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Welcome to Doylestown, Ohio sign circa 1987. Photograph courtesy of Cal Holden.

Historical Information

Laid out by William Doyle and surveyed by Charles Christmas on December 9, 1827. It was incorporated August 6, 1867.[1]

Wayne County Might Lose Village of Doylestown

  • Wayne County Might Lose Village of Doylestown [2]

When the new legislature meets at Columbus this winter one of the first measures introduced for its consideration may be a bill to change the boundaries of Summit and Wayne County so that Doylestown and some surrounding territory may become a part of Summit, says the Akron Daily Times.

There is a strong sentiment among Doylestown people in favor of annexation to Summit, and work along that line is quietly being done by interested citizens, says the Akron paper.

To make the change it would be necessary to take the "hump" out of the eastern line of Franklin township, Summit county. This would remove a part of the line about a mile farther west, and take in the village of Doylestown, making it a part of Franklin township and thus become part of Summit county.

Doylestown people believe that their interests will be better taken care of if they are taken into Summit county than under present conditions, the Times says.

NO STOCK IS TAKEN HERE. Little stock in this story is taken in Wooster. Wayne county wants all the population she can get to make a proper showing. Doylestown is as well taken care of in Wayne county as it would be in Summit, and by way of Creston, Wooster is as easy a county seat to reach as Akron. It is believed that nothing will come of this attempt if one is made.


1856 Baker's Map

1873 Caldwell's Atlas of Wayne County, Ohio

1897 Caldwell's Atlas of Wayne County, Ohio





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