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The information on this page may be found in the out-of-print publication, Seventy-Five Years of Wayne County, Ohio Marriages: 1813-1888, compiled by Richard G. Smith. It may be found on page 146 of the publication. The list of ministers covers the years 1810-1885. The denomination of each minister, when known, has been included. Other individuals performing marriages in Wayne County, Ohio are included on a separate page.

Minister Date Township Denomination
Ackeret, Johan 1850 Paint Reformed
Adams, James 1820 Sugar Creek; Paint Presbyterian
Alcot, A. N. 1870 Salt Creek Presbyterian
Anderson, A. E. 1870 Plain Baptist
Anderson, S McCall 1840 Fredericksburg Methodist District Methodist
Anderson, Samuel 1852 Salt Creek Presbyterian
Anderson, W. L. 1866 Orrville Presbyterian
Andrews, John 1840 Baughman Presbyterian
Ankly, Fridolin 1865 Wooster (city) Catholic
Arbaugh, D. 1860 Chester United Brethren in Christ
Arnould, Anthony . Salt Creek Catholic
Arnould, Victor 1860 Wooster (city) Catholic
Ashenhurst, J. Y. 1854 . Presbyterian
Ashton, A. F. 1868 . Presbyterian
Atchison, Robert R. 1870 Wayne Presbyterian
Atherton, Joseph Z. 1856 Chester United Brethren in Christ
Atkinson, J. S. 1870 Wayne Presbyterian
Aukerman, J. W. 1874 . Church of God
Bacher, Thomas J. 1875 . Reformed
Badgly, A. 1875 . Methodist
Bailey, W. W. 1878 East Union Methodist
Baird, James H. 1850 Wooster (city) Presbyterian
Baldwin, I. J. 1864 . Evangelical United Brethren
Baltzly, J. B. 1850 Franklin; Wooster Lutheran
Barkdull, Thomas 1840 Wooster Methodist District Methodist
Barnard, George W. 1870 . Church of God
Barnes, Joseph M. 1866 . Methodist
Barnes, Samuel T. 1865 . United Brethren in Christ
Barr, Edward 1850 Wayne Presbyterian
Barr, Thomas H. 1820 East Union; Wooster; Canaan Presbyterian
Bashore, J. W. 1866 . Church of God
Bates, J. H. 1876 . Methodist
Baumgartner, Sam 1860 Baughman Evangelical
Bauseman, J. H. 1860 Wooster (city) Church of Christ
Beck, Martin 1850 Wooster; Franklin Church of God
Beer, Thomas 1830 Wayne Presbyterian
Begeman, August W. 1840 Wooster (city) Reformed
Bell, B. F. 1882 East Union Methodist
Bell, H. D. 1870 . Methodist
Berger, Jacob B. 1876 . Lutheran
Bevans, Lorenzo . Wooster (city) Methodist
Bigelow, Russel 1850 Franklin Methodist
Billman, Ira C. 1860 Wooster (city) Lutheran
Bird, T. B. 1871 . Church of Christ
Bixler, Joseph 1867 . Mennonite Ministers
Blakely, Dan 1867 . Church of God
Boardman 1870 Paint Lutheran
Bolton 1860 Wooster (city) Baptist
Bosworth, Eliah A. 1876 . Disciples
Boyd, Samuel 1870 . Presbyterian
Bradley, Horatio 1855 Orrville Methodist
Brakefield, John . Mohican Methodist
Brandebury, C. B. 1840 Wooster Methodist District Methodist
Brennan, George 1850 Wooster (city) Catholic
Bringman, Stephen 1869 . Disciples
Brown, A. R. 1874 Wayne Lutheran
Brown, Benjamin A. 1876 . United Brethren in Christ
Brown, E. T. 1850 Wooster (city) Baptist
Brown, John A. 1860 Salt Creek Presbyterian
