Annual Business Review of Wayne County (1887)

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1887 ABR 04 p02 Bank-Bissell.jpg
J. C. Tieche
East Liberty St.
Plumber, gas and steam fitter, slate and tin roofer, brass and copper worker
J. S. Bissell & Bro.
Corner of East Liberty St. and Public Square
Dry goods, carpets, notions, etc.
The National Bank of Wooster
1887 ABR 05 p03 Zimmerman-Rice.jpg
Craighead & Co.
corner of E. Liberty St. and Public Square
Grocery & home supply house
Harding & Co.
W. Liberty St.
Hardware and sportsmen's supplies
Hoelzel & Kaltwasser
E. Side Public Square
Merchant tailors
J. Frick & Co.
Dealer in wool, seeds and grain
J. Zimmerman & Co.
W. Liberty St.
Wholesale druggists, grocers, stationers, etc.
Laubach & Boyd
Wholesale and retail druggists and chemists
McClure & Craighead
Liberty St., one door west of postoffice
Stoves, tinware, mantels, plumbers, steam and gas fitters, slate, tin and sheet iron roofers
W. E. Rice
American House Block
Blank books, stationery, artists' materials, fancy goods, etc.
Wooster Co-Operative Foundry Company, The
1887 ABR 06 p04 Funk-Nice.jpg
Archer House
Corner of Buckeye and Liberty Sts.
A. M. Parrish, Proprietor
Daniel Funck
Iron Block
General insurance and real estate agency, office
David Nice
9 and 11 E. Liberty St.
Boots and shoes, hats, caps and gentlemen's furnishing goods
Hartman & Durstine
Lumber merchants and manufacturers of doors, sash, blinds and Hartman's Refrigerator, etc.
James D. Robison
41 N. Market St.
Resident physician and surgeon, ofice and residence
Wooster Monumental Granite Works
E. Liberty St.
Alcock, Donald & Hutton, Proprietors
1887 ABR 07 p05 Funk-Harry.jpg
American House
E. Liberty St.
T. S. Hamilton, Proprietor; Mrs. T. S. Hamilton, Clerk
D. W. Immel
79 W. Liberty St.
Manufacturer of oak tanned harness leather, dealer in shoe findings, etc.
Gray & Son
Corner of Liberty and Bever Sts.
Dealers in coal, salt, lime, cement, drain tile, sewer pipe, etc.
H. N. Mateer, M.D.
41 N. Market St.
Physician and surgeon
J. N. Clark
Downing Block
Carpets, upholstery, window shades, etc.
L. Humphrey
Justice of Peace
Ross W. Funck
One door west of court house
Attorney at Law
W. C. Myers & Co.
35 S. Market St.
General fire insurance agency, office
W. H. Harry
S. E. side pubic square
Wooster City Mills
Overholt & Col, Proprietors
Yocum & Taggart
S. W. corner public square
Attorneys at Law, Office
1887 ABR 08 p06 Derr-EasternHouse.jpg
Daniel Derr
87 S. Market St.
Manufacturer of fine cigars
Eastern House
C. B. Yoder, Proprietor; W. W. Yoder, Clerk
George Faber
E. Liberty St.
Baker and confectioner
Nolle Bros
Corner of Buckeye and Liberty Sts.
Groceries, home and table supplies
1887 ABR 09 p07 VanNest-UnionMeat.jpg
D. W. Bechtel
Wall paper, window shades, stationery, notions, etc.
E.P. Bertman
43 S. Buckeye St.
Medicated vapor baths
James E. Elliot
Walnut St.
Coal, coke, lime, cement, plaster, etc.
Johnston & Phillips
E. Liberty St.
Groceries and provisions
J.P. Van Nest
W. Liberty St., over J. H. Taylor's Grocery
General insurance agency, office
Plank Bros.
Corner of E. Liberty ; and Bever St.
Proprietors of Snow Flake Mills
T.C. Pollock
11 N. side of public square
Groceries and provisions
Union Meat Market
79 E. Liberty St.
Leonard Saal, Proprietor
W.B. Bryson
22 E. Liberty St.
Great Eastern 5 and 10 Cent Novelty Store
William Shibley
31 E. Liberty St.
1887 ABR 10 p08 Liggett-Lawrence.jpg
The American Pen Art Hall
G. Bixler, President
Chas. F. Steck
Walnut and Liberty St.
