Houser (surname)

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Houser (surname)
  Wayne County, Ohio (Lillian May and William F. Houser)
Notable members David R., John, Jacob, Elizabeth, Margaret, Addison, John H., Addison B., William F., Lillian May, George, Rebecca, Effie, David, William, and Susanna Houser

Cemetery records

  • St. Michael’s Cemetery records for the Houser surname

Military service records


  • Obituaries and Death Notices for Mrs. Elizabeth Houser (d. 1918); Elma Kosier Houser (d. 1917 – 3 obits); Jacob Houser (d. 1897 – 2 obits); Margaret Houser (d. 1905); Addison Houser (d. 1901 – brother of David Houser); John Houser (d. 1894); John H. Houser (d. 1942); and Addison B. Houser (d. 1933 – son of David and Susanna Houser)
  • I believe David Houser died sometime before February 1866. This seems to be the earliest date on the records in the guardianship papers on the minor children of David and Susanna Houser. In addition, there appears to be some land owned by David Houser in Hancock County, IA. I do not know if the family ever resided there but Addison Houser (brother of David Houser) received information pertaining to the amount of tax owed on property in Hancock Co, IA.
  • As an aside, let me clarify some information. Two brothers, David and Addison Houser, married two sisters, Susanna and Elizabeth Barnhart. William and Sarah Barnhart appear to be the parents of Susanna and Elizabeth. William died in 1864 and both Susanna Houser and Elizabeth Houser are listed in his estate. Both Elizabeth and Susanna are living with their parents in the 1850 census for Chester Twp, Wayne Co, OH. In the 1870 census or Chester Twp, Wayne Co, OH, A. B. [Addison B.] Houser and L. M. [Lillian May] Houser are living with their guardian and his wife, Addison and Elizabeth. Also in the household is John Houser, age 76. I am making the assumption that John Houser is the father of Addison Houser. On the 1880 census of Wayne Co, OH, there is a Louisa, age 15, listed as the niece of Addison Houser. I am almost certain this is Lillian May and the name was listed incorrectly in the census. The age does match. If Louisa is Lillan, and if Lillian is the niece of Addison, it stands to reason that Addison is the brother of David Houser. Since John is residing with Addison in 1870, and if he is the father of Addison, and Addison is the brother of David, then John Houser is the father of both Addison and David. I believe David and Addison had a sister named Rebecca. She is listed with Addison and John and Margaret Houser in the 1850 census for Chester Twp, Wayne Co, OH. In the 1860 census, there is a George Houser living with John, Addison, and Elizabeth Houser. Based on the age, one could make the assumption that George and John are brothers.
  • The information you requested that I was unable to find include the following:
    • Obituary and/or death notice on Jacob (1788-1860) and Catherine (1794-1862) Houser.
    • Obituary and/or death notice on Margaret Houser (1823-1872)
    • Obituary and/or death notice on David Houser (1795-1873)
    • Obituary and/or death notice on David and Susanna Houser

Vital records


  • Wayne County, OH Birth Records for the children of Samuel and Effie Jane Houser Dintaman; William F. and Lillie May Houser Winterstein; Houser surnames


  • Wayne County, OH Burial Records for Addison B. Houser (son of David and Susanna Barnhart Houser); Addison and Elizabeth Barnhart Houser (guardian and uncle of the minor children of David and Susanna Houser); William Houser (3 year old son of David and Susanna Houser); John (d. 1877) and Margaret Houser (d. 1859)


  • Wayne County, OH Death Record for Margaret Houser d. 19 Dec 1872 (v1 p34)
  • Ohio Death Certificate for Elma E. Kosier Houser


  • Guardianship papers for the minor children of David and Susanna Houser


  • Wayne County, OH Marriage Abstracts for the surname Houser

Probate Court records

  • Wayne County, OH Probate Court file # 1804 on Jacob Houser
  • Wayne County, OH Probate Court file # 12276 on Margaret Houser
  • Wayne County, OH Probate Court file # 9463 on Jacob Houser
  • Probate Court file # 8678 on John H. Houser and file # 2560 on William Barnhart (father of Susanna and Elizabeth Barnhart). William Barnhart’s Probate file indicates that Susanna is still living in November 1864. She and David are residing in Williams County, OH at the time.

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  • None of the above was listed in our online obituary index. I did not have the time to look through the newspapers to see if the obituary or death notice was missed in our index. In regards to David and Susanna Houser, you may want to contact Williams Co, OH to see if they left any paper trail there. Since there is reference to Hancock Co, IA, you may want to follow up on land deeds and/or property taxes in there.