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Name Meaning & Origin

Census records

  • Census, United States, Wayne County, 1830 research trying to find the parents of John B. Gilbert. In the 1830 U.S. Census for Wayne County, OH there is an Enoch Gilbert listed. I researched Enoch and discovered that he is not the father of John B. Gilbert. Enoch was married to Catherine and I can only find evidence of three children: Permelia, Whitten, and Elizabeth. Further research revealed an Ancestry Library World Tree Project that names George Gilbert and Eve Elizabeth Oberlin Gilbert as the parents of John Gilbert. According to the record, George died on 6 February 1859 in Richland County, Ohio. This was verified by his burial record. At the time of his death, George did leave a will. In the will abstract, it indicates his children are: John, Joseph, Margaret Wears, Eve McFarren, George Jr., Adam, Elizabeth Lightcap, Catharine Harnly, and Mary Oberly. I am including a copy of these items for your convenience.

We do have a family history titled, Ensminger, Oberlin, and Gilbert History. There is some mention of George Gilbert Sr. I have made a few copies from this family history and included them in this packet.

Through the census records, it appears that John Gilbert and his family moved to Douglas Co, IL for a while. They are there in the 1860 census. By the 1870 census, Lydia Gilbert and some of her children are residing in Lyon Co, KS. John is not residing with them. In the 1880 census, Lydia Gilbert and two of her sons reside in Agnes City, Lyon Co, KS. Lydia has indicated she is divorced. I am not sure where John Gilbert is in the 1870 and 1880 census. The World Family Tree Project indicates John Gilbert died in Stark County, OH prior to 1881 so he may have moved back East. I looked in the Stark County, OH Death Records from 1867 to 1908 and did not find him listed.

Joseph Gilbert was born about 1818 in Ohio. The 1850 census shows he was married to Elisabeth and they had three children: Edith, Jane, and George. Joseph and Elizabeth Searight Gilbert were married in Wayne County, OH on 21 Dec 1843. They were residing in Paint Township, Wayne Co, OH in the 1850 thru the 1880 U.S. Census. Joseph passed away on 4 April 1883. Children listed in his will include George Gilbert, Fidelia F. Braden, Edith A. Budd, and Jane Reed. I am including copies of some of his estate with this letter.