General baking and home and table supplies
E. Chatelain
S. Market St.
Practical watchmaker and jeweler
George Liggett
E. Liberty St.
Resident physician and surgeon, office
J. D. Miller
Corner of Liberty and Buckeye Sts.
Wholesale and retail fruits and vegetables, oysters and ice cream
J. L. Phillips
Corner of S. Market and Henry Sts.
Staple and fancy groceries, etc.
John Saal
N.E. side public square
Meat market
Landis & George
48 and 50 W. Liberty St.
Furniture and undertakers
Lawrence & Son
N. Bever St.
General blacksmiths
Wooster Book Bindery
D. E. Robinson, Proprietor
Wooster Granite and Marble Works
E. South St.
J. C. France, Proprietor
1887 ABR 11 p09 ColdWave-Barnard.jpg
A. A. Barnard
Corner of S. Market and South Sts.
Meat market
Cold Wave Dry Air Refrigerator & Cold Storage Room Company
Sweet hard wood lined and charcoal filled walls.
N. L. Baumgardner, patentee and manager
Wenger & Norwood
23 W. Liberty St.
Grocers, bakers and confectioners
W. Young & Son
Larwill and S. Bever Sts.
Manufacturers of mineral waters, etc.
1887 ABR 12 p10 HBSwartz-MSStuller.jpg
A. H. Hunt, M.D.
Office, S.E. side public square
Residence, 142 N. Buckeye St.
A. Shibley
S.E. side public square
Jeweler and optician
Dr. C. H. Hesler
Corner of E. Liberty St. and public square
Dental parlors
D. Stoner & Co.
South side of square
Queensware, crockery and glassware
E. Faber
18 W. Liberty St.
Restaurant and saloon
Elliott & Wacker
85 E. Liberty St.
Dealers in coal and coke, office
H. B. Swartz
Downing Block
Attorney at Law, office
J. L. Saal
W. Liberty St.
Meat market
M. S. Stuller
North St.
Harness and saddlery
Nation House
Corner of Grant and Liberty Sts.
Mrs. Margaret Schwartz, Proprietor
O. M. Albright
S.E. corner of Market and E. South Sts.
Groceries and provisions, queensware, glassware, etc.
Teeple's Galleries
Wooster, Ashland and Massillon
W. H. H. Sichley
Memorial Block, next door to Postoffice
Gentlemen's clothier and furnisher
Whitmore & Simon
Merchant tailors
1887 ABR 13 p11 Spooner-Orrville.jpg
A. E. Atkins
37 E. Liberty St.
"Candy Kitchen"
A. P. Babb
E. Liberty St.
Groceries and provisions
E. Rotthaus
21 W. Liberty St.
Grocery, bakery and saloon
F. C. Peckinpaugh
News dealer and stationer
L. D. Forker
General repair shops
Livery, Feed & Sale Stable
N. Buckeye St.
Jerome T. Baird, Proprietor
M. L. Spooner
39 S. Market St.
Examiner of titles, and dealer in real estate, office
Samuel Moses
N. Bever St.
Wagon and carriage shops
Wm. Annat
3 E. Liberty St.
Dry goods and notions
Orrville Planing Mill Co
1887 ABR 14 p12 Heffelman-Dysle.jpg
A. J. Blackstone
N. Main St.
Clothier and furnisher
Drs. Moncrief & Orr
Resident physicians and surgeons
F. Dysle & Bro.
Tanners and curriers
H. Blankenhorn
Druggist and stationer
Isaac Pontius
Steam and domestic coal
J. B. Heffelman
N. Main St.
Stoves & tinware
J. F. Seas
N. Main St.
General hardware
J. R. Beals
W. Market St.
Ground floor gallery
Mansion House
A. Sponhour, Proprietor
New Commercial House
At crossing of the P. Ft. W. & C., C. A. & C., P. & W., and W. & L. E. Railroads
J. F. Reeves, Proprietor
Thos. Overton
Drain tile works
1887 ABR 15 p13 GirlSketch-13.jpg

Sketch of Girl by Jules Lefebure

1887 ABR 16 p14 Grill-Whitmyer.jpg
C. D. Swan
S.W. corner of Market and Main Sts.
Druggist and pharmacist
D. J. Leickheim
N. Main St.
Groceries, queensware, etc.
Dunlap's Book Store
W. Market St.
G. T. Dunlap, Proprietor
Gerber & Beidler
Furniture and undertaking
H. Shriber & Sons
Cash grocery and provision house
Hurd House
Jacob Bair
Meat market
Kroft Bros.
