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Baughman Grange
Baughman Grange
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Baughman Grange Celebrate 100 Years

BAUGHMAN TWP. -- Baughman Grange celebrated several milestone events at its annual Awards and Appreciation ceremony. Members noted the 100th anniversary of the founding of Baughman Grange and the 150th anniversary of the founding of the National Grange.

The Grangers also celebrated the 65-year of member of Marney Wertz and the 60-year membership of Jerri Forrer.

Additionally, Baughman Grange secretary, Luella Arnold, received a certificate of Outstanding Service from the Ohio State Grange. Members also made note of winning the 2017 Wayne County Fair Grange Contest.

Joining Baughman Grange in its celebration was Ohio State Grange Master Bob White, who was the featured speaker. White also presented Baughman Grange a plaque from the National Grange, which was a Citation of Commendation for 100 years of community service.

Entertainment was provided by Cathie Wertz, who played the violin to accompany Grangers singing favorite songs. Baughman Grange Mast Bill Arnold was the master of ceremonies for the evening. [1]

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