Brown; Milton W. 1870 Paint Presbyterian
Browning, Thomas 1869 . Methodist
Bryant, J. F. 1880 Orrville Methodist
Buell, A. J. 1840 Plain Baptist
Burke, John 1840 Plain Baptist
Burton, N. S. 1864 Plain Baptist
Butler, Benjamin F. 1872 . United Brethren in Christ
Campion, A. 1840 Wooster; Chippewa Catholic
Canning, Eddward H. 1856 . Episcopal
Card, Osmond 1865 Fredericksburg Methodist District Methodist
Carlton, H. D. 1870 . Disciples
Carson, John E. 1840 East Union; Baughman Presbyterian
Cecil, J. 1873 . United Brethren in Christ
Chambers, Joseph H. 1850 Wooster (city) Presbyterian
Chapman, S. S. 1875 . Disciples
Christy, W. B. . Wooster (city) Methodist
Chubb, Rolla 1845 Fredericksburg Methodist District Methodist
Clark, R. S. 1878 Fredericksburg Methodist District Methodist
Clarton, H. D. 1880 Wooster (city) Church of Christ
Close, Newell J. 1863 Orrville Methodist
Cobb, Nathan 1830 Paint Presbyterian
Coleman, Austin . Mohican Methodist
Collins, D. W. 1850 Sugar Creek Presbyterian
Collins, S. L. . Fredericksburg Methodist District Methodist
Colmery, R. 1850 Wooster (city) Presbyterian
Conant, Dan 1845 Fredericksburg Methodist District Methodist
Conradi, J. Ph. 1850 Wooster (city) Lutheran
Cooley, Lathrop 1868 . Disciples
Cox, William 1830 East Union Presbyterian
Crandall, Nelson . Plain Baptist
Crantz, Daniel 1840 Paint Reformed
Craven, Chilton 1861 Orrville Methodist
Crawford, Joshua 1877 . Methodist
Cronavelt, E. 1870 Wooster (city) Lutheran
Crouse, E. B. 1850 Franklin Lutheran
Cunningham, J. R. 1850 Baughman; Wayne Presbyterian
Cutler, John S. 1859 Salt Creek Methodist
Decker, Philip 1860 Paint Reformed
DeGoesbriand, Luis 1845 Salt Creek Catholic
Dennis, Isaiah 1876 . United Brethren in Christ
Derr, Joshua 1864 Wooster (city) Reformed
Deshiri, Thomas H. 1850 Wooster; Franklin Church of God
Dick, Joseph 1862 Canaan Lutheran
Dickerhoff, S. 1876 . Church of God
Dierhoff, John 1850 Wayne; Franklin Church of God
Dillman, George 1870 Plain; Wooster (city) Lutheran
Dilworth, A. 1870 Orrville Presbyterian
Disbro, William 1843 Wooster Methodist District Methodist
Doig, J. R. 1840 Sugar Creek Presbyterian
Dornbiven, Jacob 1869 . Lutheran
Dubois, Hubert G. . Wooster (city) Methodist
Dunlap, Silas G. 1860 East Union; Orrville Presbyterian
Dunn, V. J. . Milton Baptist
Durbin, Jesse 1853 Green Methodist
Eagleson, W. . East Union Presbyterian
Ebert, Joseph . Chester Methodist
Ebert, Owens 1867 . Church of Christ
Ecker, D 1864 . Unknown
Eddy; Franklin 1870 Wayne; Sugar Creek Presbyterian
Edmonds, Lewis 1860 Baughman Reformed
Elliott, G. W. 1830 Fredericksburg Methodist District, Sugar Creek Methodist
Elliott, James 1865 Fredericksburg Methodist District Methodist
Emerson, W. A. G. 1850 East Union; Wooster (city) Lutheran
Erb, Edmund 1875 East Union Reformed
Errett, John W. 1850 Wooster (city) Church of Christ
Evans, James 1840 Franklin Methodist
Excell, J. J. 1850 Plain Reformed
Fairchild, T. B. 1840 Wooster (city) Episcopal
