Hardesty's Special Military History of Ohio

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Front matter

Military and Personal Sketches

Names listed in "Military and Personal Sketches"
Last Name First Name Place Page No.
Atkinson Edwin T. Wooster 475
Barrett Joseph Ellis Wooster 475
Blessing John H. Wooster 475
Bloyd James William Wooster 475
Bogner Peter Fertig Wooster 475
Branstetter Andrew Wooster 475-476
Brandstetter Daniel Wooster 476
Conrad Charles F. Wooster 476
Dice Archibald H. Wooster 476
Ellenberger James Wooster 476
Fogleson Byron Wooster 476
Fraim John Hervey Wooster 476-477
Funk Elmer Wooster 477
Geitgey Jacob Wooster 477
Given William Wooster 477
Hall John C. Wooster 477
Hard C. V. Wooster 477
Harned Isaac Wooster 477
Harrington Gideon Wooster 477-478
Hesler C. H. Wooster 478
Hill Joseph H. Wooster 478
Hummer John H. Wooster 478
Hummer William A. Wooster 478
Immel Lewis Henry Wooster 478
Jeffries Linneus Q. Wooster 478-479
Keefe Lawrence Wooster 479
Keister John Crumley Wooster 479
Lake Benjamin Benton Wooster 479
Landaw Charles Wooster 479
Lawrence William Allen Wooster 479-480
Leopold William Frederick Wooster 480
Livingston James Wooster 480
Long Jacob Wooster 480
McClarran Harrison Wooster 480
McClowery, Jr. Thomas Wooster 480
McClure William H. Wooster 481
McMonigal James Wooster 481
Martin John Wooster 481
Miller Frank Ohio Wooster 481
Miller James D. Wooster 481
Nachtrieb Michael S. Wooster 481
Parker Harvey Robinson Wooster 481-482
Pocock Robert Wooster 482
Reid David Miller Wooster 482
Reits, Jr. Simon A. Wooster 482
Robison James D. Wooster 482
Scheible William Wooster 482
Smith John Algire Wooster 482-483
Smith Matthew M. Wooster 483
Smith Robert J. Wooster 483
Taylor Charles W. Wooster 483
Trunk Andrew M. Wooster 483
Wilhelm John Wooster 483-484
Woodland William Henry Wooster 484
Allaman Michael Plain Township 484
Bucher William H. Plain Township 484
Case Cyrus S. Plain Township 484
Cochel George Z. Plain Township 484-485
Coup Jonas S. Plain Township 485
Coup Jacob Keller Plain Township 485
Funk Zenas Plain Township 485
Kimberlin Sherman B. Plain Township 485
McMannis Elmer Plain Township 485
Rush Frederick Plain Township 485
Smyser Henry C. Plain Township 485
Smyser, Jr. Jacob D. Plain Township 485-486
Silver Michael T. Plain Township 486
Sparr John Plain Township 486
Sparr, Jr. Peter Plain Township 486
Zercher Addison U. Plain Township 486
Anderson James C. Clinton Township 486
Aylsworth Leslie N. Clinton Township 486-487
Barcus J. Daniel Clinton Township 487
Copeland G. E. Clinton Township 487
Critchfield Daniel Clinton Township 487
Crossman John Joseph Hamilton Clinton Township 487
Eddy Robert E. Clinton Township 487
Emery George Clinton Township 487
Foltz David E. Clinton Township 487
Gaut Benjamin F. Clinton Township 488
Hall Thomas Clinton Township 488
Lake John C. Clinton Township 488
Manson William H. Clinton Township 488
Merkel Albert P. Clinton Township 488
Metcalf Daniel Clinton Township 488
Miller Samuel D. Clinton Township 488-489
Moore Simon P. Clinton Township 489
Myers Frank K. Clinton Township 489
Nichols Jerry Clinton Township 489
Oldroyd Asbury B. Clinton Township 489
Porter William S. Clinton Township 489
Shreve William H. Clinton Township 489
Smetzer Obed Clinton Township 490
Snyder Henry Clinton Township 490
Stough Thomas C. Clinton Township 490
Weiker William Clinton Township 490
Weiker Jacob Clinton Township 490
Wyre Samuel S. Clinton Township 490
Yinger John Clinton Township 490
Barnes H. C. Salt Creek Township 490-491
Berger Gottlieb Salt Creek Township 491
Cramer Michael S. Salt Creek Township 491
Fitch James A. Salt Creek Township 491
Girard Paul F. Salt Creek Township 491
Hutchison James Salt Creek Township 491
Immler Henry William Salt Creek Township 491
Tracey Wilson S. Salt Creek Township 491-492
Wisard Eugene Salt Creek Township 492
Wynn George J. Salt Creek Township 492
Hunter Lemuel East Union Township 492
Huntsberger Isaac D. East Union Township 492
Jackman William Henry East Union Township 492
Keister Elijah Garrison East Union Township 492-493
Thomas Ebenezer B. East Union Township 493
Beeler John J. Paint Township 493
Budd Andrew Paint Township 493
Clipp John Hiram Paint Township 493
