Officials performing marriages

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The information on this page may be found in the out-of-print publication, Seventy-Five Years of Wayne County, Ohio Marriages: 1813-1888, compiled by Richard G. Smith. It may be found on pages 146 & 147 of the publication.

Unknown Official Justice / Police order / and Safety of Peace Date Township
Abbey, Jn Paint, Plain
Abbot, C. J. Wooster, Baughman
Acker, David Wooster
Aerb, Peter Baughman
Aldeman, S. H. Clinton
Arthur, Wm Milton
Ash, Jas Y. Sugar Creek
Aubel, Christophel Chippewa
Anderson, Dav 1825 Baughman
Ault, And 1828 Baughman
Ault, Jos 1870 Baughman
Alexander, Jn 1832 Franklin
Allison, Jn Franklin
Allaman, Leonard 1840 Wayne
Armstrong, Thos Canaan
Armstrong, Wm Canaan
Anderson, Wm 1847 Chester
Adams, Jn 1873 Paint
Arnold, Anthony 1876 Sugar Creek
Aylesworth, Jas 1852 Clinton
Andrews, J. K. 1874 Clinton
Adair, Patrick W. Wooster
Armstrong, Dav East Union
Anderson, Arthur 1877 Salt Creek
Bank, E. C. Sugar Creek
Barker, Nathan Canaan
Barnhart, Nathan Canaan
Barsel, Noah Milton
Bascom, Ellery Sugar Creek
Bash, Jn B. Sugar Creek
Belding, W. A. Chester
Bella, Jos Chippewa
Belzer, H. F. Baughman
Belton, Israel Salt Creek
Benner, G. L. Green
Biggs, Rich Congress
Bishop, Wm Congress
Bissel, A. S. East Union
Blackman, Chas Plain
Blanpied, Jn Plain
Bloomer, Isaac Wooster
Bowman, Martin Green
Brainard, Ansel Wayne
Brewster, Jacob Plain
Brice, Wm Plain
Broadwell, J. S. Congress
Buckingham, E. East Union
Buehl, Peter J. Salt Creek
Buppe, A. A. Mohican
Butt, Wm S. Paint
Baughman, Jn 1816 Baughman
Baughman, Jac 1846 Baughman
Bear, Jn Baughman
Bedell, Edw 1868 Baughman
Boles, Wm 1840 Franklin
Butler, Jn 1875 Franklin
Bair, Geo Wayne