Hatfield House

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Hatfield House
General information
Address 13544 Hatfield Road
Town or city Chippewa Township, Wayne County, Ohio
Country USA
Construction started 1829

Comprehensive History[edit | edit source]

William Hatfield, born in Fayette County, Pennsylvania in 1800, came to Wayne County with his father Jacob in 1817 and settled in Chippewa Township. He received the last government-issued deed in the township, dated April 7, 1829. He built the existing two-story home on the 80-acre farm.[1]

In 1883, William's youngest son, John Jacob Hatfield, bought the farm from his father's heirs. His son, Almond, bought the farm from his father's heirs in 1928. The farm later passed to Almond's son Robert and then grandson Robert A. Hatfield.[2]

Timeline[edit | edit source]

  • 1829: William Hatfield receives deed to farm, builds house
  • 1883: William's youngest son, John Jacob, purchases house
  • 1928: John Jacob's son, Almond, purchases house

Owners[edit | edit source]

  • William Hatfield
  • John Jacob Hatfield
  • Almond Hatfield
  • Robert Hatfield
  • Robert A. Hatfield

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References[edit | edit source]

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