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No acquisition number. Young/Yung-Diehl family records written in German, some can be read, others need translated. Published in german by the American Bible Society, New York, (Herausgegen von der Amerikanische Bibel Gesellschaft) 1847.
Please note the Wayne County Historical Society of Ohio no longer accepts any Family Bibles into their collections as all genealogical research requests and information is directed to the Wayne County Public Library, Genealogy and Local History Department.

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Dimensions of Bible

7.625in Tall

5.375in Wide

2in Thick

2 lbs Weight

Researcher Name and Date

2017-MAR Bibles Inventoried, reviewed, and information recompiled by Wayne County Historical Society of Ohio, Documents Vault Committee.
1995 WCHS Family Bible Records compiled by D.A.R. Wooster-Wayne Chapter.
1970-JAN-24 WCHS Bible Records copied and submitted by Edna Keim Conrad, West Salem, Ohio.
1960-NOV-08 WCHS Bible Records copied by C. Arthur Phillips



The Bible is published in German and many of the family records are written in German and need to be translated. Some of the records could be read and translated, but some could not be read and are not recorded on this page and need to be added when translated to english.

Title Page


Herausgegen von der Amerikanische Bibel Gesellschaft=From the publisher American Bible Society.

Accompanying Paperwork Associated with Bible

Items Associated with Bible

Marriage Records associated with Bible

Lena Young married Jacob Diehl June 4, 1873.
Emma M. Diehl married November 28, 1908 to Walter Schott.
Mildred Anna Schott married June 12, 1933 to ? A. Magill.

Birth Records associated with Bible

William Young (Lena (Young) Diehl's brother) born January 25, 1858.
Anna Thresa Diehl, Emma Magdalena Diehl (twins?) born July 26, 1875.
Mildred Anna Schott born October 19, 1909.
Lena Young born July 19, 1852.
Magdalene Young born March 6, 1908 buried the 8th of March Lena Diehl's daughter's daughter was buried. Text of Psalm 4:9a, I will lie down and sleep in peace.

Death Records associated with Bible

William Young died January 6, 1933, age 75 at Montague, California. Buried at Yreka, California.
Lena (Young) Diehl died, January 5, 1941, Sunday morning 2:30. Laid to rest January 7, 1941, 3:30PM Tuesday, age 88 years 5 months 19 days. Sermon John 11-25, It is not death to die. ?Parma?Emma?Anna? read the Lord of Death crossing the Bar.

Handwritten Notations inside Bible

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