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  • Through the newsletter, the parents’ names match those given for Dena (Yoder) Through the newsletter, the parents’ names match those given for Dena (Yoder) Beiler in the cemetery record. When His obituary was found in the Daily Record on 22 October 1990 on p. C13 and indicates that he was born in 1901 in Indiana to Noah and Alida (Rodgers Yoder. Previous to his death were a sister, three brothers and a granddaughter. I do find a marriage record for Noah J. Yoder and Alida Rodgers on 30 November 1908 in Jasper County, Indiana. This is 7 years after the birth of Benjamin. When Samuel N. Yoder marries Maryann Kramer on 30 Dec 1922 in Holmes County, Ohio he lists his parents as Noah J. Yoder and Miller for the mother’s name. There is no given name for the mother. (Samuel Yoder was residing with the Elizabeth Yoder family in Walnut Creek, Ohio Holmes County, Ohioin the 1920 census.) I found an abstract from the Gospel Herald on 23 June 1981 for Samuel N. Yoder, son of Noah J. and Eliza (Miller) Yoder. He indicates he was born in Newton County, Indiana, Indiana on 15 Nov 1902. He died in Columbus, Ohio on 31 May 1981. In his obituary, it indicates he is survived by three brothers (Benjamin, David, and John Yoder). David N. Yoder is residing with the Andrew and Martha Miller family in Clark Township, Holmes County, Ohio, in the 1920 Census. He died on 21 August 1983 in Marysville, Ohio, Union County, Ohio.
  • At this point, I believe Alice/ Eliza/Alida (Miller/Rodgers) Yoder/Mittenburger may be the same individual. The evidence points this direction though I have not been able to tie everything together. You may have more insight on this than me. I found no evidence of Dena N. Yoder being a foster daughter of Samuel E. Yoder of Apple Creek, Ohio.

Cemetery records

Census records

  • The census further indicates that this is the first marriage of both Noah and Alida. They have been married for 14 years and Alida is the mother of 6 children, all 6 of whom are still living.

Military Service


  • If this information makes sense, you may want to obtain a couple other documents. I would suggest following up on the following items:
  1. Newton County Historical Society
  2. Lancaster Public Library
  3. Lancaster County Historical Society
  4. Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society
  5. Marysville Public Library
  6. Newton County Courts and Clerk
  7. Howard County Courts and Clerk
  8. Elkhart County Genealogical Society
  9. Jasper County Public Library


Vital records

I have spent numerous hours trying to sort through the Dena (Yoder) Beiler family. I have more questions than answers at this time. I am going to attempt to explain what has been found to date and recommend you to follow up on a couple of items.

• Based on your letter dated 21 December 2013, you mentioned that Dena Yoder married Aaron Beiler /Beiler of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I do find a burial record of Aaron and Dena (Yoder) Beiler in the Myers Cemetery in a book titled, Lancaster County Old Order Amish Cemetery Record: Includes Lancaster County, Daughter Communities, and Extinct Settlements (book). Aaron L. Beiler, son of Jacob Z. and Mary (Lapp) Beiler, was born 9 May 1881 and died 23 Sep 1964 at the age of 83 years, 4 months, 14 days. His wife, Dena N. (Yoder) Beiler, daughter of Noah and Alice (Miller) Yoder, was born 11 Feb 1900 and died 20 Oct 1970.

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  • Amish Yoder Lineage – Compiled by the Yoder Newsletter. This is for the Yost Yoder family (1734-?) YR26, YR2612, YR268. There is a record for Noah J. Yoder (1/6/1865 Saltillo, OH - ?) m. 12/29/1895 Newton County, Indiana Alice Miller (8/1880-6/15/1931 bur Elkhart, IN). The 1895 marriage date would work for the Noah/Eliza Yoder census in 1900 and Noah/Alida Yoder census 1910.