Eversole House

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Eversole House
Alternative names Dr. George Ryall Home, William Annat Home
General information
Address 324 N. Market Street
Town or city Wooster, OH
Country USA
Construction started 1881?
Demolished 1956

Also Known As Building Name

  • Professor Eversole Home
  • Dr. George Ryall Home
  • William Annat Home

Comprehensive History

This parcel was part of the land deeded to Joseph Larwill by President James Madison on May 18, 1813, as part of 160 acres in the southeast quarter of section four of the city. On March 25, 1881, Larwill sold the property for $3560 to George Bartol, who sold it again on July 18 of the same year to Wells A. Underwood for $4000. Underwood sold it on March 26, 1891 to W. S. Eversole for $9000. Eversole owned the home until June 10, 1899, when it was purchased by Dr. George W. and Ada B. Ryall. During the early 1900s, the William Annat family occupied the home, but it was sold once more in 1935 to A. H. Loehr and the Lightning Rod firm.[1] On September 1, 1956, an article in the Daily Record noted that the home would be demolished "in five or six weeks" by the Martin Coal and Supply Co. in order to make way for a supermarket parking lot (now owned by Buehler's).


  • 1813: Land deeded to Joseph Larwill
  • 1852: Real estate valuation indicates a dwelling on the lot
  • March 25, 1881: Property sold to George Bartol; three-story home may have been erected then
  • July 18, 1881: Property sold to Wells A. Underwood
  • March 26, 1891: Property sold to W. S. Eversole
  • June 10, 1899: Property sold to George W. and Ada B. Ryall
  • 1935: Property sold to A. H. Loehr and the Lightning Rod firm
  • September-October 1956: Home demolished


  • Joseph Larwill
  • George Bartol
  • Wells A. Underwood
  • W. S. Eversole
  • George W. and Ada B. Ryall
  • A. H. Loehr and the Lightning Rod firm


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Wayne County Recorder Property Transfers


  1. "Landmark's History As Show Place, Business Site To End," Daily Record, 1 September 1956, p.3