Dan Ackerman's Digital Collection of Photos

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Photo Collection

The following photos were loaned to the Wayne County Public Library Genealogy and Local History Department for the purpose of sharing them through the Wayne County, Ohio Online Resource Center. These photos are part of the photo collection of Dan Ackerman.


  1. Memorial Hall: Located on South Buckeye St, first lot south of the old alley behind the present Post Office (2 April 2018)
    1. Reverse side of photo: "Memorial Hall - S. Buckeye St. Wooster, Ohio - Being replaced by New Post Office...This Building was one lot south of new post office originally 31 school house 1st Ward, Wooster City. DA [1]"
  2. Fisher Monuments and Granite Works on site of present Post Office
    1. Reverse side of photo: "Taken Sept or Oct 1965 - Being torn down for New Post Office - Fisher Monuments - S. Buckeye St. Wooster, Ohio"
  3. Wooster Hotel or Hotel Wooster (Archer House): Site of present East Ohio Building S. East Corner of East Liberty and Buckeye (2 April 2018)
    1. Reverse side of photo: "Old Archer House built 1882. S.E. Corner E. Liberty - Buckeye. Most recently Hotel Wooster now East Ohio bdlg...Late 1966?...Theatre marquis may be Peter Sellers in 'A Shot in the Dark' 1964. DA"
  4. Wooster Distillery - Located on Canal Road - East of Railroad underpass. Parts still standing. North side of road.
    1. Reverse side of photo: "Old Distillery - East Wooster - Taken Sept or Oct 1965 - Being sold - It is an old land mark...This is where Grandfather Ackerman (James L.) worked when he came to Wooster, in 1911. He was the U.s. Revenue Agent. He then lost this job when prohibition came in 1917-18. DA"
  5. Minglewood Coal Company yard between Henry and South St. directly across from Schellin Park.
    1. Reverse side of photo: "Minglewood Coal Co. Between South and Henry Sts. At the railroad - East side Wooster, Ohio...Note logo on truck"
    2. Additional note: "Shows the Minglewood Coal and Ice Company - Located opposite the Henry St. entrance to Schellin Park - and near the railroad bridge. Rail cars were spotted at the top of this structure and their contents were empties into these bins." DA


  1. DA = Dan Ackerman