Apple Creek United Methodist Church

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Apple Creek United Methodist Church
Location 269 West Main Street, Apple Creek, Ohio
Country United States
Denomination United Methodist
Former name(s) Apple Creek Presbyterian Church (1815)
The Edinburgh Church/Society (1884)
Apple Creek United Church (Federated) (1926-1974)
Founded 1844
Status Active


Comprehensive History

Apple Creek United Methodist Church located at 269 West Main Street, Apple Creek was established in 1844. Members originally met in a house in Edinburg (present day Apple Creek) west of the creek, along SR 250 between Apple Creek Elementary and the present building. The roots of this church go back to 1815. It was originally the Apple Creek Presbyterian Church. The Edinburg Church/Society was created in 1844. In 1968 the United Methodist Church was created by the union of the Evangelical Brethren Church & the Methodists. From 1926-1974 there was no Methodist Church, members were part of Apple Creek United Church (Federated). This congregation was made up of 256 Methodists & 209 Presbyterians. They met in the Presbyterian church for 2 years, then moved to the Methodist building. Sources found for this church were; Church Histories of Wayne County Ohio, Wipert, History of Wayne County, Ohio, B.F. Bowen & Co., 1910, Vol. 1, page 272 and History of Apple Creek United Methodist Church found in the United Methodist Religious / Grantmaking / Civil / Profession and Similar Organizations of Wayne County, OH notebook. This notebook is located in the Genealogy Dept. at the Wayne County Public Library. The website listed for this church was, but no longer works.



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