; W. Market St.
Tonsorial artists
Miss Julia Boigegrain
M. Whitmyer
Restaurant and saloon
Philip Simon
Barber and hair dresser
Shisler & Seas
Agricultural implements, farm seeds, etc.
S. P. Grill, M.D.
Resident physician and surgeon
1887 ABR 17 p15 Doylestown-Galehouse.jpg
Albert Galehouse
Clothing and furnishing house
Chas. McCormish
Druggist and pharmacist
Dague Bros & Co
General merchandise
Dannemiller Bros. & Co.
Hardware, stoves, miners' supplies, agricultural implements, etc.
Jackson House
George Jackson, Proprietor
Seiberling, Miller & Co.
Doylestown and Akron, Ohio
Manufacturer of the renowned Excelsior and Empire HarvestinJules Lefebureg Machinery Manufacturing, general office & factory
1887 ABR 18 p16 Haring-Snyder.jpg
A. H. Pursell l& Son
Dannemiller's New Block
Dental parlors
Allen Haring
Mayor, Justice of the Peace and Notary Public
B. L. Williams
Photographic and art gallery
C. Youngker
Dry goods and groceries
D. C. Smith & Son;
Fashionable merchant tailor
Geo. A. Jenior
General blacksmith, carriage and wagon works
H. F. Snyder & Co.
South Room I.O.O.F. Block
Boots, shoes and rubber goods
High & Ganter;
Harness and saddlery
J. B. Meech
Shondel Block
Attorney at Law, office
J. C. Hochstetler
Drugs and medicines, books and stationery, groceries and provisions
J. H. Harkins
Fine groceries
Mrs. H. Gates
Millernery, ladies' furnishing goods, notions, etc.
South View House
M. W. Houshalter
W. A. Huffman & Co.
Hardware, stoves, agricultural implements, etc.
1887 ABR 19 p17 Spencer-Deible.jpg
Albin Oppel
Shop in Jackson Hotel
Barber and hair dresser
A. M. Bachman
The photographer
B. F. Putt, M.D.
Dannemiller Block
Resident physician and surgeon, office
C. E. Carter
Dr. A. S. Stepfield
Homeopathic physician and surgeon
E. R. Spencer, M.D.
First door west of I.O.O.F. block
Resident physician and surgeon, office
Fred Schneider
Boot and shoe maker
George Mealy & Son
Furniture and undertaking
Harmon Ash
Manufacturer of boots and shoes
J. Deible
Joseph Steinmetz
Barber and hair dresser
M. Hartman
Bakery and confectionery
Misses Smyser & Hoffman
Fashionable millinery goods, trimmings, etc.
T. G. Boak
Meat market
W. W. Baysinger
Meat market
1887 ABR 20 p18 Shreve-Gessaman.jpg
B. T. Mohn
Manufacturer of and dealer in harness, saddles, etc.
E. E. Bertolett & Co.
Druggists and chemists
H. J. Collier
Dealer in watches, clocks, jewelry, musical instruments, sewing machines
H. Wachtel
Dry goods, carpets, clothing, hats, caps, notions, etc.
J. D. Ebright
Boots, shoes and rubbers
J. H. Geesaman
Dealer in groceries, bakery, glass and queensware
J. Williams
Notary Public, collector and insurance agent
Porter & Geisinger
Bakery and grocery
S. G. Metcalf
Dealer in wall paper, school books and supplies, etc.
W. W. Wise
Real estate and insurance agent
1887 ABR 21 p19 Shreve-Oldroyd.jpg
A. & G. Carl
Dealers in hardware and agricultural implements
A. H. Macky
Glass and queensware
A. Tidball
Furniture and undertaknig
Central Hotel
Joseph Cammarn, Proprietor
C. V. Vanniman
Dealer in harness, saddles, trunks, valises, etc.
E. G. Oldroyd
Watchmaker and jeweler
Grosjean & Rogers
Dealers in stoves and tin, copper and sheet iron ware, roofing & spouting
L. R. McMarrell
Livery and feed stable
Shreve Roller Mill
J. B. Keys, Proprietor
W. H. Musser
Boots and shoes
West Salem
1887 ABR 22 p20 WestSalem-Wells.jpg
C. D. Trowbridge
N. Main St.
The grocer
E. L. Peters
Boots, shoes and rubbers
Enoch Morr
Farm implements
E. V. Cobb, M.D.
Resident physician and surgeon
Office days: Saturday and Monday
Frank Bowman
Hardware, stoves, tinware and general roofer
G. A. Carlin, M.D.
Bank Block;
Druggist and pharmacist
J. A. Wells
Groceries, confectioneries and bakeries
Mallory Bros.;
Stoves and tinware, slate, tin and metal roofers
M. P. Morr
Barber and hair dresser
O. F. Morr;
Furniture and undertaking
R. H. Herwick;
Meat market
1887 ABR 23 p21 WestSalem-Keller.jpg
Drushal & Byers
Corner of Main and Buckeye Sts.
