Chippewa Township Historical Landmarks

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The following lists the recognized historical landmarks by the Wayne County Historical Society of Ohio through its Wayne County Historical Landmark program.

  1. Zimmerman Octagon House-National Historic Landmark (1975)-County Historical Landmark (1976)-built in 1883 by E.B. Zimmerman. Located on St.Rt. 57 less than 1⁄4-mile S. of 585. The 8-sided 3-story red brick home in tradition of Orson Flower and tending toward Steamboat Gothic type of Victorian architecture. 8-sided cupola with arched window on each side.
  2. Chidester Woolen Mill-County Historical Landmark (1976)-Samuel Chidester built the woolen mill in 1828 on the banks of Silver Creek.
  3. Alexander Wood House-County Historical Landmark (1976)-located in Rogues Hollow along Hametwon Rd.and built by Alexander Wood in 1840, who also built and ran a nearby grist mill.
  4. Slanker Hotel-County Historical Landmark (1976)-formerly known as the Slankerville Hotel was built before 1842 by Jacob Slanker who operated it during pioneer times. The town of Slankerville changed its name to Easton in 1853.
  5. Boak House-County Historical Landmark (1976)-located on southern end of Rogues Hollow, was built by Joseph Brown by 1845.
  6. Mike Walsh House-County Historical Landmark (1976)-located in Rogues Hollow at the junction of of Clinton and Hametown roads was built by Frank Herwich in 1855 to house his office for the Harwick Coal Mine, a saloon and restaurant.
  7. Huffman Building-County Historical Landmark (1976)-located in Doylestown at SE corner of Portage and Clinton streets, built by contractor D.F. Huffman in 1896 and is the oldest building in Doylestown.
  8. Camron Hotel-County Historical Landmark (2005)-Built in 1897. Located at 28 E. Clinton St., Doylestown. 3-story Victorian with 5 gables and 15 wood-framed stained glass windows. Has original unpainted oak woodwork, staircases, and pocket doors.
  9. Morton Salt Plant-County Historical Landmark (1976)-located on Salt St. in Rittman. Wayne Salt Company founded in 1897 by E.J. Young. Became the Ohio Salt Company and later the Morton Salt Company.
  10. Reuben Winsch House-Pioneer House (1984)-located at 292 N. Portage St. in Doylestown; a 2-1/2 story Victorian style wood frame house built in 1880.
  11. Carpenter-Slate-Seaver House-Pioneer House (1992)-located at 401 High St in Doylestown. The 2-story home with sharply pitched roof and riginal windows and working shutters was built in 1889.
  12. Hughes House-Pioneer House (1976)-located at 105 E. Clinton St. in Doylestown. The original log house 14X14ft was on the property in 1812. The house was enlarged to it’s present size by 1873.
  13. Rogers House-Pioneer House (1976)-located at 18172 Galehouse Rd. Log house covered in siding. On the north wall, "1820 Edwards" is chiseled. Tradition says that Roy Rogers, famed cowboy star, visited his Grandmother Rogers here.
  14. Daniel Huffman House-Pioneer House (1976)-located at 17175 Galehouse Rd. less than 1/4-mile from Rogues Hollow. Daniel Huffman came to Wayne Co. from Basle, Switzerlandin 1815 and built the house in 1832.
  15. Henry & Katherine Etling Brick House-Pioneer House (1976)-located on Coal Bank Rd. Built in 1852. Original window sashes and doors. 16in solid brick walls. Deed signed by President James Monroe.
  16. Browning House-Pioneer House (1993)-located at 17629 Galehouse Rd. was built in 1853.
  17. Fritzinger House-Pioneer House (1976)-located at 17629 Galehouse Rd. Built by J.G. Fritzinger before 1856.
  18. Sam Galehouse House-Pioneer House (1976)-located at 15469 Warwick Rd which is the SW corner of roads 116 and 95 in Chippewa Twp. The old brick house was built by Sam Galehouse before 1830.
  19. Cihlar House-Pioneer House (1976)-located at 972 Clinton Rd. Originally a one-room log house built by John and Lena Smith about 1860. When the Cihlar family bought it additional rooms were added as the family grew.
  20. D.V. Huffman House #1-Pioneer House (1976)-located at 257 Church St. in Doylestown, the brick house was built sometime between 1873-1875 and originally had 10 rooms with 10ft ceiling downstairs and 9ft ceilings upstairs.
  21. D.V. Huffman House #2-Pioneer House (1976)-located at 325 Church St. in Doylestown, was built in the 1860s and had 10ft ceilings and 12-inch baseboards along with fancy doors and frames.
  22. George Howey Farm-Pioneer House (1977)-located at 13000 Pleasant Home Rd. in Marshallville. Squared timber 2-story house with mortise and tenon construction. Barn also on property.
  23. John Seiberling House-Pioneer House (1977)-a 2-story wood frame building located at 65 Gates St. in Doylestown built in 1861 as the office for the Excelsior Mower Co. It became a home residence in 1904 after a fire destroyed the factory.
