Recreation: Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation Sector Summary

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The Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation industry includes movie theaters, sports clubs, bowling alleys, art galleries, country clubs, and golf courses, among other businesses.

The Quinby Opera House, located on the corner of N. Buckeye St. and Larwill St., formally opened on 1 February 1877 with the showing of "As You Like It."

The old Opera House was erected in 1887 and was built for a dual purpose: space for municipal offices and a place for entertainment. Once the Quinby Opera House was razed, the Opera House took over as the site for extravaganzas. It continued to serve as an Opera House until 1949. It was razed in November 1962.

The New American Cigar and Billiard Room had a space at 131 E. Liberty Street in the early twentieth century.

Baltzly’s Palace of Art existed briefly in Wooster from 1862-1865, but following the Civil War, owner Benjamin Franklin Baltzly moved to Montreal, Canada and became known for his work as part of the Canadian Geological Survey team surveying a suitable path for the Pacific Railway across Canada.