Clark Building

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Clark Building
Former names Arcadome Hall
Alternative names David Clark Building
General information
Address 123 E. Liberty St.
Town or city Wooster, Ohio
Country United States
Opening 1875

Comprehensive History

The 1875 Clark building occupies the former site of the 1857 Baumgardner, Arcadome Hall building, which was destroyed by fire in 1874. David Clark purchased the land on November 12, 1874 from L. J. Barker for $5,500 and in 1875 erected the present building. This building had one of the first elevators in town which was still in use as late as 1976.


  • 1874 David Clark
  • 1906 Mrs. Irastine Clark and Robert L. Adair purchased property for $23,325 at public sale from John N. Criley, administrator of estate of the late Allen Clark[1]
  • 1920 Jacob Frederick purchased part ownership of the property for $16,500, the other partner was Robert L. Adair.
  • 1934 Samuel Esselburn bought from Frederick Estate for $14,000.
  • 1936 Samuel Esselburn bought Adair's share of the property after Adair's death for $20,500.
  • 1956 Samuel Esselburn sold the property for $72,500


  • 1900 J. Frederick & Co. dry goods store
  • Older Bros
  • Broken Rocks Cafe
  • 1953 Mollie Miller dress shop occupied

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Newspaper articles


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