Patterson (surname)

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Patterson (surname)
  Ohio (Ruth, Mary A., Susan H., and Emaline Patterson), Pennsylvania (Robert C. Patterson)
Notable members James L., James, Robert, Robert, William, Joseph, Emma, Rebecca Jane, Ruth, John P., Mary A., Charlotte, Susan H., Robert C., Emaline, Sarah A., and Susannah Patterson

Cemetery records

Census records

William Patterson: 2 males < 5, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 30-40, 1 female 5-10, 2 females 10-15, 1 female 30-40

William Patterson: 1 male 30-40, 1 male 70-80, 1 female 80-90

Military service records

  • The James and William Patterson in Congress Twp in 1830 were probably brothers, too. There father is the probable Robert Patterson, the Revolutionary War soldier. William does have an older male and female living with him. The age for the male would match Robert Patterson, Revolutionary War soldier. The female’s age is off by a few years. However, either the burial record could be incorrect or the census taker recorder her age in the incorrect column.



  • The last request you had referred to James Patterson of the Wayne County, Ohio Pioneer. The only additional information we have is James Patterson was born 1785 in Cecil County, Maryland. He owned land is the SW quarter of section 22 (160 acres) in Congress Township, Wayne County, Ohio. The individual who submitted the research is descendant through Rebecca Jane Patterson who married Thomas Ferguson. Rebecca Jane was the daughter of James and Rebecca. No information is provided on the parents of James and Rebecca Patterson. James Patterson is listed on the Pioneer Quilt.

Probate Court records

(vol. 4A, page 325)

(vol. 4B, page 457)

Charlotte Patterson married William Jackson Sarah A. Patterson

(vol. 4B page 12)

(vol. 4B page 405)

Emaline “Emma” Patterson, born 1837 Ohio, married James B. Smith 3 May 1865 Wayne County, Ohio (vol. 6 page 318)

Wills and Estates

  • There father is John, as given in the Probate record of James Patterson whose will was probated 26 November 1836. James Patterson was married to Martha. I do not think any children were born to this union. James lists his brothers as Thomas, John, and William. His sisters are Susannah Patterson (widow of Robert Patterson, deceased) and Margaret Robison (widow of John Patterson, deceased). No children were listed in his will.