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Joseph Myers, 1850 US Census, Green Township, Wayne County, Ohio


1850 Myers Joseph USCensus GreenTwp WayneCo OH.jpg
Joseph Myers, 1850 US Census, Green Township, Wayne County, Ohio
  • Joseph Huber Myers
  • 16 October 1801
    Earl Township, Pennsylvania
  • Green, Ohio
  • Mennonite E. H. Hauenstein article
  • 28 August 1878
    Smithville, Ohio
  • Mogadore, Ohio
  • Farmer ()
  • Christian Myer Jr. (b.1761–d.1802)
  • Magdalene Huber (b.1772–d.1838)
  • Martin Myer (b.1791–d.1859)
  • Maria Myer (b.1790–d.1860)
  • John C. Myers (b.1799–d.1877)
  • Isaac Myer (b.1803–d.1876)
  • Christian Myer (b.1796–d.1879)
  • Anna Myer (b.1794–d.1844)
  • Daniel Myer (b.1798–d.1856)
  • Susanna Wenger (b.1803–d.1881)
  • Louisa Myers (b.1827–d.1916)
  • Maria Myers (b.1829–d.1864)
  • Francis W. Myers (b.1830–d.1912)
  • Amos Myers (b.1832–d.1900)
  • John Myers (b.1834–d.1908)
  • William Penn Myers (b.1836–d.1904)
  • Joseph Myers (b.1837–d.1905)
  • Michael W. Myers (b.1840–d.1840)
  • Menno S. Myers (b.1844–d.1901)
  • Susan Myers (b.1846–d.1932)

Spelling Variations


Myer, Meyers

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Biographical Sketches

Joseph Myers and his family are some of the very few outspoken abolitionists in the Wayne County Underground Railroad. Born on October 16th, 1801 in Earl Township, PA- Joseph Myers is described as a person of determination, who was never afraid to speak his mind out against slavery. The Myers were a highly respected Mennonite family in Smithville. Many of Joseph Myers' children continued their father's legacy of abolitionism, making the Myers family very well-known as abolitionists.


Joseph Myers is the descendant of Mennonite preachers who fled from Switzerland and migrated to the US, settling in parts of Pennsylvania and Ohio.[1] They were the victims of extreme hostility by the Switzerland government and church. As a result, their beliefs incorporated universal peace and religious tolerance, which is one of the main causes behind the Mennonite protests against slavery. The Myers were very driven by their core values, to the point that three of Joseph Myers' sons- William Penn, Joseph, and Menno Simon Myers gave up their Mennonite vows of refusing to carry guns, and joined the Union Army in Civil War.


The sheer determination of standing against slavery led Joseph Myers to establish a Underground Railroad station in his barn in Smithville.[1] Amos Myers, one of the sons of the Myers family, was not able to physically enlist into the Civil War unlike his brothers. Instead, he played the role of a conductor along with his father, transporting fugitives to the next station. The women of the family, Mrs. Susanna Wenger Myers and the daughters were in charge of taking care of the fugitives, i.e- providing food and shelter while also keeping things discreet.


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  • Parents
    • Christian Myer Jr. (1761-1802)
    • Magdalene Huber (1772-1838)
  • Siblings
    • Maria Myer (March 18th, 1788 - Feb 2nd, 1844)
    • Martin Myers (July 4th, 1791 - June 14th, 1859)
    • Anna E. Myer Bushong (Aug 26th, 1794 - March 27th, 1844)
    • Christian Myer (June 28th, 1796 - April 16th, 1879)
    • Daniel Myers (Nov 2nd, 1798 - Feb 2nd, 1856)
    • John Myers (Oct 31st ,1799 - Oct 16th, 1877)
    • Isaac Myers (1803-1876)
  • Spouse: Susanna Horst Wenger Myers (Aug 19th, 1803 - Feb 24th, 1881)
  • Children
    • Louisa Myers Mishler (1827 - July 6th, 1916)
    • Maria Myers Shoemaker (March 5th, 1829 - Oct 6th, 1864)
    • Francis Weaver Myers (Dec 4th, 1830 - March 25th, 1912)
    • Amos Hoover Myers (1832-1900)
    • John Wenger Myers (1834-1908)
    • William Penn Myers (1836-1904)
    • Joseph Huber Myers Jr. (July 10th, 1837 - Oct 19th, 1905)
    • Michael W. Myers (March 18th, 1840 - July 26th, 1840)
    • Menno Simon Myers (Jan 23rd, 1844 - June 15th, 1901)
    • Susan E. Myers Longanecker (June 1st, 1846 - July 22nd, 1932)

Vital Records


October 16th, 1801- Earl Township, Lancaster County, PA


Susanna Wenger (1825)


August 28th, 1878- Smithville, Wayne County, OH


Maple Hill Cemetery- Akron, Summit County, OH


Census Records

1850 US census for Green, Wayne County, OH[2]

  • Joseph Myers, 48, PA, Farmer
  • Susanna Myers, 48, PA
  • Louisa Myers, 23, OH
  • Francis W. Myers, 19, OH, Potter
  • John Myers, 16, OH, in school
  • William Penn Myers, 14, OH, in school
  • Joseph Myers, 13, OH, in school
  • Menno S. Myers, 6, OH
  • Susan E. Myers, 4, OH

1860 US census for Green, Wayne County, OH[3]

  • Joseph Myers, 56, PA, Farmer
  • Susanna Myers, 50, PA
  • Merino [Menno] Myers, 14, OH, in school
  • Susan Myers, 12, OH, in school

1870 US census for Green, Wayne County, OH[4]

  • Joseph Myers, 68, PA, Farmer
  • Susanna Myers, 66, PA
  • Anna Myers, 6, OH
  • Adam Koch, 60, Germany

Places of Residence

  • Earl Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
  • Smithville, Green Township, Wayne County, Ohio

Immigration and Naturalization Records

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Tax Records


Land Records


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