  24. Chester Kieffaber House-Pioneer House (1976)-located on the north side of Co.Rd. 27 just west of the Marshallville corporation limit. It was built about 1867.
  25. Watts House-Pioneer House (1976)-also known as the Seldom Rest Acres is located 3.5 miles south of Wadsworth at 14582 Mt. Eaton Rd. It was built by Michael Gertsenschlager in 1867 entirely of logs with stone walls in the basement.
  26. David Holvey House-Pioneer House (1977)-a 2-story brick house built in 1868 and located at 105 S. Portage St. in Doylestown.
  27. Holvey-Weinsheimer House-Pioneer House (1976)-a 2-story wood-frame house located at 236 Church St. in Doylestown. Home built around 1870. Two front doors with skeleton keyholes in fancy ironwork, crown moulding, 12" pine and oak floorboards, and sandstone basement walls. Behind the house is a shed covering a well.
  28. Smitt House-Pioneer House (1976)-a 2 1/2 story brick house located at 485 S. Portage St. in Doylestown built in 1868 by Harvey Dohner.
  29. D.V. Huffman House-Pioneer House (1978)-built in 1870. Located at 357 Church St in Doylestown. Dirt floor in basement. Original glass in windows on lst floor. Enamel door knobs.
  30. Newton House-Pioneer House (1976)-a 2 1/2 story brick house located at 425 N. Portage St. in Doylestown that was built in 1870.
  31. Robert Lytle House-Pioneer House (1977)-built before 1870. Located at 13166 Fulton Rd. 2-story wood house with slate roof.
  32. Youngker (Allard) House-Pioneer House (1977)-located at 13483 Hametown Rd. in Doylestown. Square brick house was built in 1872 with 3 windows on each side. "C Youngker, 1872" carved in stone above the front door.
  33. Doyle A. Chisnell House-Pioneer House (1984)-an Italianate style 2-story wood frame house located at 400 E. Clinton St. in Doylestown; built by H.C. Galehouse in 1873.
  34. Merle A. Hoff House-Pioneer House (1978)-a 2-story wood frame house located at 393 Church St. in Doylestown that was built by Joseph Collier prior to 1873.
  35. Olin M. Bleichrodt House-Pioneer House (1983)-a 2-story wood frame house located at 25 N. Portage St. in Doylestown that was built in 1883.
  36. W.R. Wilson House-Pioneer House (1982)-located at 16328 Galehouse Rd. in Doylestown. House was built between 1832-1835 and has 3 rooms down and 2 up and features hewn logs for floor beams.
  37. Hershey House-Pioneer House (1976)-located at 13939 Doylestown Rd. about 2.5 miles east of Rittman at Mill Creek. Built between 1850-1855 by Benjamin and Susanna Hershey. It is of the Greek Revival architectural style with center halls on both floors with open stairway.
  38. Musgrave House-Pioneer House (1978)-a log and frame 2-story house located at 1560 S. Portage St. in Easton. Built prior to 1873.
  39. B.F. Fink House-Pioneer House (1977)-located at 13166 Fulton Rd. just west of Marshallville; built around 1870 as it appears on 1873 map.
  40. Hatfield House-Century House (1976)-located at 13544 Hatfield Rd. has a deed dated April 7, 1829 and has been in the Hatfield family ever since.
  41. Whitman House-Century House (1976)-located at 15261 Moine Rd and St.Rt. 585 just west of Doylestown. The 9-room house was built in 1832 by George Whitman and Frederick Galehouse from bricks and timbers made on the farm.
  42. Raymond Butzer House-Century House (1977)-a 1&1/2 story brick house located on Rd. 27 1/4-mile east of Marshallville that was built prior to 1849.
  43. David Galehouse House-Century House (1976)-located at 11762 Coal Band Rd. on the 200-acre Valley Farm. David Galehouse and sons built the brick house before 1850 and the home featured 7 fireplaces, 3 of which were located in the basement.
  44. William & Abigail Etling House-Century House (1976)-a 2-story wood frame house located at 9467 Coal Bank Rd. built in 1852. Owned by 4 generations of Etlings.
  45. Stoll House-Century House (1976)-located on the west side of St.Rt. 548 on the north edge of Marshallville. It was built by Jacob Stoll of stone quarried on the farm in 1858 with the walls being 22″ thick. The year is marked in a stone on the house and has been the home of at least six generations of the Stoll family.
  46. St. Peter & Paul’s Parsonage-Century House (1976)-located at 161 W. Clinton St. in Doylestown, was built in 1866 by the Parish with an addition added in 1922.
  47. Bauman House-Century House (1976)-located at 13863 Hatfield Rd. 1-mile east of St.Rt. 57, south of Rt. 70, was built about 1870 by Jacob Bauman.
  48. Tawney House-Century House (1976)-located on a farm lane running east from Rd. 133. It was built by John Tawney before 1870 and has housed at least five generations of the family.
  49. Abe&Addie Etling House-Century House (1976)-a 2-story wood frame house located on the NW corner of 95 and Twp. Rd. 48 in Marshallville; built in 1875.