Oak Grove Mennonite Church

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Oak Grove Mennonite Church
Location 7843 Smucker Road, Smithville, Ohio
Country United States
Denomination Central District Conference, Mennonite Church USA
Previous denomination Amish General Conference
Eastern Amish Mennonite Conference (1937)
Ohio Mennonite and Eastern Amish Mennonite Joint Conference (1947)
Ohio and Eastern Mennonite Conference of the Mennonite Church (1970) and Central District Conference of the General Conference Mennonite Church (1970)
Website Oak Grove Mennonite Church
Founded 1818
Status Active
Completed 1905


Comprehensive History

Oak Grove Mennonite Church located at 7843 Smucker Road, Smithville was established in 1818. Its former name was Amish-Mennonite Church. Previously the congregation met in houses, barns and the Amish-Mennonite Meeting House. Buildings were erected in 1862 and 1905. Sources found for this church include; Church Histories of Wayne County, Ohio, Wipert, History of Wayne County, Ohio, 1987, page 57, History of Wayne County, Ohio, B.F. Bowen & Co., 1910, Vol. 1, page 276 and Living Our Name 175 Years, Oak Grove Mennonite Church, Smithville Ohio, 1993 (located in the Genealogy Dept. at Wayne County Public Library). The website listed for this church was www.oakgrovemc.org. The present church was built in 1905, with additions and remodeling occurring every twenty years or so since. The Fellowship Center was built in 1949. In 1958, more land across the road, north of the church, was purchased for a new cemetery. In 1963 the parsonage was built, and in 1968 an educational wing was added to the church. In 2003 a carport was added, and the interior was totally remodeled. The church has been active in relief work in war-torn countries with the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), as well as financial aid and volunteer time with MCC Connections, the MCC Relief Sale, People to People, Boy’s Village, and Habitat for Humanity. The church has affirmed women in ministry since 1974 as well as having student pastors since 1958. Music, with a cappella hymn singing, choirs, quartets, the praise team, and the yearly Messiah program have been an important part of the church’s worship of God.



Historical documents


Membership of Oak Grove Mennonite Church

Pastors of Oak Grove Mennonite Church

Minister Years of Service
Christian Brandt 1818-1866
David Zook
Peter Schrock ?-1846
Solomon Zook ?-1870
Peter Nafziger ?-1841
John Fertenwald 1831-1849
Joseph Frey
Hannes Yoder ?-1850
Emmanuel Hochstetler 1855-1862
Jacob Yoder 1850-1858
Peter Blough 1855-?
Christian Nafziger 1844-1864
Christian Schantz
John K. Yoder 1855-1906
Christian Conrad 1859-1890
Christian K. Yoder 1861-1871
Jonathan Smucker 1861-1887
John Smiley 1866-1878
D. Z. Yoder 1872-1929
David Hostetler 1880-1889
Isaac Miller 1891-1894
Benjamin Gerig 1895-1913
Jacob S. Gerig 1896-1955
Christian Z. Yoder 1904-1939
Peter R. Lantz 1909-1927
Jesse N. Smucker 1916-1936
William G. Detweiler 1938-1947
Virgil O. Gerig 1947-1960
Robert Otto 1960-1965
Lotus Troyer 1965-1971
Peter Wiebe 1972-1984
Jim Schrag 1985-1994
Dennis Schmidt 1994-1996
Norma Duerkson 1997-2008
Will Shertzer 2008-2009
Doug Zehr 2009-present



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