Military Record of Expedition to Santiago de Cuba

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This document is a military record which details Col. Frank Gerlach's service in the Spanish-American War, namely his involvement in the Expedition to Santiago de Cuba. The document is dated as received for record July 22nd, 1919, and is found in the Frank Gerlach file.


Transcription[edit | edit source]


Noncomissioned Officer: Captain Distinguished Service: None Battles, engagements, skirmishes, expeditions: Expedition to Santiago de Cuba Spanish-American War. Wounds received in service: None Remarks: Character: Excellent Service: Honest and Faithful

C. R. Hard
Commanding Regiment

44926 RECIEVED FOR RECORD July- 220 1919 At 9 o’clock AM. Recorded same day, 1919, in Wayne County Records, Volume 3, Page 76 Flemming Fisher


25¢ Pd.