Retail Trade Sector Summary

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The retail sector includes establishments that sell consumer goods, from groceries to books to hardware to gasoline to... the list goes on. Early Wayne County featured many retail establishments (in each of the villages) to supply food, clothing, and home goods to residents, and retail trade continues to drive development in both the downtown areas in Wayne County as well as the outer edges of our cities and towns.

One popular destination store in southeastern Wayne County is Lehman’s, located in Kidron. The store was family owned and operated from 1955 until 2021, stocking stoves and hardware first for the local Amish community, expanding into a variety of other household goods as the store grew in popularity and size.

Frederick's Pottery was built in 1910 in Fredericksburg. It was operated by William Smith, Walter Spencer and George Spencer. Early products sold were for everyday use. Bean pots and crocks were two such items. The pottery business was sold to Wooster China Co. in 1913 or 1914.

In the 1870s, Creston, Ohio resident Jacob T. Miller started a tinning and repair shop. By 1881, he had expanded his company to become a hardware store. Soon thereafter, he invited his brother, William, to join him. The hardware store became known as the Miller Brothers. By 1902, a third partner, A. S. Tuttle, had joined the venture. The company soon changed its name to Miller Brothers & Tuttle Hardware. On 6 October 1915, the building was destroyed by fire.

Other long-time retail businesses in the area include Freedlander’s, The Gift Corner, and the Beulah Bechtel Dress Shop, among others.