Farrah, Wesley B. 1859 Fredericksburg Methodist District Methodist
Farris, Salmon 1876 East Union Presbyterian
Felger, Joseph 1865 Congress Lutheran
Felger, Joseph 1876 Plain Evangelical
Fenner, Simon 1862 East Union Lutheran
Ferris, S. C. . East Union Methodist
Finley, R. M. 1850 Baughman; Paint Presbyterian
Fleming, Nicholas 1870 . Catholic
Fockler, Davis . . Methodist
Foglesong, M. P. 1873 Plain Lutheran
Foote, Charles 1860 Salt Creek Methodist
Fox, John H. 1864 Congress Methodist
Frankhouser, Jacob 1867 Clinton Lutheran
Freeman, Rufus . . Baptist
French, Alpheus 1810 Wooster (city) Baptist
French, W. B. 1870 Wooster (city) Episcopal
Frescoln, Leonard 1859 Congress Baptist
Fry, Jacob 1850 Plain Lutheran
Fryberger, S. P. 1850 Franklin Lutheran
Gallagher, James 1861 Wooster (city) Catholic
Gass, S. C. 1867 . Reformed
Geary, Edward 1839 Salt Creek Presbyterian
Gibson, W. W. 1860 Sugar Creek; Paint Presbyterian
Gilbreath, W. M. 1848 Wooster (city) Lutheran
Gillam, Jeremiah C. 1860 Baughman Presbyterian
Gillet, E. S. 1864 . Methodist
Goff, Abner 1850 Franklin Methodist
Gorman, Sam 1866 Sugar Creek Baptist
Gould, C. C. 1860 Wayne; Baughman Presbyterian
Graham, Peter 1875 . Methodist
Graham, Richard . East Union Methodist
Gray, D. 1840 Salt Creek, Wooster Methodist District Methodist
Gray, John H. 1871 . Baptist
Green, Philander 1856 Chippewa Disciples
Greenwald, E. 1832 Paint Lutheran
Guiberson, S. B. . Mohican Methodist
Guinther, C. C. 1840 Plain Lutheran
Gurley, Leonard G. 1850 Wooster (city) Methodist
Hager, Richard 1861 Canaan, Congress Methodist
Hale, William A. * 1869 . Baptist
Haley 1850 Wooster (city) Catholic
Hall, A. W. . . Baptist
Hamm, John W. . Baughman Reformed
Hand, Thomas 1819 Wooster (city) Baptist
Hanna, Archibald 1819 Sugar Creek; Salt Creek Presbyterian
Hanna, J. W. 1860 Orrville Presbyterian
Hard, M. K. 1861 Wooster Methodist
Harn, G. U. 1850 Wooster Church of God
Harper, Joseph . Clinton Presbyterian
Harris, W. L. 1840 Salt Creek Methodist
Hartley, Charles . Wooster Methodist District Methodist
Hartman, L. B. 1860 Wooster Church of God
Hawk, J. H. 1860 Wooster Presbyterian
Hayden, M. P. 1876 . Disciples
Hayes, William . Wooster (city) Methodist
Hehly, George . Chippewa Catholic
Heikle, Joseph 1865 . Evangelical United Brethren
Heims, Joseph Anthony 1861 Salt Creek Catholic
Helwig, Adam 1861 Plain Lutheran
Henderson, Horatio 1860 Congress Methodist
Henning, H. H. 1850 . Presbyterian
Hickernell, John 1854 Wooster (city) Church of God
Hide, Dan V. 1868 . Church of Christ
Hilbish, Henry 1874 . Reformed
Hill, A. J. 1857 Wayne United Brethren in Christ
Himes, Jesse 1850 Plain Reformed
Hoffman, Fred 1875 . Disciples
Hoffman, H. H. 1850 Canaan Lutheran
Hoffman, John H. . East Union Lutheran
Hoffman, Uriah 1863 . Church of Christ
Holdeman, John 1868 . Church of Christ
Holden, Levi 1860 Wooster (city) Episcopal
Hotchkiss, D. W. 1874 . United Brethren in Christ
Howard, Maurice . . Catholic
Howe, George W. 1840 Wooster Methodist District, Fredericksburg Methodist District Methodist