Hardware, stoves, agricultural implements, etc.
Frank D. Blackburn
The photographer
H. F. Duval
Meat market
H. W. Morr
Dressed and undressed lumber, etc.
J. C. Clark
Dry goods, notions and carpets
J. L. Gable
Drugs and pharmacy
John Fletcher, Jr.
Harness Bazar
J. W. Kiplinger & Co.
Druggists and pharmacists
L. Schloss
Corner of Main and Buckeye Sts.
Merchant tailor, clothier and furnisher
McVicker House
H. McVicker, Proprietor
Mrs. K. L. Swope
Peter Hantz
Livery, feed and sale stables
T. B. Keeler
Attorney at Law
Thomas Henderson
W. A. Sharick
Jewelry, etc.
1887 ABR 24 p22 WestSalem-Simon.jpg
B. Myers
George W. Stephens
General blacksmith
J. H. Rice
Livery, feed and sale stable
John A. Guderjahn
Manufacturer of and general repairing of boots, shoes and harness
Mrs. Annie Best
Fashionable milliner
M. S. Reed & Co.
Manufacturer of the Boss Antirattler
Simon, Shilhart & Co.
Manufacturers of household furniture
West Salem Mills
Greely & Co., Proprietors
F. E. Snyder
Flour mill
R. J. Cockrell
Dealer in grain, wool, seeds and general warehouse business
Wherry & Baker
Dealer in grain, wool, seeds, and general warehouse business
1887 ABR 25 p23 Burbank-Palmer.jpg
C. W. Weiser
Blacksmithing, horse shoeing, etc.
E. A. Palmer
Groceries, hardware and agricultural implements
E. E. Holloway
F. W. Neumyer
Shoe maker and barber
G. W. Holloway
Boots, shoes and rubbers, custom and repair work
H. A. Overs
Manufacturer of tinware, spouting, roofing and general job work
Hower Bros.
General merchandise
James Dorland
Harness maker
J. R. Ogden & Son
General blacksmithing
Miller House
J. Miller, Proprietor
Mrs. M. A. Steele
Millinery and fancy goods
Over & Addleman
Hardware, farming implements, etc.
1887 ABR 26 p24 Burbank-Painter.jpg
Burbank House
J. W. Kline, Proprietor
Double & Garver
Furniture and undertaking
George Spangler
Holloway & Lewis
Dry goods, groceries, glassware, queensware, clothing, notions, etc.
Ish & Steele
Meat market
Jacob Painter
Manufacturer of wagons, buggies and repair work
1887 ABR 27 p25 Smithville-Gilbert.jpg
Adam Brand
Flour mill
E. A. Kremer
Gilbert Bros.
Manufacturers of carriages and wagons, dealers in hardwood lumber
Horace M. Blattenberg
Harness maker and carriage trimmer
M. H. Gilbert
General blacksmithing
Miller & Brenneman
Planing mill
M. S. & J. e. Zimmerman
Furniture and undertaking
P. S. Greenamyer, M.D.
Physician and surgeon
Thomas & Hunsberger
Dry goods, groceries, notions, wall paper, school supplies, etc.
1887 ABR 28 p26 Smithville-Willamans.jpg
A. Breneman
Dealer in hardware, stoves, tin ware, oil, paints, roofing and spouting
A. C. Baum;
Smithville elevator
Charles A. McFarland
Restaurant and hotel
E. W. Redding
Books, stationery, tobacco, cigars and notions
Fisher Coulter
George O. Webner
Livery stable and hack line and dealer in coal
H. E. Baker;
Barber and hair dresser
Isaac Deahuff
Dealer in boots, shoes and rubbers
Manufacturer of fine custom work
J. B. Sheller
Meat market
John Willaman's Son
Drugs and groceries
Mrs. C. E. Crawford
Milliner and dress maker
S. W. Shoemaker
General blacksmithing and horse shoeing
Tremont House
William Coulter, Proprietor
William Tepley
Blacksmith and wagon maker
Y. S. Baker
Dealer in boots, shoes and rubbers
Manufacturer of fine custom made work
Apple Creek
1887 ABR 29 p27 Applecreek-Keppel.jpg
A. D. Schultz
Manufacturer of carriages & wagons
C. R. Dickey & Co.
Planing and saw mill
E. H. McEwen
Drugs and medicines
F. Nussbaum
Dealer in general hardware, agricultural implements, paints, ,oils, varnishes, pumps, etc.
