428 N. Bever St., Wooster, Ohio

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The Four Square wood frame house located at 428 N. Bever St. in Wooster, Ohio was likley built in 1907 by property owner Olus C. Williams who operated a livery or 10-cent barn in Wooster. Photograph by S. Zimmerman

The house located at 428 N. Bever St. is an example of the American Four Square architectural style popular during the mid-1890s to the late-1930s. The house was most likely built in 1907 as noted by an inscription left in the cement in the basement by Horace Williams, son of property owner Olus C. Williams who purchased the lot at public sale in 1907. The home has only had five different owners since it was built and members of the Nesbitt family, who bought the house in 1935, owned it for 62 years before selling it in 1997.

Image from the 1972 First Presbyterian Church directory.

Typical of a Four Square house, this home features a third floor with four dormers protruding from the roof and a large front porch that is original to the home. It was designed in the turn of the century motif style and originally had five bedrooms, one-and-a-half bathrooms, a sun room, dining room, and small kitchen at the back of the house. Over the years the home has been updated but retains its original kitchen cabinets and unpainted wood-work in a simple arts and crafts style. The windows throughout the house still possess their original leaded glass.

The house currently has three bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, two offices, and a family room on the third floor.

Newspaper articles


  • October 30, 1907: "Shefiff's Sale Mary Gasche vs Emma J. Young et al" by Unknown, Wooster Daily News, p. 3.

Wayne County Recorder Property Transfers

  • 1816: William Henry, Joseph H. Larwill, Abigail Larwill To John Bever Vol. 1 p.100 $1
  • 1837: Last will and testament of John Bever deceased gave to daughter Mirtilla (Bever) Bowman married to James L. Bowman land containing 68 acres.
  • 1857:
  • 1858:
    • J. B. McKennan (mis-spelled McKinney) To Jacob Metz Vol. 48 p.352 Old Lot No.s 158, 165, 166, 167 $2,200 and 3 20/100
    • Jacob Metz To Louis Young Vol. 48 p.353 Old Lot No. 166 $550
  • 1907:
    • Sheriff of Wayne County To Emma J. Young (after 1870 renumbering) Lot No. 1621 $2,460
    • Sheriff of Wayne County To O.C. Williams south part of Lot No. 1621 $960
  • 1919: O.C. Williams To Robert C. Taylor Vol. 185 p.266 south part Lot No. 1621 $8,000
  • 1935: Erma R. Taylor, Robert C. Taylor To Samuel M.F. Nesbitt, Maud S. Nesbitt, Agnes E. Nesbitt, Mary L. Nesbitt, Maud L. Nesbitt, Jennie R. Nesbitt Vol. 226 p.375 south part of Lot No. 1621 $6,818 according to $7.50 revenue stamp
  • 1997: Agnes E. Nesbitt To Lisa A. Watts, Robert Malekoff south part Lot No. 1621 or Parcel No. 64-01176 $89,000
  • 2002: Lisa A. Watts, Robert Malekoff To Alexsandra Davis, Gregory Lubelski south part Lot No. 1621 or Parcel No. 64-01176 $118,900

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