and Co.Rd. 48 about 3 miles south of West Salem, built by Calvin Harbaugh in 1883. Frame construction with central staircase.
  7. West Salem Village Hall-County Historical Landmark (1982)-built in 1899 on S. Main St. a red brick building designed by renowned architect William K. Shilling whic served as a center of cultural, educational, and musical entertainment for area surrounding West Salem. Features a winding staircase with ornate carvings that leads to opera hall and balcony. Stage curtain, painted by Armbruster of Columbus, depicts river and sail boats.
  8. John Campbell House-Pioneer House (1976)-located at the SW corner of Co.Rd. 48 and 124 in Congress Twp. was built of hand-hewn beams around 1850 by John Wasson.
  9. Karl R. Schuele House-Pioneer House (1976)-located on the west side of Rt. 232 south of 178, in Congress Twp. The house, made of hewn timbers and split studdings, was built in 1840 by James Carse, who had bought the land from the U.S. Government in 1823.
  10. Kiser House-Pioneer House (1976)-located along Congress Twp. Rd. 125 the house is made of hand-hewn logs and measures approximately 20ftX37ft. Built prior to 1856.
  11. Matt Kramer House-Pioneer House (1982)-a 1-1/2 story wood frame house with hand-hewn beams on a sandstone foundation located at 14164 Burbank Rd. in Burbank built prior to 1860.
  12. Finley House-Pioneer House (1976)-located on Twp.Rd. 178 two miles from West Salem. The year 1862 is chiseled on the east side of the front porch.
  13. Congress General Store-Pioneer House (1978)-a store with residence attached located at the corner of St.Rt. 604 and 539 built about 1873.
  14. David Martin House-Pioneer House (1976)-located along Twp.Rd. 59 one mile west of St.Rt. 83 in Congress Twp., was built in 1873 from wooden beams cut from the farm by David Martin.
  15. David Olderman House-Pioneer House (1980)-a 2-story wood frame house in the Greek Revival style located at 13944 Franchester Rd. in West Salem built before 1873.
  16. Eicher (Monitree Farm)-Pioneer House (1982)-a 2-story wood frame house built in 1873 that shows the words, "built by Saltzman", on the house.
  17. Electa Wells House-Pioneer House (1976)-located at 126 North Main St. in West Salem. It is believed to have been built by John G. Ford for Electa Wells and is shown on the 1873 map. It features squared beams in the basement, bark-covered joists in the attic, and wide plank floors.
  18. Felger House-Pioneer House (1976)-located one mile north of West Salem on east side of Rd. 301 in Congress Twp. It was built by Phillip Felger, well-known gunsmith who worked in the home and is shown on the 1873 map.
  19. John Jr. Yoder House-Pioneer House (1982)-located at 8820 Camp Rd. in West Salem a 2-story wood frame house built by John McVicker in 1873 with stone foundation, 6 hand-hewn T-shaped beams: 1 at each corner and 2 at center.
  20. Lemon House-Pioneer House (1982)-2-story brick house located near Hazard Cemetery at 11211 Wiley Rd. in West Salem was built before 1873.
  21. Morrison House-Pioneer House (1976)-built prior to 1873 a 2-story wood frame house with slate roof located on east side of St.Rt. 42 south of West Salem. Outside door for each of 4 rooms on lst floor.
  22. P.D. Campbell House-Pioneer House (1976)-located on the west side of St.Rt. 539 just south of Congress village, this log house is shown on the 1873 map.
  23. Pope House-Pioneer House (1982)-a 2-story wood frame house that features chair-rails in every room, black walnut woodwork, walnut siding, hewn beams, and chestnut studs. Built before 1873 at 11140 Rainbow Highway, West Salem.
  24. Schaefer House-Pioneer House (1982)-located at 11091 W Easton Rd. in West Salem. 2-story wood frame house with hand-hewn beams and fieldstone basement. Built before 1873.
  25. Stich House-Pioneer House (1978)-located on Twp.Rd. 160 1⁄4 mi E of SR 401. 2&1/2 story wood frame house built before 1873. Victorian-style interior window and door frames, sandstone block foundation, 2 black marble fireplaces, 13 rooms, square nails used throughout.
