Chester Firestone House

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Chester Firestone House
Alternative names Firestone Farm
General information
Town or city New Pittsburg, Ohio
Country USA

Comprehensive History

The house, located on the south side of Road 85 just one-half mile east of the Holmes County line, was built in the early 1800s and originally stood about 500 feet south, near a flowing spring. The original deed for the farm was purchased in 1816 by a land speculator, Jacob Gross, before the farm was sold in 1831 for $600 to John Firestone. Firestone, born in Berg, Germany, had come to Wayne County with his wife Rachel. In 1835, their son David married Elizabeth Rice, and they took ownership of the farm. Though David died of typhoid fever at the early age of 42, Elizabeth continued to live at the farm, raising their children, until 1884, when she sold the farm to son Peter and his wife Mary Piper Firestone. The farm remained in the family, passing (by sale) in 1917 to Peter's son William and his wife Clara Dintamin Firestone and then again in 1941 to their son Chester and his wife Esther Norton Firestone.[1]



  • 1816: Jacob Gross
  • 1831: John and Rachel Firestone
  • 1835: David and Elizabeth Firestone
  • 1884: Peter and Mary Firestone
  • 1917: William and Clara Firestone
  • 1941: Chester and Esther Firestone

Historical documents

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Wayne County Recorder Property Transfers


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