Graham Russell B. Paint Township 493
Haverstock Franklin Paint Township 493-494
Henning Jefferson Paint Township 494
Jackson John Andrew Paint Township 494
Mequillet David Paint Township 494
Ruch Jacob Paint Township 494
Schlafly John J. Paint Township 494-495
Lawrence Daniel A. Franklin Township 495
McKinney John R. Franklin Township 495
Metzler George W. Franklin Township 495
Stitt James T. Franklin Township 495
Taggert John W. Franklin Township 495
Wagner Charles Franklin Township 495-496
White James B. Franklin Township 496
Cook William C. Sugar Creek Township 496
Dague George Adam Sugar Creek Township 496
Erwin Thomas Reed Sugar Creek Township 496
Fletcher William Newton Sugar Creek Township 496-497
Gochnauer John A. Sugar Creek Township 497
Hamilton Isaac A. Sugar Creek Township 497
Homan John Sugar Creek Township 497
Imboden John Sugar Creek Township 497
McElhinney David S. Sugar Creek Township 497
Race George C. Sugar Creek Township 497-498
Reed Thomas Sugar Creek Township 498
Stinson Robert James Sugar Creek Township 498
Styer Francis Marion Sugar Creek Township 498
Wertz John Sugar Creek Township 498
Bowman David Chester Township 498
Camp Anthony Chester Township 498-499
Derr John Chester Township 499
Dunkle Benjamin Franklin Chester Township 499
Jackson Harlon Chester Township 499
Jackson Robert S. Chester Township 499
McAfee Samuel S. Chester Township 499
McFadden James Chester Township 499
Miller Philip Chester Township 499-500
Myers David Chester Township 500
Piper Henry Chester Township 500
Piper William Henry Chester Township 500
Smith David Chester Township 500
Wile Benjamin H. Chester Township 500
Winkler James Jacob Chester Township 500-501
Brown William Sumner Congress Township 501
Chacey Daniel Congress Township 501
Criss Theodore Congress Township 501
Dulin Robert C. Congress Township 501
Gallaway George W. Congress Township 501-502
Gallaway John Richard Congress Township 502
Glaspy Daniel Congress Township 502
Good Joel Congress Township 502
Harbaugh John A. Congress Township 502
Henderson Thomas Congress Township 502
Holmes Franklin Congress Township 502-503
Hubler Benjamin Franklin Congress Township 503
Matteson Philip Congress Township 503
Michael George M. Congress Township 503
Mitchell David Congress Township 503
Rice John H. Congress Township 503-504
Snowberger Abraham Congress Township 504
Stouffer Christopher C. Congress Township 504
Boor John Nicholas Wayne Township 504
Fetzer George E. Wayne Township 504
Johnson Jacob Wayne Township 504-505
Markel Constant Wayne Township 505
Showalter Joseph Wayne Township 505
Brice Newton S. Green Township 505
Eberly Peter Green Township 505
Griffith Oliver K. Green Township 505
Hamilton James A. Green Township 505-506
Hartman Henry Green Township 506
Musser, Jr. Benjamin Green Township 506
Switzer William H. Green Township 506
Weiler John J. Green Township 506
White Samuel Green Township 507
Ault Joseph Baughman Township 507
Buchwalter Daniel Baughman Township 507
Buckley William N. Baughman Township 507
Fletcher George Milton Baughman Township 507
Kampf Joseph Erwin Baughman Township 507-508
Kampf Squire C. Baughman Township 507-508
Price Michael Baughman Township 508
Wells Benjamin S. Baughman Township 508
Barlet Nathan Canaan Township 508
Bott Simon M. Canaan Township 508
Brenizer George Canaan Township 508
Crane Cyrus Grover Canaan Township 508-509
Darrah Charles T. Canaan Township 509
Dorn Henry Canaan Township 509
Gaut Matthew Canaan Township 509
Grunder Henry Canaan Township 509
Holloway George W. Canaan Township 509-510
Johnson John H. Canaan Township 510
Kidd Francis Canaan Township 510
McIlvaine Mark Canaan Township 510
Marshall Joseph R. Canaan Township 510
Mentzer Joseph Canaan Township 510
Palmer Eli A. Canaan Township 510-511
Russell Thomas Canaan Township 511
Weiser Charles W. Canaan Township 511
Wells Nathan M. Canaan Township 511
Wheeler Warden Canaan Township 511
Young James Canaan Township 511
Kissinger Franklin H. Chippewa Township 511-512
Miller Owen J. Chippewa Township 512
Weinsheimer Henry J. Chippewa Township 512
Longsdorf Samuel Martin Milton Township 512
Stitle William Medina County, Ohio 512

Roll of Honor

Wayne County G.A.R. Posts, Department of Ohio