Sugar Creek Township Historical Landmarks

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The following lists the recognized historical landmarks by the Wayne County Historical Society of Ohio through its Wayne County Historical Landmark program.

  1. Eagle Tavern-County Historical Landmark (1983)-house built in 1821 located at 117 E. Main St. in Dalton is now owned by Dalton Community Historical Society. Originally a tavern and stage coach stop. In 1821, a man named Freeman kept the 1st tavern in the only house in Dalton. Stagecoaches between Massillon and Wooster stopped here to change horses and give passengers a rest.
  2. First Schantz Organ Company Place-County Historical Landmark (1976)-located on Zuercher Rd. south of Dalton. Built by J. Lehman and sold to John A. Tschantz. John’s son Abraham learned cabinet making and worked out of an addition to the home. After repairing a reed organ, Abraham began to build organs in 1873.
  3. Dalton Presbyterian Church-County Historical Landmark (1984)-church located on W. Main St in Dalton was built in 1884 at cost of $10,000.
  4. Dalton Village Hall-County Historical Landmark (1998)-located at 1 W. Main St. in Dalton. Has been in continuous use as a town hall since its construction in 1895. Rumored to have had the 1st Christmas tree in the county in 1913.
  5. David L. Lehman House-Pioneer House (1976)-located 1/4 mile east of Kidron on Co.Rd. 80. The house was built in 1840 by Henry Swan who had bought the farm land in 1833. The home features walls insulated with mud and straw, round rafters, and the original wood shingles were still in place under modern roofing materials.
  6. Lloyd Lehman House-Pioneer House (1976)-located at 334 Gondy Rd. The large log house was built by I.E. Lehman about 1838.
  7. Paul Gerber House-Pioneer House (1976)-located on Zuercher Rd. off or Rd. 97. Records indicate that Jacob Bixler bought the property in 1846, built a Spring house in 1847, and built the large 1&1/2-story frame house in 1848. On the fire place in the Spring house an inscription reads: J&E 1847.
  8. Hahn House-Pioneer House (1976)-located at 127 W. Main St. in Dalton. According to county records the original rear part of the house measuring 24ftX20ft with only two rooms was built about 1850. An early owner of the house was Anne Davidson.
  9. Schwartz Farm-Pioneer House (1988)-located at 131 Arnold Rd. the barn was built in 1858 and the house somewhat later. Framed with hand-hewn logs.
  10. Sommer House-Pioneer House (1976)-located on the west side of S. Wenger Rd. close to Dalton. The house is believed to have built by contractor Oblinger of Mt. Eaton in 1860 of logs chinked with mud on top of 16-inch thick stone foundation. The 1873 map shows the farm of 80 acres was owned by Peter Zuercher.
  11. Falb House-Pioneer House (1976)-located on Arnold Rd. south of Old 30 and adjoining the Dalton Corporation limit. The home was built prior to 1873 as it appears on the map of that year as being owned by Peter Buchanan and a coal mine is shown on the south end of the property.
  12. Louis Armstrong House-Pioneer House (1976)-located at 188 on Rt. 98 the large log house was built before 1873 as it appears on the map of that year.
  13. Merritt Steiner House-Pioneer House (1977)-the 2-story home of hand-hewn beams with square-cut nails and sandstone foundation located at 1340 Old Lincoln Way was built before 1873.
  14. Stephanie Schrader House-Pioneer House (2001)-located at 120 N. Church St. in Dalton a 2-story home with enclosed front porch that has very old beams in basement. Built before 1879. Deed transferred from Susan Kozier to Martin Schultz in 1879 for $150.
  15. Darline Martell House-Pioneer House (1985)-the 2-story wood frame house located at 424 W. Main St. in Dalton was built in 1884. Features decorative window and eave treatments and hand-hewn block foundation on the exterior. A hand-turned banister and ornate woodwork decorate the interior. Also, barn with hand-hewn beams joined with pegs and square nails.
  16. Willis&Selma Gerber House-Pioneer House (1984)-the 2-story frame house with slate roof and hand-cut sandstone cellar walls located at 15168 Goudy Rd. was built in mid 19th century.
  17. Dallas Nussbaum House-Pioneer House (1976)-located along Nussbaum Rd. This old log house was built before the 1870s as confirmed by the 1873 map. The first owner was a member of the Liechty family.
  18. Houghton-Meszaros House-Pioneer House (2009)-brick and frame 2-story house with slate room and veranda located at 16 W. Schultz Ave. in Dalton, Ohio.
  19. Cully Log House and Bank Barn-Pioneer House (2014)-located at 2201 S. Deerfield Ave. in Dalton. A large 2-story log house with attic, stone basement, fireplace, center stairs, and winding hidden staircase. Most probably built by Joseph Cully between 1828 and 1840 with later additions. Also, bank barn with slate roof built before 1900 when a ramp was added.
  20. Leland S. Kratzon House-Century House (1976)-house located at 3178 Zuercher Rd. was built in 1820. Frame of house built without nails, only pegs. Found page of a notebook in a wall dated 1862. Land deed dated 1820 and signed by President Monroe. In same family for at least 5 generations.
  21. Ivan Amstutz House-Century House (1976)-located on Zuercher Rd. on the NW cornter of the intersection with Nussbaum Rd. The house was believed to have been built about 1840 and it appears on the 1856 county map as being owned by Ivan C. Amstutz and has been owned by his descendents since that time.
  22. Welty-Zuercher House-Century House (1976)-the 2-story frame house with porch across the entire front located on the NW corner of Rd. 129 and 188 was built in 1868 by Christian Welty and has been owned by his relatives since that time.
  23. Peter Gerber House-Century House (1976)-house located along Twp.Rd. 156 was completed in 1871 by Peter M. Gerber. It was constructed of hand-hewn timbers on a hand-cut sandstone foundation. At least six generations of the Gerber family have owned the property.
  24. Amstutz-Neuenschwander House-Century House (1976)-located along Kidron Rd. was built in 1872 from logs and hewn timbers cut on the farm. Nicholas Amstutz was listed as the first owner and it has remained in the family for at least four generations.
  25. Jacob Gerber House-Century House (1976)-located on Twp.Rd. 79 about 1.5 miles east of Kidron. Family sources say it was built by Jacob Gerber in the 1830s and the house was passed on to the oldest surviving son of each generation. It is constructed of hand-hewn beams and rafters, with the exterior covered in wainscoting.