The Murder of James Lyons

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The Murder


James Lyons was shot and killed on July 31st, 1873, over an altercation with the owner of a small drinking saloon. After warning the victim multiple times to not return to his saloon, the owner Balthasar Hauck used his revolver to shoot and instantly kill Lyons.

Witnesses stated that Hauck had just come back from his job on the railroad when he discovered James in his bar. A violent fight began and many threats and variations of harsh languages were used by both parties. Hauck then went to grab the revolver he had bought with the intentions of murdering James Lyons. Once bystanders convinced Balthasar to put the weapon down and James to leave, the situation had seemed to come to an end. Witnesses notice Hauck was intoxicate. When Lyons finally couldn't hold himself back anymore, he marched into the back room where Hauck was sitting. The two argued longer until Lyons snapped and punched Balthasar in the face. In response Hauck shot once, followed James outside, and shot the final shot that killed Lyons almost instantly.[1]

The Verdict

Even with a self defense plea, Hauck was pronounced guilty for the murder of James Lyons, and hung for his crime.[2]

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