Howey, Christian . Wooster Methodist District Methodist
Huffman, Henry . East Union Lutheran
Hughes, G. A. 1870 Wooster (city) Methodist
Humberg, J. 1877 . Lutheran
Hunsinger, Jacob 1860 . Methodist
Hunter, William 1866 . Methodist
Hutchison, J. H. 1865 . Presbyterian
Icenberger, John w. 1869 . Baptist
Inman, Cyrus C. 1875 . Baptist
Irvine, Samuel 1820 Salt Creek; Wooster Presbyterian
Jacobs, Simon P. 1864 Milton Methodist
Jenkins, J. M. 1870 Orrville Presbyterian
Jewett, E. R. 1844 Wooster (city) Methodist
Jones, Harrison 1856 Plain Disciples
Jones, Jacob H. 1845 Wooster (city) Church of Christ
Jones, Sam R. 1845 Wooster (city) Church of Christ
Jones, Thomas Griffith 1812 Wooster (city) Baptist
Jones, William 1868 . Methodist
Judson, John M. 1874 . Church of Christ
Kalb, J. S. 1855 Wooster (city) Methodist
Kammerer, David 1840 Wooster (city); Chippewa Reformed
Kaufman, J. C. 1880 Orrville Lutheran
Keiffer, Isaac N. 1869 . Lutheran
Keiffer, S. P. 1850 Plain Lutheran
Kelser, P:hilip 1857 Orrville Methodist
Kennedy, Joseph F. 1857 Salt Creek Methodist
Kennedy, T. J. 1860 Salt Creek Presbyterian
Kerchner, E. M. 1881 East Union Reformed
Kilheifer, Henry * 1876 . Baptist
Killem, James A. 1842 Salt Creek Methodist
Kimmell, G. T. 1877 . Church of God
Klein, S. S. 1840 Franklin; Wooster Lutheran
Klingle, Andrew 1853 . Unknown
Knaub, J. C. 1877 Orrville Lutheran
Kochler, Robert 1845 Paint Reformed
Kosht, D. 1869 . United Brethren in Christ
Kuhn, Andrew 1840 East Union; Plain Lutheran
Kyle, J. M. 1880 Salt Creek Presbyterian
Lais, John . Chippewa Catholic
Lakey, Charles D. 1856 Salt Creek Methodist
Lambert, Daniel 1861 Wooster (city) Methodist
Lamy 1840 Salt Creek Catholic
Landaw, D. 1868 . Church of God
Laverty, L. Finley 1885 East Union Presbyterian
Lawson, S. S. 1860 Sugar Creek Lutheran
Leedy, Abraham H. 1861 . Baptist
Leiter, George 1840 Plain; Wooster Lutheran
Leonard, Adner B. 1864 . Methodist
Lewis, N. 1857 Baughman United Brethren in Christ
Lilley, S. 1869 . Church of God
Lilley, Simon 1870 Paint Church of Christ
Lindesmith, Edward J. . Chippewa Catholic
Linn, Henry 1870 Paint Church of Christ
Little 1878 Wooster (city) Church of God
Long, A. H. 1860 Wooster (city) Church of God
Long, Dan 1860 Baughman Evangelical
Long, William W. 1864 . Lutheran
Low, Oram 1871 . Methodist
Lowe, J. N. 1870 Wooster (city) Church of Christ
Lowe, John H. 1867 . Disciples
Madge, J. G. 1870 Sugar Creek Presbyterian
Mahnenschmidt, John P. 1840 Baughman; Wooster (city) Reformed
Markharn, Lewis 1865 . Methodist
Marshall, Hugh A. 1874 Wooster (city) Baptist
Marshall, R. G. . Orrville Presbyterian
Martens, D. 1860 Plain; Wooster Lutheran
Mather, George 1868 Wooster Methodist
Matlick, Joseph 1867 Wooster Methodist
Matthews, William . Clinton Presbyterian
Mattison, Daniel D. T. 1853 Salt Creek Methodist
Maurer, Henry . East Union Lutheran
Mayer, Frederick 1881 East Union Reformed
McCabe, Lorenzo D. 1867 . Methodist
McCandlish, William 1840 Wooster (city) Presbyterian
