Moore-Brewster Building-202 N. Market St., Wooster, Ohio

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Moore-Brewster Building
Former names Shoolroy Building
General information
Architectural style Greek Revival
Address 202 N. Market St.
Town or city Wooster, Ohio
Country United States
Construction started 1834
Renovated 1940

Comprehensive History


Z. T. Moore started to build this residence in 1834 but died before it could be completed. His daughter, Flora, who married Roland A. Brewster, kept the property and took up residence in the house. Flora Brewster used several rooms in the house to care for injured and ill Spanish-American war veterans.

The building also provided club rooms for various organizations, such as the Everett Club, and later housed the Dolly Madison Tea Room operated by the Childs sisters as a luxury dining and meeting place.

Because of its close proximity to downtown Wooster, Ohio the entire building was converted to office quarters for the Ohio Service Company and the Empire Gas & Fuel Company. Following this the entire building was the local headquarters for the Ohio Fuel Gas Company.

When Ross Shoolroy acquired and restored the building in 1940 it became the location of the Fair Price Company, who operated the Red Head Gasoline stations.

During the Shoolroy restoration the original Ionic architecture was preserved and the doorways, winding stairway and all classic exterior features were kept intact. Only seriously deteriorated portions were removed and replaced.

In 1936, the house was studied and recorded for the Historic American Buildings Survey. Many of the pictures and drawings of the house are available through the Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division. The house was recognized as a County Historical Landmark in 1976, and it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.



  • Z. T. Moore
  • Flora A. Brewster
  • Ross K. Shoolroy
  • Ross K. Shoolroy, Jr.
  • Chad Boreman


  • Everett Club
  • Dolly Madison Tea Room
  • Ned T. Howard Insurance Agency
  • Ohio Fuel Gas Co.
  • Ohio Service Co. and the Empire Gas & Fuel Co.
  • Red Head Oil
  • Buckeye Oil
  • Wayne County Civil Defense
  • Larry Kelly Security Agency
  • Disaster Service of Wayne County
  • Fair Price Co.
  • Green Ridge Oil Company
  • Suzanne Waldron, Attorney
  • Boreman Norton Cook Wealth Partners


  • 1834 construction started
  • 1940 restoration implementation


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