Mathews (surname)

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Mathews (surname)
Notable members Elijah, William L., Abram, John, Mahala, William, Caleb, Jacob William, Charles Edward, and Glenn William Mathews


  • Regarding the Jacob William Mathews family - This family has so many blended families it is quite a challenge to sort through everything, especially since most of the records of interest may be found in Monroe County, Ohio and Washington County, Ohio.

Vital records

  • Jacob William Mathews was born 29 April 1921 in Monroe County, Ohio, to William L. and Mattie Maybell Kindall Mathews. He married Helen Louise Hoisington in Wayne County, Ohio on 7 Mar 1942 (v. 26 p. 317).
  • William L. and Mattie Maybell Kindall were married on 5 May 1920 in Monroe County, Ohio. This was Mattie’s 1st marriage and William’s 3rd marriage. On the marriage license, it indicates that William was once divorced and widowed. I have not verified this information. William and Mattie had at least two children: Jacob William Mathews born 29 April 1921 and Charles Edward Mathews born about 1924. By the 1940 census, William Mathews is listed as divorced. Both of his sons by Mattie were residing with him as well as his son Glenn William Mathews by Susan Bowen Mathews. I am not sure where Mattie disappeared. I do not know if she moved out of the area, remarried, or just disappeared off of radar from my viewing point. More information may be found in Monroe County, Ohio.
  • William married Susan Bowen on 14 Apr 1897 in 'Monroe County, Ohio. She supposedly died before the 1920 US Census but I have not found a death certificate for her at this time to verify this information. Also, on the 1910 US Census, it indicates that Susan had 7 children and only 4 were still living. Interesting enough, on Glen William Mathews marriage record, it gives his mom’s name as Susan Conner. There is a good possibility given this surname and the idea that she had already had 7 children, she may have been married prior to her married to William. More research would need to be done to verify this information.
  • William L. Mathews was the son of Elijah and Elizabeth C. Oliver Mathews. He was {[Birth|born]] 28 Mar 1871 and died 15 Nov 1944 in Perry Township, Monroe County, Ohio. This was probably the third marriage of his father and the 3rd marriage of his mother. However, I cannot confirm this information. Elijah Mathews married Elizabeth sometime between the 1860 and 1870 US Census. Elijah was born about 1811 in Pennsylvania and died after the 1880 US Census. I did find an Elijah Mathews who died 30 Oct 1889 in Monroe County, Ohio but it gives his birth date of 1827. This could be son of Elijah Mathews, or it could be an error in the death abstract. Elijah/Elizah, age 39 was residing with Hume Matthews, female, age 51 in the 1850 US Census. My guess is that Hume was previously married given the age difference between her and Elijah. Also, there is a Samuel Trembly, age 7, residing with the family in 1850. I am not sure if he is family or helper. There are two other possible sons listed: Abram, age 14 and John, age 9. Abram dies 12 January 1899 at the age of 63. I did not follow up on John. Elijah/Eligah Matthius and Huma are still together in 1860. Abraham Matthius and Samuel Tremly are still residing with them. By the 1870 US Census, Elijah Mathessis now with Elizabeth C. Matthes, age 42. With them are James B. Legget, age 12; Sarah J. Rutter, age 9; Mary Rutter, age 5; and Mahala Mathers, age 1. Mahala is probably the daughter of Elijah and Elizabeth. Given the age, I am guessing Elijah and Elizabeth were married about 1867 or 1868. James Legget and Sarah and Mary Rutter could be from a previous marriage. More research will be necessary to confirm this information. In the 1880 US Census, two more sons show up: William, age 9 and Caleb, age 7.
  • On the marriage record of William L. Mathews and Mattie Kindall, it gives William’s parents as Ligah Mathews and Eizabeth Oliver. Mattie’s parents are given as Jacob Kindall and Narcissus Joy. On William’s death certificate, the informant gives his parents as Elight Mathews and Elise Alouer. The informant was PFC CE [Charles Edward] Mathews
  • The Kindall side of the family is just as interesting. Mattie Maybell Kindall’s parents were Jacob Kindall and Narcissus “Nancy” Joy. Narcissus’ mom was Susanna. She married a second time to James Hall. I have not been able to find out the name of Susanna’s 1st husband and the father of Narcissa. Narcissa had several other siblings: John Joy born about 1858 in Ohio; Mary E. Joy born about 1862 in OH; and Sarah L. Joy born about 1864 in Ohio. I believe Susanna’s maiden name was Smith. She was born 2 Feb 1841 in OH and died 23 Aug 1921 in Ludlow, Washington County, Ohio. Her father was Jessie Smith. Jacob Kindall’s parents were Reason and Lucy Brumbaugh Kindall.
  • Jacob Kindall was first married to Eliza Jane Gebhart. They had Cora born 1869, Samuel Curtis born 11 Nov 1870, Georger born 3 Dec 1872, Charles Oscar born 20 Mar 1874, and Mary Ann Frances born 22 Mar 1876 – all born in Monroe County, Ohio.
  • He married Narcissus Joy on 6 Jul 1879 in Monroe County, Ohio. They had 9 children: John P. {[Birth|born]] Apr 1880, Elijah L born Oct 1881, William H born Sep 1884, Sarah E born Jun 1886, Lucy L born Jun 1888, Matta/Mattie Maybell born 31 Mar 1890, James H born Aug 1894, Jacob B born Jul 1896, and Nelson C born Sep 1898.
  • Jacob Kindall was the son of Reason and Lucy Brumbaugh Kindall|Kindall.

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