McSweeneys (surname)

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McSweeney (surname)
  Rochester, New York (John I McSweeney), Wooster, Ohio (John III McSweeney)
Notable members John I, John II, and John III McSweeney

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John McSweeney Il

John McSweeney I, born in 1824 near Rochester, New York, was nationally famous as a criminal lawyer. John McSweeney II, City Solicitor 1879-1883. County Prosecutor 1883-1889. On State Library Board for several years and held other public offices. John McSweeney III, born in Wooster, December 19, 1890. Teacher, Lawyer, Soldier, Congressman. Graduated from Wooster College, studied law in London, taught at Wooster High School. Captain in World War I. Congressman several terms, 1922-28 and 1936-38 and 1948-50. Welfare Director of Ohio from 1931 to 1935. U.S. Relief Administrator in Italy after World War II.

Other lawyers who deserve special mention are: the Adairs, Critchfields, Funks, Taggarts and Weygants. Also A. S. McClure, Martin Welker, C. N. Yocum, George W. Miller, James B. Taylor, J.C. McClarran, William C. Yost, A. D. Metz and John C. Morr.

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