Green Township Historical Landmarks

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The following lists the recognized historical landmarks by the Wayne County Historical Society of Ohio through its Wayne County Historical Landmark program.

  1. Barnet-Hoover House OR Fike House-National Historic Landmark (1974)-Century House (1976)-located at 10470 Smucker Road. 1st log home in the township built in 1818. Now covered with lap siding to prevent deterioration. Land purchased from President James Monroe by William Stibbs, who sold it to William Barnet in 1818. Purchased by John Hoover in 1861 and occupied by the Hoover-Fike family for 114 years. Sold to Wayne College in 1970.
  2. Half Way House-County Historical Landmark (1976)-First settlement in Green Twp. built by the Ruble Bros. in 1830 used as an inn and stagecoach stop along St.Rt. 585.
  3. Judge Smith Orr Homestead-County Historical Landmark (1976)-located at 365 W. Market St. in Orrville was built by Judge Smith Orr in 1854.
  4. Mishler Manufacturing Company-County Historical Landmark (1976)-cotton cloth weaving business founded in Kidron in 1888 by John Mishler.
  5. First Church of God-County Historical Landmark (1976)-located at 157 N. Milton St. in Smithville. Brick single-story building built in 1867 covered with stucco. 999-lb bell still in working order. Original rose windows. Oldest church in Smithville.
  6. Ladies Hall-County Historical Landmark (1976)-located on W. Main St. in Smithville built about 1878 served as a dormitory for students of the Smithville Normal School a well known educational academy in the early years.
  7. Peterman House-Pioneer House (1983)-Moved twice. Now located at 5449 Fox Lake Rd. was built before 1870. Has quadra foil attic windows, slate roof, fancy rafter tails, gingerbread trim, oak floor in one room and red heart pine in rest.
  8. Roush House-Pioneer House (1976)-located at 8447 Back Orrville Rd. in Green Twp. Peter Zook built the log house in 1820 and was measured at 29ftX29ft. Two additions and a porch were added at a later date. Before he became President, Dwight Eisenhower visited this house in 1910.
  9. Hostettler House-Pioneer House (1976)-located one mile south of Smithville at 4056 Eby Rd. The farm-fired brick house was built between 1831-1832. It was reportedly the first house built in the area.
  10. Peter Amstutz House-Pioneer House (1976)-located on St.Rt. 585 near the intersection with Co.Rd. 221. The original house was built of bricks by George Lesiure in 1831. It served as a tavern on Old Portage Rd. that ran between Akron and Wooster. Peter and Sarah Amstutz built the farm in 1858 with bricks fired on the property.
  11. Martin House-Pioneer House (1976)-located on the south side of Fulton Rd. west of Egypt Rd. The year "1833" is carved in stone near the outside basement door. Abraham Feightner bought the land from the U.S. government in 1816 and built the stone house with 2ft thick walls in 1833.
  12. R&D Grove-Pioneer House (1988)-built in 1836 and located at 728 E. Main St. in Smithville a 2-story log structure with "1836" carved into a log.
  13. Blosser House-Pioneer House (1984)-located at 2612 Paradise Rd. 2-story home with 2 full porches built in 1840.
  14. Christopher Craft House-Pioneer House (1977)-Located at 389 N. Summit St. in Smithville. Built in 1850.
  15. Dye House-Pioneer House (1985)-located at 1383 McQuaid Rd. Largest exposed log is 18in wide with horsehair plaster used between logs. Built in 1850.
  16. Jon&Diana Bernhardt House-Pioneer House (1983)-the 2-story wood frame house located at 2749 E. Hutton Rd., Co.Rd. 78, was built between 1850 to 1865. Features double door on front of house, a 6ft square built in china cabinet in the dining room, exposed beams going up stairs, and an attic with floor.
  17. Zimmerly House-Pioneer House (1985)-located at 6426 Chippewa Rd. in Orrville. Built in 1818 of hand-hewn logs. Ceiling logs still exposed. Original poplar paneling.
  18. Miller House-Pioneer House (1976)-located at 122 W. Main St. in Smithville. The 2-story frame structure was used as a home, doll boutique, antique shop, lamp shop, real estate office, carpet and tile store, paint and wallpaper shop, and harness shop. Built in 1851 or 1872.
  19. Ammon House-Pioneer House (1976)-located at 134 W. Main St. in Smithville. Built in 1853 as "1853" is chiseled in 8in numerals in the sandstone foundation.
  20. Weimer House-Pioneer House (1983)-built in 1852. Original exposed beam ceiling with beaded floor joist. Mortise and tenon construction. Oak frame. Originally built on Honeytown Rd. and moved in 1972 to 5369 Fox Lake Rd.
  21. Thut House-Pioneer House (1983)-located at 7883 Chippewa Rd. Cut stone foundation and hand-hewn timbers, mud-filled 8in walls with frame timbers; mortise and tenon joists built in 1856.
  22. Fred&Haley Forney House-Pioneer House (1981)-house built in 1858 located at 216 E. Water St. in Orrville.
  23. Old Presbyterian Church-Pioneer House (1977)-2-story brick structure located at 300 N. Main St. in Orrville was built in 1860.
