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  • City Opera House
  • Performing Arts / Spectator Sports / and Related Industries
  • Performing Hall
  • 1887
  • Date unknown
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    • 130 E. Liberty St., Wooster, Ohio

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  • Demolished
  • City Fathers approved dual role: Headquarters for City Hall and as an Entertainment Center. Rear of building was the Fire Department
  • Voters approved bond issues totally $60,000
  • 1887
  • Sept. 1949 - General repairs $49,000 - Opera House portion was converted to use as Municipal Courtrooms
  • Sloping floor helped bring the audience closer. Acoustics was said to hear whispers on the stage at each of the corners of the hall.
  • Featured guests: President Warren G. Harding; Senator, Simeon Fess, and Senator Frank Willis.

Clean the Basement

  • Clean the Basement. [1]

The basement at the City Opera House is clean for the first time in several years. As might be expected the basement there is used for the most part to store things that are not wanted up above. One part is the city lockup and this, or course, is always kept in good shape. The remainder of the big basement, though, was full of rubbish. The Boone brothers were engaged to do the work of hauling it away and they hauled a great many wagon loads before it was all removed. There were several tons of coal left over from the time the opera house was heated with coal. This was taken to the city pumping station at Bloomington. Several loads of old boxes and boards, old paper and rubbish of all kinds were removed. A box of fireworks was found among the rubbish. It was stated Wednesday afternoon that this box had been there for several years. City officials regarded the basement as a fire menace in its former condition.

Newspaper articles

  • December 1959: "Memories You Can't Erase: Repair Edict Recalls Wooster Opera House Era" by Barbara Gordon, Akron Beacon Journal, p. 123.

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  1. Wayne County Democrat, Wooster, Ohio. 1912 Feb. 7, p. 1.