  26. Toth House-Pioneer House (1982)-located at 80 Lincoln St. in West Salem is a 2-story house built built in 1873 that features log beams with bark still intact and are held together with wood pegs. Sandstone block foundation.
  27. Waldo Cook Farm-Pioneer House (1982)-a 1&1/2 story wood frame house built in 1873 by Michael Clouse located at 11054 Congress Rd., West Salem.
  28. Wayne H. Miller House-Pioneer House (1982)-located at 3727 W. Britton Rd., Burbank is a 2&1/2 story wood frame house constructed with wood pegs on a sandstone foundation built before 1873.
  29. Elsa's Homestead-Pioneer House (1985)-located at 12777 Franchester Rd., West Salem is a Colonial style 2-story wood frame house built in 1875. Housed a grocery store for several decades.
  30. Moss House-Pioneer House (1977)-located on Klein Rd. in West Salem. Currently a 2-story wood frame house which incorporates three walls from the original log building. Log structure built before 1873.
  31. Swartz House-Pioneer House (1982)-located at 4636 W. Salem Rd., Burbank. 2-story wood frame house. Hewn beam and plank doors with lift latches. Built before 1873. Written in pencil under the steps are the words "New section: E.A. Gerberich, Builder Wayne County Burbank, Ohio 1888."
  32. Zeno Haley Farm-Pioneer House (1982)-a 2-story wood frame house located at 14018 Stratton Rd., West Salem was built in 1892 along with a big white barn. The property had been in Haley family since 1917.
  33. Boss House-Pioneer House (1997)-built in 1895 a 2-story wood frame house with brick front and porches. Located at 13655 Gearhart Rd., Burbank.
  34. Saffles House-Pioneer House (1995)-located at 13126 Gearhart Rd., Burbank is a 2-story wood frame house and barn with slate roof showing it was built in 1895. 1st owner was George Yost.
  35. Thomas Gibbons House-Pioneer House (1978)-located on Rt. 1 in West Salem. 2-story wood frame house. 1st owner was W.G Kinney. Built in 1897 using hand-hewn beams secured with square nails and wide oak plank flooring. Features walnut woodwork and wainscoting. All timber gets larger and thicker as it progresses to the roof.
  36. Earl Dale & Mona Forbes House-Pioneer House (1979)-Original part of house built with logs located on Twp.Rd. 22 in West Salem built before 1873 as it appears on Caldwell's 1873 map.
  37. Yocum House-Pioneer House (2016)-located at 7977 W. Pleasant Home Rd. House built in Western Reserve style with balloon framing on land purchased in 1876 by Henry Yocum, a Civil War veteran. The home was built in 1889 by Paul Martin.
  38. Robert W. Ewing House-Century House (1976)-located on Co.Rd. 377, second house on the south side from St.Rt. 83 in Congress Twp. The house containing 20-rooms, was built in 1827 by James Ewing and has been in Ewing family ever since.
  39. Sechrist House-Century House (1976)-located on the east side of Rt. 301, 1.5 miles north of Pleasant Home. The house was built by Jacob Sechrist before 1850 possibly by Isaac Taylor or Jacob Sussnah. At least 4 generations of the Sechrist family lived on the property from 1850-1969.
  40. Alexander Ewing House-Century House (1976)-located on St.Rt. 539 about 1.5 miles south of Congress Village. The house was built in 1853 and is a Western Reserve architectural style. It has two fireplaces and finishing lumber including black walnut doors was brought from Elyria by a yoke of oxen and wagon. It has been the home to at least five generations of Ewing’s descendents.
  41. Hines House-Century House (1976)-located on St.Rt. 301 in Congress Twp. north of West Salem was built in 1862 for Cindy Hines Harbaugh. It is made of six-inch studded walls with brick laid between the studding allowing 2-inch air space next to the lathe.
  42. Palmer House-Century House (1984)-located at 8077 Palmer Rd, West Salem. 2&1⁄2-story wood frame house with original slate roof. Built around 1884 on flat-stone foundation. Occupied by same family since construction.