Koons (Surname)

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Koons (surname)
Notable members Ephraim Edman and John Koons
Name origin and meaning German or Dutch, "bold"

Name Meaning & Origin

Additional Variations of name

Cemetery records

Census records

Probate Court records

Tax list records

Vital records

  • Stark County, Ohio Death Records for the Koon/Kuhn and Thomas surnames
  • Wayne County, Ohio Marriage Index 1813-1898 for the Koon/Kuhn and Painter (surnames)
  • Obituaries on Mrs. Hester Koone and Ephraim Edman Koons
  • Information on the William and Eliza Painter family
  • Death record of Elizabeth Painter who died 3 July 1867
  • Burial record for Eliza/Elizabeth Painter indicates she was wife of William Painter.
  • Death and burial record for Hattie Painter. I believe she is descendant from this family.
  • Death certificate for Milton Painter b. 1844 d. 1923. He is the son of William Painter and Mary Martin. He was born in Butler County, Pennsylvania and died in Ashland County, Ohio. He was with William and Eliza in 1870 Census.
  • Death certificate for Emrick H.Painter. He was born in 1841 PA and died 1910 in Wayne County, Ohio. His parents were listed as William and Eliza Brewer Painter. He was in the 1850 census with William and Eliza Painter.
  • Burial record for Mary C. Painter, 3 month old daughter of William and Eliza Painter. In Wayne County, Ohio William Painter married Eliza Richard. This appears to be a different William and Eliza than the one listed in 1850 Butler County, Pennsylvania
  • Burial record for Painter
  • I have tried to find the parents of Elizabeth Kuhn(s) who married John Painter. There marriage is recorded here but they seem to disappear without a trace. I looked at the early census records for Wayne County, Ohio for the surname Coon(s)/ Koon(s)/ Kuehn/ Kuhn/ Kuhn hoping to find possibilities. Based on the research, I can eliminate John Kuhn/ Coon, Peter Koon, John Koons, and Barbara Coon. I looked through the 1837 tax list for the surname Koon hoping to find some clues. I did find an Augustus Henry Kohn married to a Catherine M. Following up on this name, Augustus appears to have four children: Augustus Henry Kohn, Joseph Schultze Kohn, Hanna Ravensberg Kohn, and Catherine Louisa Kohn. Augustus did in 1833 so this would have been before the marriage of Elizabeth. He left property to his wife and children and to his grandson he left a gold watch. I believe he can be eliminated from the pool of possibilities.