450 N. Bever St., Wooster, Ohio

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The Carpenter Gothic architectural styled house at 450 N. Bever St. in Wooster, Ohio was built in 1879 by property owner J. Adolph Schmitz. Photograph by S. Zimmerman

When the home was built in 1879 it was built in the Carpenter Gothic style popular from 1840 to 1880. Since the home was built near the end of that period, its features are slightly less imposing but still have many of the Gothic revival standards like a centered front gable with a steep angled roofline. However, it does not possess highly decorated vergeboards but has more subdued and recessed decorations adorning the exterior.

When the Bloomberg's bought the home in 1905 they substantially altered the appearance of the home both inside and outside. They replaced the original two front symmetrical wood porches with a porch that stretched across the entire front of the home and used stone instead of wood. They also added a stone chimney, combined the two front rooms into one, realigned the front stair and moved the placement of the front door, and expanded the dining room to the back of the home. Under the ownership of the Weimer's, an enclosed office space was added onto the back of the house. The Leisy's added a barn/garage and replaced the back office with an expanded room from the main house to the barn.

Wayne County Recorder Property Transfers

  • 1816: William Henry, Joseph H. Larwill, Abigail Larwill To John Bever Vol. 1 p.100 $1
  • 1837: Last will and testament of John Bever deceased gave to daughter Mirtilla (Bever) Bowman married to James L. Bowman land containing 68 acres.
  • 1857:
  • 1858:
    • J. B. McKennan (mis-spelled McKinney) To Jacob Metz Vol. 48 p.352 Old Lot No.s 158, 165, 166, 167 $2,200 and 3 20/100
    • Jacob Metz To Louis Young Vol. 48 p.353 Old Lot No. 166 $550
  • 1878: Louis Young, Mary Young To J. Adolph Schmitz Vol. 100 p.212 (after 1870 renumbering) north part of Lot No. 1621 $700
  • 1880: J. Adolph Schmitz To George Newkirk, Flora Newkirk Vol. 101 p.427 Lot No. 1621 $700
  • 1905: Jas. A. Newkirk, etal To Louis Yocum, Mary Yocum Vol. 152 p.223 Lot No. 1621 became Lot No. 2006 $2,750
  • 1906: Louis Yocum, Mary Yocum To Max Bloomberg, Minnie Bloomberg Vol. 153 p.243 Lot No. 2006 $2,750
  • 1929: Max Bloomberg, Minnie Bloomberg To Dean Weimer, Agnes Weimer Vol. 216 p.250 Lot No. 2006 went back to being Lot No. 1621
  • 1983: Estate of Agnes Weimer To Clifford Bushnell, Hazel Bushnell Vol. 582 p.575 Lot No. 1621 $92,727
  • 1985: Clifford Bushnell, Hazel Bushnell To Raymond E. Leisy Vol. 607 p.145 $89,090