Hughes House

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Hughes House
General information
Type Log house
Address 105 E. Clinton Street
Town or city Doylestown, Ohio
Country USA
Completed Original log house by 1812, enlarged to present area by 1873

Comprehensive History[edit | edit source]

According to the "Apprenticing Out Book, No. 3," in 1812 a young boy apprenticed to a local printer lived in the original 14' by 14' log cabin on this site. The oak beams, hewn by hand with a swing axe probably in the late 1790s, were held together with wooden pegs and a chinking made of mud from nearby Rogues Hollow and horsehair. Caldwell's 1873 atlas indicates that the house had been enlarged to the current footprint by that date, with a two-story structure added on to the original cabin, as well as an enclosed porch room.

In the mid-1970s, then-owners Carl and Mildred Hughes examined their thick-walled dining room more closely and uncovered some of the original logs. They researched the history of the cabin and nominated the house as a Pioneer House. Though they did not unearth names of the early owners of the house, they traced the ownership back to 1873 when it belonged to Wellman and Minnie Cline and found documentation of ownership for several owners between the Clines and themselves. The Hughes sold the house in 1976 to Bill and Royene Mathers, who undertook a renovation of the log cabin and remodeled and redecorated the rest of the house to conform with the original log cabin.[1]

Timeline[edit | edit source]

  • 1812: 14' x 14' log cabin listed in Apprenticing Out Book, No. 3
  • 1873: House listed in Caldwell's 1873 Atlas; owned by Wellman and Minnie Cline
  • November 15, 1880: House sold to John Weber for $200
  • 1890: Weber sold house to Maggie Land for $200
  • June 1947: George Hummel bought house from Ralph and Nellie Mellinger for $5000
  • October 1947: House sold to Nellie Harper for $6000
  • June 1952: House sold to David Maletich for $9000
  • 1967: House sold to Carl and Mildred Hughes
  • 1976: House sold to Bill and Royene Mathers

Owners[edit | edit source]

  • Wellman and Minnie Cline
  • John Weber
  • Maggie Land
  • Ralph and Nellie Mellinger
  • George Hummel
  • Nellie Harper
  • David Maletich
  • Carl and Mildred Hughes
  • Bill and Royene Mathers

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. "Log Cabin Found Inside Homes' Walls," Daily Record, 25 September 1976, p.5