  24. Ronald E. Ault House-Pioneer House (1982)-house located at 531 W. Main St. in Orrville was built in 1860. Handmade wrought iron trim on front of house. Solid copper roof on porches. Hand-carved walnut staircase, leaded windows.
  25. Harley Dale Blaugh-Pioneer House (1993)-2-story log home built in 1867 located at 6822 Chippewa Rd.
  26. Harry Fair-Pioneer House (1977)-located at 340 N. Summit St. in Smithville a 2-story brick home with 15 ft ceilings, tall and narrow windows, and an open curved stairway built before 1870.
  27. Hochstetler House-Pioneer House (1984)-house located at 5621 Chippewa Rd. has hand-hewn stone foundation and was built prior to 1870.
  28. Kauffman House-Pioneer House (1984)-house located at 1687 Eby Rd. was built in 1870.
  29. Orrville Train Depot-Pioneer House (1977)-built in early 1870's on Depot St. has unusual bent L-shaped building.
  30. Schantz House-Pioneer House (1977)-house located at 635 Main St. in Orrville was built about 1875 by Abraham Schantz, founder of Schantz Organ Company, with unusual roof and eaves treatment.
  31. J.W. Stoansbury House-Pioneer House (1977)-a 2-story brick home at 425 S. Main St. in Orrville was built in 1875 by John Saurer.
  32. James Weideman House-Pioneer House (1977)-house located at 366 W. Main St. in Smithville built before 1873 has 2nd floor walls lined with brick between studs.
  33. Anderson House-Pioneer House (1983)-brick house located at 6693 E. Hutton Rd. was built in 1882 from bricks made on site.
  34. Original Christian Miller House-Pioneer House (1987)-Built in 1882 in Smithville. Wood frame 2-story Victorian-style home with gingerbread trim around windows and gables.
  35. Lautenheizer House-Pioneer House (1983)-house located at 2917 Wayne St. in Orrville was built in 1883. Features rock and cement basement. Plaster walls with woodwork set into the plaster.
  36. Roger Ramseyer House-Pioneer House (1987)-house built in 1884 located at 6456 Eby Rd. on Pleasant View Farm.
  37. Boville House-Pioneer House (1994)-house at 2547 N. Millborne Rd. has "August A.D. 1895" engraved in foundation block. Features enclosed widow's watch, ornate interior woodwork, and gingerbread trim outside.
  38. Naumoff House-Pioneer House (1976)-Brick home built before 1879 at 11870 Fox Lake Rd. One original barn remains on the property.
  39. Winger House-Pioneer House (1976)-located along the north side of Back Orrville Rd. The original log house measured 24ftX28ft was added in the 1860s for the married son’s family.
  40. Stutzman House-Pioneer House (no date)-the 2-story wood frame house located at 8470 Five Points Rd., Smithville was built in 1866. First owners were Abraham&Catherine Stutzman.
  41. Zook House-Pioneer House (1993)-house located at 1433 N. Apple Creek Rd. built in 1860 from the farm's timber. Has black walnut woodwork and wainscoting, original chimney closets, boards with hooks instead of upstairs closets, a basement fruit cellar with gravel floor, and walls that are 2in thick planks.
  42. Elizabeth Smith House-Century House (1999)-the 2-story brick home located at 381 W. Main St. in Smithville was built in 1820.
  43. P. David Schrock House-Century House (1978)-Western Reserve style house located at 5547 Chippewa Rd. in Orrville was built in 1853. Features a porch across entire front and attached summer house. Original grandfather clock with hand painted face built into the living room wall.
  44. Bechtel-Orr House-Century House (1976)-house located at 1818 Orr Rd. was built in 1861 for Jacob Bechtel Jr. It is built of oak planks erected vertically. Jacob Bechtel Sr. bought the land from Michael Thomas in 1831, who bought it from the U.S. government in 1811. The farm was reportedly the first settlement in Green Twp.
  45. Smucker-Rohrer House-Century House (1976)-located along Co.Rd. 502 south of the intersection with Rd. 29. Christian Smucker built the house in 1864, a year after the barn was built. At least five generations of the family have lived on the farm.
  46. Samuel Brenneman House-Century House (1976)-located at 519 S. Main St. in Orrville was built in 1871 for Samuel Brenneman using lumber cut from the Brenneman farm. The house is shown on p.127 in the book, Picturesque Wayne, as it appeared in 1899. At least 3 generations of the Brenneman family lived in the house.
  47. Ward Ramseyer House-Century House (1987)-located at 5906 Eby Rd. a 2-story brick home occupied by Ramseyers for more than 100 years was built prior to 1882.
  48. Burkholder House-Century House (2004)-large farmhouse with wrap-around front porch located at 8246 Smucker Rd. was built in 1889.
  49. Royer House-Century House (1976)-located at 6432 Chippewa Rd. about 4 miles west of Orrville. It is a 2-story Amish-type house with full porches in front and back. Royer bought the house in 1860 and at least four generations of his descendents have lived in the house.
  50. Kaufmann House100-Year-Old House (2015)–the 2-story home located at 534 S. Vine St., Orrville, was built in 1915. Features original hardwood floors and trim. Landscape includes over 300 bricks from the old Oak St. School.