George H. Keppel
Dealer in grain, seeds, etc.
G. W. Blandford
Groceries and provisions
Isaiah Fisher
Saloon, billiards and restaurant
John Stair
Manufacturer and dealer in saddles, bridles, etc.
J. K. King
Physician and surgeon
Levi Reiter
General merchandise
M. Cotterman
Boots and shoes
Mrs. E. J. King
Millinery and fancy goods
S. H. Villard
Saloon and restaurant
1887 ABR 30 p28 Creston-Creston.jpg
A. C. Knestrick, M.D.
Resident physician and surgeon
A. W. Harris
Dealer in lumber, lath, shingles, builders' and farm supplies
The Creston Milling and Produce Co.
Manufacturer of roller process flour
Frank Houghton
Attorney at Law
George Taubert
Groceries and provisions, queensware, glassware, etc.
Homer Hyde
Boots, shoes, and rubbers
J. H. Collins
Dealer in choice wines and liquors, lager beer, ale, tobaccos and cigars
J. M. Taggart
Dealer in wines, liquors, beer, ale, cigars, etc.
Miller Bros.
Hardware, stoves and general roofers
Smith Bros.
Druggists and pharmacists
Wideman & Steele
Livery and feed stable
W. P. Stebbins & Son
1887 ABR 31 p29 Creston-Kean.jpg
High & Bell
Creston and Seville;
John W. Hoffman
Harness and saddlery
J. P. Heckman
Creston and Smithville
Boots, shoes and rubbers
J. W. Stratton
L. M. Gibson
Olin L. Kean, M.D.
Physician and surgeon
R. E. Kerr
Furniture and funeral director
Wallace M. Smith
Proprietors custom bakery, ticket agent for steamship lines
Warden Wheeler
Notary Public
W. F. Lance
Home and table supply house
1887 ABR 32 p30 Fredericksburg-Lytle.jpg
A. J. Peterman
Contractor and builder, saw and planing mills and lumber yard
J. Boyer Lytle
Druggist and pharmacist
J. G. Albertson
Groceries, provisions, queensware, etc.
1887 ABR 33 p31 Dalton-Jabas.jpg
James E. Grosjean
Patentee and manufacturer of patent funeral annunciator
J. Stadden
Livery, feed and sale stables
August Jabas
Furniture and undertaking, W. & L. E. R. R.
Central House
R. K. Cole, Proprietor
E. A. Freet
Clothing, hats, caps and furnishing goods
H. R. Weimer
Stoves and tinware
J. G. Dague & Co.
Dry goods, millinery, notions, groceries, etc.
J. R. Sturgis
Druggist, chemist and apothecary
L. C. Davidson
Boots, shoes and rubbers
1887 ABR 34 p32 Sterling-Valley.jpg
Amstutz & Co.
Pleasant Valley Mills
C. A. Lee
Jeweler and optician
C. F. Wright
General blacksmithing
D. C. Steiner
Dealer in boots, shoes, hats, caps and gents' furnishing goods
Frank Saunear
P. E. Johnson
Harness manufacturer
Peter Rouch
Saloon and billiards
Livery stable
Sterling Wrench Co.
Valley House
S. E. Dustman, Proprietor
William Shrig
Boot and shoe maker
1887 ABR 35 p33 BusinessHouses-Wooster.jpg

Includes Wooster, Orrville, Doylestown, and Shreve (part)

1887 ABR 36 p34 BusinessHouses-WestSalem.jpg

Includes Apple Creek, Blachleyville, Burbank, Creston, Dalton, Fredericksburg, Mt. Eaton, Reedsburg, Shreve (continued), Smithville, Sterling, Weilersville, West Lebanon, West Salem

1887 ABR 37 p35 BusinessHouses-Congress.jpg

Includes Burton City, Canaan, Cedar Valley, Congress, Easton, Golden Corners, Koch's, Lattasburg, Madisonburg, Marshallville, Millbrook, Plain, Pleasant Home, Rittman