McCandlish, William . Wooster (city) Methodist
McCartney, J. T. 1870 Orrville Methodist
McCauley, Andrew . Sugar Creek Presbyterian
McCurdy, T. A. 1870 Wooster (city) Presbyterian
McDonalt, H. A. 1875 . Presbyterian
McElroy, J. 1860 Wooster (city) Episcopal
McFarland, Alex 1870 Wooster (city) Baptist
McGourly, Jacob 1869 Salt Creek Catholic
McGrew, Archibald 1840 Franklin; Wooster Church of God
McKee, John S. 1850 Wooster; Paint Church of Christ
McKee, Joseph 1830 Sugar Creek Presbyterian
McNabb, William B. 1863 Salt Creek Methodist
Melsheimer, Edward 1840 Paint Lutheran
Miller, E. G. 1870 Canaan Reformed
Miller, Edward D. 1874 . German Reformed
Miller, Ervin G. 1840 Canaan, Wooste City Episcopal
Miller, Gotlieb 1864 . German Reformed
Miller, Hiram 1858 . Methodist
Miller, S. W. 1868 Wooster (city); Plain Presbyterian
Miller, William 1859 Chester United Brethren in Christ
Mitchell, John 1850 Salt Creek Methodist
Mitchell, Owen . Jeromesville Methodist Circuit Methodist
Moffett, Robert 1850 Wooster (city) Church of Christ
Molon, L. . Chippewa Catholic
Montgomery, Samuel 1832 . Methodist Episcopal
Moody, Ira 1870 . Evangelical United Brethren
Moore, Dickens 1860 . German Reformed
Moore, Dickens 1868 . Methodist
Moore, James 1870 Wooser City Episcopal
Moore, W. O. 1883 Salt Creek Presbyterian
Morton, Charles 1870 Wooster (city) Baptist
Mouret, C. . Salt Creek Catholic
Myers, Jacob 1856 . Church of God
Nash, R. K. 1850 Wooster (city) Episcopal
Nau, H. 1870 Paint Reformed
Nelson, Alex 1871 . Methodist
Nickerson, William H. 1851 Fredericksburg Methodist District Methodist
Noel, John 1867 . Evangelical United Brethren
Noyes, Varnum 1850 Canaan; Wayne Presbyterian
O'Neal, Michael 1850 Wooster (city) Catholic
Oldfield, Reuben 1864 . Methodist
Oliver, William H. 1859 . Church of God
Osborn, Oliver 1876 . United Brethren in Christ
Owens, A. K. 1870 Franklin Methodist
Page, S. B. 1845 Wooster (city) Baptist
Painter, William H. 1863 . Methodist
Palmer, Alonzo 1865 Wooster (city) Methodist
Parker, Leonard . Fredericksburg Methodist District Methodist
Parker, W. S. 1865 Salt Creek Presbyterian
Patterson, J. B. T. 1870 Wooster (city) Baptist
Pattison, J. E. 1850 Wooster (city) Episcopal
Peck, D. G. * 1873 . Baptist
Penny, T. J. 1850 Plain; Wooster Baptist
Pepper, George 1870 . Methodist
Perkey, Ben F. 1855 Wooster (city) Disciples
Peters, G. A. 1871 . Evangelical United Brethren
Peters, G. A. 1872 Salt Creek Methodist
Phiper, J. J. 1880 Orrville Methodist
Pitcher, H. E. 1840 Wooster (city) Methodist
Ploughman, John A. 1870 Wooster (city) Church of God
Plympton, Billings O. 1877 . Methodist
Pollock, Andrew 1875 . Methodist
Pope, Ben 1850 Wooster (city) Lutheran
Pope, Thomas J. 1863 Baughman Methodist
Porter, Francis . Jeromesville Methodist Circuit Methodist
Porter, J. C. 1868 . Disciples
Porter, James K. 1840 Plain Baptist
Poulton, John M. 1864 . United Brethren in Christ
Preston, George M. 1868 . Baptist
Price, H. Morgan 1858 Chester Church of Christ
