William Henry Harrison Voters, 1892

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In the Wooster Republican on 14 September 1892 p. 3 and Wooster Republican on 28 September 1892 p. 3, a list may be found showing those individuals who voted for William Henry Harrison as President.

William Henry Harrison was born 9 February 1773 in Berkeley Plantation, Virginia. Following the War of 1812, he moved to Ohio. He served as U.S. Senator from Ohio from 1825-1828. At the age of 67 years, he was the oldest individual elected as President. He was elected as President but only lasted 31 days in office. He died on 4 April 1841 of pneumonia. He was the first president to die while in office.

The 14th Quadrennial Presidential Election was held from Friday, October 30, 1840 to Wednesday, December 2, 1840. The list of individuals below needed to be at least 21 years old at the time of the election. This means they were born prior to 1819. This does not necessarily mean they were residents of Ohio or Wayne County, Ohio at the time of the 1840 Presidential election.

The voting age in the U.S. was not lowered to 18 years old until after World War II, with Georgia being the first state to lower the legal voting age in 1943. However, it was not until the 26th Amendent was passed in March 1971 and ratified into law by President Nixon in July 1971 that the new legal age was decreased from 21 to 18 years old.

Canaan Township

  • Hay, Henry
  • Shulenberger, John
  • Tally, Josiah
  • Whitmore, Samuel


  • Reed, Reuben


  • Wells, Isaac

Chester Township

  • Piper, Jacob

Clinton Township

  • Brown, Thomas A.
  • Brown, William H.
  • Emmons, Peter


  • Keister, Abram
  • Keister, George
  • Nicholas, John
  • Paul, J. M.


  • Campbell, Z. B.
  • Hughes, John
  • Keys, Irvine

Congress Township


  • Campbell, P. D.
  • Dorland, John P.
  • France, D. K.
  • Fresh, George
  • Lawrence Jonathan
  • Plank, Nicholas
  • Weiler, Adam

East Union Township

  • Boydston, Charles
  • Jameson, I. K.
  • Pudy, Levi

Franklin Township

  • Harrison, Wm.
  • Lockhart, Moses
  • Snure, Levi


  • Gabriel, D. J.

Green Township

  • Kauffman, David


  • Lightfoot, Samuel


  • Keiffer, Solomon

Milton Township

  • Fally, Nathan
  • Flickinger, Samuel

Paint Township

  • Kimmel, George

Plain Township

  • Fair, Christian
  • Lawrence, John A.


  • Kamilton, D. K.


  • McManus, Charles

Salt Creek Township


  • Richards, John

Wayne Township

  • Noggle, John
  • Yoder, Joash


  • Brown, Andrew


  • Condry, William
  • Landes, Rueben
  • Lehman, H. R.

Wooster Township

  • Baker, John
  • Ellenberger, Daniel
  • Huffman, Daniel
  • Keim, Thomas R.
  • McFadden, Albert
  • Roth, Thomas
  • Shamp, Jacob

Wooster, Ward 1

  • Kemmerer, David, Rev.
  • Wilcox, George

Wooster, Ward 2

  • Garing, Alex.
  • Hatfield, Geo.
  • Kauke, J. H., Capt.
  • Schmuck, Jacob
  • Welker, Martin, Judge
  • Wright, Anthony

Wooster, Ward 3

  • Fornshell, Alexander
  • Humphrey, Lemuel
  • McClellan, John

Wooster, Ward 4

  • Long, John
  • Parrot, Rathell
  • Quinby, George
  • Quinby, Warren

Wooster, Ward 5

  • D'Miller, Samuel
  • Smith, Wm. H.