Wooster Granite and Marble Works

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  • Wooster Granite and Marble Works
  • Nonmetallic Mineral Product
  • 1847
  • Date unknown
Key Persons
    • Wooster, 44691, Ohio, United States

  • 1904

These works were first established here over 40 years ago by Mr. D. Griffin, who was succeeded by Jacob Eberhard & Yarnell, Eberhard & Gray, Gray & Rhoads, Rhoads & Metzler, and Rhoads & France in 1882. In 1884 Mr. France purchased the entire interest, and now gives employment to three skilled workmen. The cemeteries of this city and those of other sections of this and adjoining counties, as well as their warerooms, attest the beauty of design and exhibit a high degree of artistic skill in the products of this house. Mr. France is able to execute promptly, either from standard or original designs, every description of tombstone or monumental work at reasonable prices, and should be consulted in all cases before going elsewhere. In addition to his works here, Mr. France is also engaged in agricultural pursuits. He is th owner of considerable farm property in this county, and has always manifested an interest in the promotion of the welfare of both city and county. [1]

  • Wooster City and Wayne County Directory, compiled by S. E. Neikirk and P. W. Snyder, September 1904, p. 1.

Quick Facts

  • 1847 - Established
  • . - succeeded by Jacob Eberhard & Yarnell
  • . - succeeded by Eberhard & Gray
  • . - succeeded by Gray & Rhoads
  • . - succeeded by Rhoads & Metzler
  • . - succeeded by Rhoads & France
  • 1882 - succeeded by J. C. France - purchased full business
  1. Annual Business Review of Wayne County, Ohio, 1887 - Ohio Wayne Dir An78t 1887