Rally, W. B. 1846 Paint Lutheran
Ramsey, James 1858 Salt Creek Presbyterian
Rech, J. B. 1836 Paint Lutheran
Reed, J. A. 1860 Wooster (city) Presbyterian
Reeder, G. A. 1872 Salt Creek Methodist
Reeder, Gloyen A. 1869 Salt Creek Presbyterian
Reese, W. 1870 Orrville Methodist
Reiter, Cyrus H. 1860 Baughman Reformed
Richards, Orphanus 1875 . Church of Christ
Richards, Uri 1869 . Methodist
Ritz, Solomon 1840 Wooster (city) Lutheran
Rollinet, August 1849 Salt Creek Catholic
Rosebery, Philip R. 1860 Jeromesville Methodist Circuit Methodist
Ross, William . Wooster (city) Church of Christ
Ruark, S. . Wooster (city) Methodist
Ruhl, John 1848 . Unknown
Russell, Charles A. 1876 . Methodist
Russell, William 1836 Salt Creek; Wayne Methodist
Samis, James 1878 Plain Baptist
Sandel, H. B. 1870 Baughman Reformed
Sandoe, William B. 1861 Baughman German Reformed
Sanford, J. L. 1870 Orrville Methodist
Sanner, Sebastian . Salt Creek Catholic
Sauvain, Eugene 1867 . Lutheran
Sawyer, Cyrus . Wooster Methodist District Methodist
Scales, John . Wooster Methodist District Methodist
Schaad, Frederick 1867 . German Reformed
Schally, Joseph 1870 Canaan Reformed
Schlosser, Jesse 1840 Plain Reformed
Schmogrow, Gustav 1877 . Lutheran
Schneck, Peter 1830 Wooster (city) Mennonite Ministers
Schuch, David 1850 Canaan Lutheran
Schulze, John C. 1860 Wooster (city) Lutheran
Schwerfel, E. W. 1868 Sugar Creek Presbyterian
Scott, G. R. 1850 Chester Presbyterian
Sechrist, Samuel 1860 Wooster (city) Lutheran
Seely, W. H. 1857 Wooster (city) Methodist
Seiple, Tilghman 1865 Baughman German Reformed
Selvy, Lewis H. 1860 Paint Church of Christ
Semple, Philo 1840 Paint; Wooster (city); Sugar Creek Presbyterian
Shaffer, George W. 1840 Plain Lutheran
Shall, Hiram 1840 Wooster (city) German Reformed
Sharp, Peter 1848 Fredericksburg Methodist District Methodist
Sharp, William J. 1871 . Baptist
Sheely, V. G. 1870 Sugar Creek Presbyterian
Sheldon, Harry O. 1840 Franklin Methodist
Sheppard, I. N. 1850 Wooster (city) Presbyterian
Sherman, Daniel 1854 Sugar Creek United Brethren in Christ
Sherrard, J. H. 1869 Wooster Presbyterian
Shorb, B. A. 1839 . Unknown
Shoub, Adam 1861 . United Brethren in Christ
Showalter, James 1856 . Baptist
Shreves, James W. 1864 Baughman Lutheran
Shrom, W. P. 1875 . Presbyterian
Shutt, George 1865 Canaan; Congress Lutheran
Sichley, Elias 1850 Unknown
Sloan, Walter J. 1840 East Union; Wayne Lutheran
Smith, A. M. 1850 Plain Lutheran
Smith, August 1859 . Baptist
Smith, D. W. 1873 Plain Lutheran
Smith, David M. * 1877 . Baptist
Smith, J. Carpenter 1840 Wooster (city) Episcopal
Snodgrass, Horace 1872 Sugar Creek Presbyterian
Snodgrass, James 1860 Sugar Creek Presbyterian
Snyder, S. P. 1850 . Unknown
Solg, Sigmund 1870 . Church of Christ
Sonedecker, Henry 1820 Baughman; Wooster (city) Reformed
Soule, H. 1850 Wooster (city) Church of God
Souse, H. 1850 Wooster (city) Church of God
Spafford, Christian 1850 Plain Methodist
Sparr, W. M. 1863 Plain Lutheran
