Calvin Curtis Gould

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  • Calvin Curtis Gould
  • 28 November 1832
    Allendale, Illinois
  • Allendale, IL, Rockbridge County, Virginia, Chippewa Township, Wayne County, Ohio
  • Presbyterian US Census
  • 25 February 1921
    Williamstown, Wood County, West Virginia
  • Riverview Cemetery, Williamstown, Wood County, West Virginia
  • Western Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church(1858–1860)
  • Freeman Gould (b.1810–d.1873)
  • Dorcas Lyon Ward (b.1808–d.1884)
  • Lydia K. Taylor (b.1851–d.1934)
  • Elvira Cynthia Reed (b.1838–d.1872)


Calvin Curtis Gould was born near Albion, Illinois in November 1832 to Freeman and Dorcas Gould. He was dismissed from the Wabash Presbyterian Church in Allendale, Illinois on 27 October 1848. He attended Western Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church in Albion, IL, graduating in 1860. On August 27, 1861, he married Elvira C. Reed in Rockbridge County, Virginia. At the time of his marriage, he was a Theological Student. Elvira was the daughter of Andrew and Sarah Reed. In 1863, he was ordained a minister in Amesville. By the 1863 Civil War draft, he was residing in Canaan Township.

Calvin and Elvira had four children:

  1. William P. Gould, born about 1863 in Pennsylvania
  2. Infant Daughter Gould, born in 1865 and died July 10, 1865. She is buried in the Wayne Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Wayne Township.
  3. Ida B. Gould, born in 1869 in Chippewa Township
  4. Rosalie Gould, born September 15, 1871 in Chippewa Township <ref> Wayne County Birth Records, vol. 1 p. 74

Elvira died in 1872. He married Lydia K. Taylor on June 19, 1874 in Upshur, West Virginia. They had six children:

  1. Ethel Gould, born 1875 in West Virginia
  2. Frank "Frankey" Sheldon Gould, born 1878 in West Virginia
  3. Myra Gould, born November 1882 in West Virginia
  4. Addis Justin Gould, born January 1885 in West Virginia
  5. Freeman Gould, born July 1888 in Kentucky
  6. Mary P. Gould, born July 1888 in Kentucky

In the 1880 US Census, Calvin and his family were residing in Glenville, Gilmer County, West Virginia. In 1900, they were residing in Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio. In 1910, the family was residing in Lincoln, Marion County, West Virginia. By 1911, the family had moved to Fairmont, West Virginia on Mill St. From the 1916 Marietta, Ohio Directory, they were residing on Crescent St. In the 1920 US Census, Calvin is residing with his daughter's family, Ethel G. Breckenridge, in Watertown, Washington County, Ohio.

Reverend Calvin Curtis Gould died in 1921 and is buried at the Riverside Cemetery located in Williamstown, Wood County, West Virginia.