Spencer, William . Wooster (city) Methodist
Spitler, Hiram 1877 . Lutheran
Sponsler, J. F. 1870 Baughman; Chippewa Reformed
Spreng, George M. 1867 Clinton Lutheran
Starr, John S. 1840 Plain Methodist
Start, Philip . Wooster (city) Methodist
Stewart, J. B. 1850 Wooster (city) Presbyterian
Stitwell, Richard 1867 . Evangelical United Brethren
Stone, S. D. 1856 . United Brethren in Christ
Straub, Henry 1867 . Lutheran
Strausser, Frederick 1872 Baughman German Reformed
Struggles, Thomas 1871 . Methodist
Stump, Adam 1870 Plain Reformed
Sutton, J. B. 1862 . Baptist
Swanger, W. 1830 Sugar Creek Methodist
Tanner, John 1870 Wooster (city) Methodist
Taylor, G. W. 1850 Plain Baptist
Thomas, A. E. 1860 Orrville Methodist
Thompson, Albert E. 1869 East Union Presbyterian
Thompson, George 1840 Wooster (city) Episcopal
Thompson, Samuel A. 1877 . Methodist
Totherow, Frank P. 1860 Green Lutheran
Trainer, Conrad 1865 . Lutheran
Travis, David 1870 . United Brethren in Christ
Triffet, J. M. 1872 . Evangelical United Brethren
Trimble, James 1860 Wooster (city) Episcopal
Troyer, Winfield 1868 . Evangelical United Brethren
Truesdale, J. C. 1879 East Union Presbyterian
Van Brocklin| Brocklin, J. H. 1859 . Methodist
Van Voohris| Voohris, Charles E. . Wooster (city) Church of Christ
Vermley . Milton Reformed
Virtue, Andrew 1876 East Union Presbyterian
Wager, Nelson W. 1877 . Methodist
Waite, J. M. 1840 Wooster (city) Episcopal
Walker, John 1820 Salt Creek Presbyterian
Walker, N. H. 1858 Chester Church of Christ
Walkey, J. W. 1868 . Lutheran
Ward, L. F. 1858 . Methodist
Ward, W. G. 1877 Milton Methodist
Warner, Elmore 1859 . Methodist
Warner, George W. 1830 Wooster (city) Presbyterian
Warner, L. 1884 East Union Methodist
Warner, Lorenzo 1860 Wooster (city) Methodist
Warner, Thomas C. 1870 . Methodist
Watrous, G. H. 1855 . Unknown
Watson, Robert 1870 . United Brethren in Christ
Weaver, Moses 1862 Chester Baptist
Weaver, N. H. 1875 . Lutheran
Weber, G. 1870 Wooster (city) Lutheran
Weddel, P. M. 1860 Wooster (city) Baptist
Wells, Andrew J. 1870 . Methodist
West, John 1840 Franklin Church of God
Weygandt, G. H. 1830 Baughman; Wooster (city) Reformed
Whisler, John 1870 Wooster (city) Methodist
White, D. J. 1868 . Disciples
Whiteman, Henry 1840 Salt Creek; Wooster Methodist
Whitmer, David M. * 1871 . Baptist
Whitney, Lyman 1857 Milton Baptist
Whitworth, John . Jeromesville Methodist Circuit Methodist
Wilcox, James M. 1861 . Methodist
Wilcox, Ralph 1864 . Methodist
Wiles, H. L. 1870 Wooster (city) Lutheran
Wiley, Alex 1860 Paint Church of Christ
Wiley, William 1832 Wooster (city) Presbyterian
Wilson, G. W. 1860 Wooster (city) Church of God
Wilson, W. 1820 Salt Creek Presbyterian
Wolf, Simon P. 1862 Green Methodist
Wonder, D. H. 1869 . Lutheran
Wylie, Josiah S. 1860 East Union Presbyterian
Yocum, Elmore 1840 Wooster Methodist District Methodist
Yourtee, S. L. 1852 Wooster (city) Methodist
Zartman, A. F. 1871 East Union Reformed
Zwisler, Charles 1833 Wooster (city) Reformed

* German